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Prison Break Episode: "The Legend"

Season 4, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Gretchen gives Michael the rest of the bird book, but he suffers another seizure after deciphering it, so the others must carry out his two-pronged plan: one leading back to the basement, the other to an architect named David Allen Baker (Keith Szarabajka). Meanwhile, Pad Man goes forward with his plan to move Scylla, and Self is told by an influential senator that the deal Homeland Security made with the gang is "off the table."
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2008
Guest Cast Michael Bryan French: Gregory White Dan Sachoff: Aide Jennifer Hetrick: Elaine Baker Jude Ciccolella: Howard Scuderi Keith Szarabajka: David Allen Baker Shannon Lucio: Trishanne Stacy Haiduk: Lisa Tabak
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Season 4, Episode 10
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Length: 14:29:20
Aired: 11/10/2008
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Prison Break Episode Recap: "Quiet Riot" Season 4, Episode 10

This week on Prison Break, Michael came face-to-interface with Scylla, T-Bag set a trap for Self and Gretchen continued with her plan to double-cross the team. Read on for the full recap!

"I was born on a mountainside..."

Such was T-Bag's reaction to see Gretchen dolled up in her schoolgirl outfit, and though I have no idea what he meant by it, I have to say, "Ditto." Alas, Gretchen put more thought into her stockings than she did into presenting any semblance of subtlety. Instead, he plot to lure the General and his Scylla card into her clutches was telegraphed a mile away, and she nearly paid for her lack of tact with her life. Instead, the General issued this stern warning: "If I ever see you again, I'll shoot you on sight." And if he doesn't, you have to believe that his other right-hand woman, Lisa, will.

Over at GATE, T-Bag was offered a lucrative cruise as thanks for his hard work with the Iowa guys (to whom he related his tribute to Bellick). "Cole," though, had to decline the invite, lest he miss out on The Big Day with Scylla. T-Bag and Gretchen later laid a trap for Trishanne (the receptionist/federal agent), who led Self and her... self to a bogus drop location. There, the two were cornered and captured by Feng. And yet Feng doesn't cap them right away. What could be his plan? "When Scofield hands you Scylla, you hand it to me?" Why would Don go along with that? He seems ready to die for his mission. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, 11,000 miles beneath the earth's core (as they say on my son's Super Friends DVD)....

Sucre and Mahone manage to whisper-quietly drill some holes into the Scylla wall, and plant a camera. The group meets "up above" to discuss the plan, which proved handy later because it provides narration while the guys have to remain absolutely silent during the actual break-in. Michael originally is not involved in the plan, since he's got an appointment with the doctor. But after a chat with Mahone — who meant to assure Michael that the rest of the team could handle the mission — Scofield instead opts to forego his health and do his part. As he put it to Sara, "If they all die because I 'called in sick,' how am I go to live with myself?"

The break-in gets off to an OK start, as they used an electromagnetic field to compromise the steel-reinforced concrete and virtually "melt" it away. Sucre then climbs through and starts assembling the "bridge" which Michael will walk across, over the pressure-sensitive floor, to reach the Scylla chamber. There's a near-scare when Sucre drops the liquid nitrogen canister, but Linc saves the day.

Oh, I forgot the umbrellas that capture the loose plaster.

Cue Michael. He begins his trek across the bridge, but about halfway across, despite getting some sort of illegal injection from Sara, he suffers some attacks. He recovers, though, makes his way to the glass wall, cuts his way through a hole, and then comes face-to-face with Scylla.

And then the alarm goes off, the General spies the break-in on his security camera, and he and his guards race downstairs.

But to look at the promo for next week (spoiler alert), that was all part of the plan. Now, Michael has access to the sixth card. Just when I was lamenting that this Ocean's 11-style season wasn't offering enough of the Ocean's 11-style twists.

Memorable lines and moments:

  • Sucre recalling the last time he drilled through a wall — using an eggbeater, at Fox River. Nice touch.
  • T-Bag revealing in his "legitimacy" as Cole: "I get mail! People call me sir!"
  • Blatant plug for the Toyota Sequoia much?
  • One has to wonder, as the guys go to Herculean lengths to break in: What the heck was Whistler's plan with the map?!
  • Apparently Trish is fresh out of the academy?

What did you think of this week's episode, umbrellas and all? How do you think Michael will save his bacon once confronted by the General and his goons?

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This week on Prison Break, Michael came face-to-interface with Scylla, T-Bag set a trap for Self and Gretchen continued with her plan to double-cross the team. Read on for the full recap! read more

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