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Mar 18, 2014 Season 4 Episode 24 watch on ABC Family (Free)

Ali fills in the missing pieces from the night she went missing.


Mar 11, 2014 Season 4 Episode 23

It is a rough time for all of the Liars as Spencer is reeling about the memories from her "lost summer," Aria is still nursing a broken heart, Emily struggles to deal with Paige's (recurring guest star LINDSEY SHAW) betrayal and Hanna unsuccessfully attempts to wade back into the dating pool. But as each girl tries to deal with her individual issues, they must focus their attention on their suspicions surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis (recurring guest star ANDREA PARKER). Assuming that Mrs. D knows more about Ali and the night she went missing, the girls decide to help out at her charity bridal fashion show to gain access to the DiLaurentis house to search for answers. Meanwhile, Ella (recurring guest star HOLLY MARIE COMBS) and Jason (recurring guest star DREW VAN ACKER) return to Rosewood, each with something to hide.
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Cover For Me

Mar 04, 2014 Season 4 Episode 22

Emily takes up the sleuthing reins as she searches for answers about Ezra and Mona. After confronting both, Emily tries to make sense of the heartbreaking situation. Hanna, on the other hand, begins a new search after being confronted by Detective Holbrook (recurring guest star SEAN FARIS) and Lieutenant Tanner (recurring guest star ROMA MAFFIA) with a possible new lead in Alison's case. Meanwhile, Spencer and Aria lean on new men in their lives to recover.
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She's Come Undone

Feb 25, 2014 Season 4 Episode 21

Emily, Hanna and Spencer are concerned for Aria as they watch their friend crumble after learning shocking news about Ezra. Not knowing what is true or who to trust, Aria goes looking for answers, not wanting to believe this revelation to be true. Spencer is concerned for Aria, but she is not doing so well herself. Trying to prove to her parents and Toby (recurring guest star KEEGAN ALLEN) that she can kick the habit on her own, Spencer has to be careful because one misstep could send her to rehab. Can Spencer really rein it in, or will her constant curiosity and drive be her undoing? Meanwhile, Paige (recurring guest star LINDSEY SHAW) has had enough with Emily's secrets and is determined to stop it.
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Free Fall

Feb 18, 2014 Season 4 Episode 20

Spencer is determined to finally tell Aria what she has found out about Ezra, but Emily and Hanna are worried about what it could do to their friend. A wrench is thrown into the plan when Ezra tells Aria of his concern and suspicion of Spencer's recent addiction problem. Now with Spencer's credibility being questioned, can the girls trust what Spencer has been telling them about Ezra? Could this all be a figment of Spencer's tired brain, or is it just a clever ploy by Ezra to cover his tracks?
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Shadow Play

Feb 11, 2014 Season 4 Episode 19

This special black-and-white episode gives a nod to 1940s-era film noir as Spencer's numerous sleepless nights start to take a toll on her and she heads down a dark and stormy path.
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Hot for Teacher

Feb 04, 2014 Season 4 Episode 18

With Spencer’s possible revelation about Board Shorts, she is now more determined than ever to prove her theory before bringing it to the other girls’ attention — especially since it could have a devastating effect on one of the Liars. But with many sleepless nights fueled by prescription medication, Hanna starts to notice Spencer’s odd behavior. Will Detective Hanna be able to figure out Spencer’s secret before Spencer is ready to share? Meanwhile, Emily looks to make amends with Alison through Shana (recurring guest star AERIEL MIRANDA), and all of Aria’s lies start to take a toll on her.
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Bite Your Tongue

Jan 28, 2014 Season 4 Episode 17

Spencer pursues a lead from Ali's diary and makes a startling discovery.
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Close Encounters

Jan 21, 2014 Season 4 Episode 16

Spencer is more determined than ever to find Ali.
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Love ShAck Baby

Jan 14, 2014 Season 4 Episode 15

The Liars take turns decoding Ali's diary.
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Who's In the Box?

Jan 07, 2014 Season 4 Episode 14

The PLLs speculate about what really happened to Ali.
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Grave New World

Oct 22, 2013 Season 4 Episode 13

In the special Halloween episode, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration after a clue in "A's" new lair suggests that Ali may indeed be alive. Dressed in their finest Edwardian wear, the ladies hit the creepy cemetery party to find Ali before "A" can. But if Ali is truly alive, could the PLLs be leading "A" straight to their friend without knowing it? With Ezra lurking in the shadows, "A" may be closer than the girls realize. Meanwhile, Caleb heads to Ravenswood to help the girls and meets kindred soul Miranda (guest star Nicole Gale Anderson – Beauty and the Beast, Make It or Break It) along the way.
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Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Aug 27, 2013 Season 4 Episode 12

In the shocking summer finale, an intriguing riddle from "A" has the Liars hitting the road and heading to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded by some familiar faces. During a very special magic show, one Liar pulls a disappearing act, leaving the other three scrambling to make sure she hasn't succumbed to the tricks of "A." But before they can hightail it out of Ravenswood, they make a shocking discovery that proves everything they thought they knew about "A" and the "A" team might be wrong. With this discovery, the Liars may just have started "World War A." Meanwhile, a joyous reunion between Hanna and her mother is cut short when "A" sets sights on a new target. And Toby (recurring guest star Keegan Allen) uncovers some surprising information about Wren (recurring guest star Julian Morris).
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Bring Down the Hoe

Aug 20, 2013 Season 4 Episode 11

After uncovering recent evidence that suggests "A" is hiding out closer than realized, the Liars step up their investigation into their most recent suspect. Hanna continues to crumble due to her newfound infamy as the daughter of a murder suspect. To complicate matters, Hanna is being stalked by fellow student Travis (recurring guest star Luke Kleintank – Bones, Gossip Girl), until she learns he is hiding a secret that may change her life. Meanwhile, Toby (recurring guest star Keegan Allen) continues to be manipulated by "A" dangling insight into his mother's death. And Ezra tries to reach out to Aria for help in dealing with his recent troubles, right when she becomes more determined to move on with Jake (recurring guest star Ryan Guzman), at a Western-themed dance that turns into a two-step with "A."
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The Mirror Has Three Faces

Aug 13, 2013 Season 4 Episode 10

Still living at a motel, Emily is taken aback when Mrs. DiLaurentis (recurring guest star ANDREA PARKER) offers to let her move into Ali's old room and is even more distraught when the other Liars insist Emily take Ali's mom up on her offer. Hanna explodes when it appears her mother's recent good fortune has taken a turn for the worse. And Ezra continues to reel from Maggie's big news when he's dealt an even more crushing blow regarding his son. Meanwhile, Aria makes an effort to get involved in Jake's (recurring guest star RYAN GUZMAN) interests and finds herself with an opportunity to follow up on a lead. And "A" continues to toy with Toby's (recurring guest star KEEGAN ALLEN) emotions regarding his mother's death, and Spencer is along for the ride.
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