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Latest Episode: Legendary Battle

Nov 22, 2014 Season 2 Episode 20 watch on (Paid)

Emperor Mavro and what remains of his fleet fought relentlessly against the Power Rangers, who are weakened and have lost their Zords. In a final burst of heroism, they enter the final battle. Unexpectedly, at this moment every Power Ranger generation in existence arrives to assist them in battle. Through their combined efforts, they are able to destroy the Emperor and his fleet to once again save the Earth.

Emperor Mavro

Nov 08, 2014 Season 2 Episode 18

Emperor Mavro comes to Earth, with his personal fleet, to avenge his son's death and arrests Damaras for failing to protect the Prince. He gives a chance to Damaras to redeem himself by destroying the Power Rangers, but he fails against their determination and teamwork. The Emperor has not yet said his last word.
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Vrak Is Back, Pt. 2

Nov 01, 2014 Season 2 Episode 17

Vrak continues his plan to split the Earth open via magical wedges. The Power Rangers must prevent Vrak from destroying the earth with giant spins while trying to bring Robo Knight to reason because, under the influence of Vrak, he has become their enemy.
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Vrak Is Back, Pt. 1

Oct 25, 2014 Season 2 Episode 16

In the wake of Prince Vekar’s defeat, the Rangers find themselves face-to-face with Vrak, who returns with a new plan to destroy the world and a new robot he has programmed to fight against the Rangers: Robo Knight!
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In the Driver's Seat

Oct 11, 2014 Season 2 Episode 14

Lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth, the Rangers discover they’ve been trapped in the alternate dimension by Professor Cog, who attacks Earth in their absence. Their only hope to get back home lies with the wild Turbo Falcon Zord, who they must tame in order to return to their dimension and save Earth.
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The Grass Is Always Greener… or Bluer

Oct 04, 2014 Season 2 Episode 13

Jake and Noah find themselves literally standing in each other’s shoes when a body-swapping monster named Tranceferer switches the two Rangers so that they are inhabiting each other’s body.
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United As One

Sep 27, 2014 Season 2 Episode 12

When the Megazord is damaged in a fight against a monster who uses his staff to steal human's happiness, Emma uses unconventional methods to defeat this unusual monster.
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Love Is in the Air

Sep 13, 2014 Season 2 Episode 11

When a love potion accidentally makes the evil Levira fall in love with Jake, a jealous alien targets him for destruction.
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The Perfect Storm

Sep 06, 2014 Season 2 Episode 10

The Rangers are sidetracked from their fight against an invading monster when Tensou is struck by lightning, develops amnesia and wanders away from the Command Center and into Harwood County.
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Power of Six

Aug 30, 2014 Season 2 Episode 9

When his Ranger teammates are sidelined by an energy-sucking monster, Jake must put aside his jealousy of Orion and help him use the combined power of the past Sixth Rangers to defeat this terrible foe.
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Silver Lining, Pt. 2

Apr 12, 2014 Season 2 Episode 8

Orion, the mysterious Silver Ranger, explains his past to Gosei and the Rangers and how he obtained the Silver Ranger Key.
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Silver Lining, Pt. 1

Apr 05, 2014 Season 2 Episode 7

The Rangers are shocked and mystified when they discover the presence of a new Silver Ranger. Is this strange new visitor an ally or a foe?
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Spirit of the Tiger

Mar 22, 2014 Season 2 Episode 6

When the Rangers face a monster with a magnetic power to wrench their weapons away from them, Jake and Emma turn to quiet local Zoo Keeper named Casey to learn a special form of martial arts that helps them channel their personal animal spirits.
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Samurai Surprise

Mar 15, 2014 Season 2 Episode 5

When a powerful monster named Matacore is sent by the emperor to take on the Rangers, they face a challenge like never before. Luckily, help comes in the form of a mysterious Samurai visitor and his mentor.
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A Lion's Alliance

Mar 08, 2014 Season 2 Episode 4

Determined to strengthen their defense against the Armada, the Rangers head to a mystical airborne island named Animaria in search of the wild yet powerful Red Lion Zord.
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