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The recent attempted exploitation by Elsa of his human side leads Mesogog to finally ridding himself of Dr Anton Mercer. The stunned body of Mercer is carted off by Tyrannodrones, and Mesogog immediately begins acting a lot more insane... The discovery of Trent's long-kept secret about Mesogog leads the main three DinoThunder teens to realize just how important being a Ranger has been to them, and how much they've grown because of it. Trent reminds them of his own struggles, and explains his reasoning for keeping his word to his father. All but Conner is willing to give him a second chance, and even he is persuaded when, while facing Mesogog's latest monster, Trent saves Conner's life. The team's bond is mended, with Trent fully prepared to face Mesogog to free his father.

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Power Rangers Dino Thunder Season 1
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Season 1

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