Primetime 2001 | TV Show Watchlist

All Aboard Le Boreal
01:54 — The captain of Le Boreal knows its all about first impressions as he welcomes all 170 passengers graciously - and quickly - on board his ship.
Mighty Planes: Airbus - How to Build a Mighty Plane
02:08 — It's a worldwide effort to construct this Airbus. With wings weighing in at 37 tons each and a 70-ton fuselage, this is one big project.
Japanese Bow: Built to Kill - Archery, a Path to Enlightenment
02:32 — By focusing on their own movements and ignoring the target in front of them, people who practice the martial art of Kyudo find enlightenment through a (more…)
The CW - Tuesday Night Besties
04:22 — Watch Robert Buckley and Kristoffer Polaha face off over who has the better Tuesday night show. Catch the season premieres of One Tree Hill and Life U (more…)
Catching Killers: Skeletal Secrets - Making Faces
02:44 — Forensic artists use expert knowledge of bone structure to put faces back onto skulls. With clay, erasers, and skill, they can recreate a face and mak (more…)
A Solar-Powered Resurrection Machine
01:19 — The pyramids of Ancient Egypt were built to aid a pharaoh's ascent to his place among the gods, as well as to disperse his good will over the people h (more…)
Angkor: Land of the Gods - The Longest Bas Relief in the World
03:22 — Angkor Wat's entire outer gallery is covered from floor to ceiling with ornate bas-relief carvings that are a masterpiece in and of themselves.
Russian Revolution in Color - The Communists' Paranoia
03:13 — When Vladimir Lenin was almost assassinated in 1918, the communists unleashed a wave of terror against all who posed a threat to the Bolshevik agenda.
Japanese Bow: Built to Kill - Unshakable on a Galloping Horse
02:21 — Today, mounted archery is practiced as a part of traditional ceremony in Japan. For one archer, whose family has held the title of Master Bowman for a (more…)
Catching Killers: Smoking Gun - If the Bullet Fits the Gun
03:21 — As guns became more accurate, they also became more identifiable. In a landmark case in 1915, bullets were matched to a gun for the first time.
Enemies Within: Joe McCarthy - Spreading Lies and Ruining Lives
02:07 — McCarthy launches an attack at American diplomat John Stewart, accusing him of Communist sympathies.
Mighty Planes: Martin Mars - Water Bombers Do Battle
01:46 — Once a World War II military cargo plane, this mighty plane has a new mission: putting out raging forest fires.
Blood River Crossing - A Baby Zebra in a River of Crocodiles
03:17 — At only seven weeks old, a zebra foal plunges into the murky depths of a river teeming with hungry crocodiles.
Martin Clunes - Born to Run
02:43 — Throughout history, sled dogs have helped man conquer some of the coldest places on earth. They're built to withstand the elements and can travel more (more…)
Angkor: Land of the Gods - Sneak Peek
02:05 — The city of Angkor was once the capital of the Khmer Empire and the largest city in the world. Now visit the ruins of the majestic Angkor Wat and the (more…)
Catching Killers: Fingerprints - How to Dust for Fingerprints
02:44 — Crime scene investigators working on the Night Stalker case try all types of fine, dry powders to reveal the killer's latent fingerprints in his aband (more…)
Battle for the Atlantic: The Brink of Defeat - Bringing Down the SS Cyclops
01:51 — The man who launched the first of many German u-boat attacks on American merchant ships, captain Reinhardt Hartigan, remembers bringing down the SS Cy (more…)
Catching Killers: Fire Investigation - House Fire Homicide
03:29 — In 2007, a house fire kills a middle aged couple, but leaves their teenage son nearly unscathed.
Angkor: Land of the Gods - A Digital Reconstruction of Angkor Wat
02:20 — Using 3D image technology and years of archeological research, we can see what Angkor Wat originally looked like in its gilded glory.
Undersea Edens: The Frozen Isle - Royal Families
02:46 — King penguins raise chicks on the isolated shores of South Georgia Island.
Catching Killers: Cause of Death - The Ins and Outs of an Autopsy
01:52 — An autopsy offers clues that allow a forensic pathologist to get from a body to an explanation.
Haiti's Treasures: Out of the Rubble - Working Through a Worst Case Scenario
02:17 — Rescuing priceless art from crumbling cathedral walls, in post-earthquake Haiti, is an art conservator's biggest challenge.
Ghost Cat: Saving the Clouded Leopard - The Elusive Clouded Leopard
03:03 — A team of Thai researchers has been tracking the clouded leopard for three years - without even a glimpse.
Battle for the Atlantic: The Brink of Defeat - Unwitting Accomplices to War
02:39 — When hundreds of curious Americans shine their headlights into the water, they inadvertently assist the German U-boat captains aiming for American shi (more…)
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