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Latest Episode: A Test of Trust

Nov 06, 2004 Season 10 Episode 36 watch on (Paid)

The recent attempted exploitation by Elsa of his human side leads Mesogog to finally ridding himself of Dr Anton Mercer. The stunned body of Mercer is carted off by Tyrannodrones, and Mesogog immediately begins acting a lot more insane... The discovery of Trent's long-kept secret about Mesogog leads the main three DinoThunder teens to realize just how important being a Ranger has been to them, and how much they've grown because of it. Trent reminds them of his own struggles, and explains his reasoning for keeping his word to his father. All but Conner is willing to give him a second chance, and even he is persuaded when, while facing Mesogog's latest monster, Trent saves Conner's life. The team's bond is mended, with Trent fully prepared to face Mesogog to free his father.

Thunder Struck, Part 2

Nov 20, 2004 Season 1 Episode 38

As Tommy rushes to rescue Elsa from Zeltrax, the Rangers stage one last final battle against Mesogog.
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Thunder Struck, Part 1

Nov 13, 2004 Season 1 Episode 37

Trent cuts a deal with Mesogog to spare Anton's life.
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House Of Cards

Oct 30, 2004 Season 1 Episode 35

The Rangers discover the identities of Elsa and Mesogog.
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Drawn Into Danger

Oct 23, 2004 Season 1 Episode 34

Trent is given a magical pen, and accidentally pulls the Rangers into his comic book.
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In Your Dreams

Oct 16, 2004 Season 1 Episode 33

Elsa begins to attack Elsa in her dreams.
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Thunder Storm, Part 2

Oct 09, 2004 Season 1 Episode 32

In an attempt to help Shane, Tori, and Dustin, Cam goes to the Abyss of Evil with Hunter and Blake to retrieve the Power Coins.
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Thunder Storm, Part 1

Oct 02, 2004 Season 1 Episode 31

A Dino Thunder/Ninja Storm crossover event: when the Abyss of Evil is opened, Lothor returns and casts a spell on Shane, Tori, and Dustin, turning them evil and setting them loose on Reefside.
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Strange Relations

Sep 25, 2004 Season 1 Episode 30

Upon discovering that his days are numbered due to the fact two White Dino Thunder Rangers can't exist for much longer, the Evil White Ranger clone targets our heroes one last time.
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Isn't It Lava-Ly

Sep 18, 2004 Season 1 Episode 29

Ethan's overly confident, and downright cocky attitude concerning his skills at playing the "Detonation Man" computer game begins to get on everyone's nerves. Meanwhile, Volcanologist Dr. Morton gets turned into a Horn-Rimmed Monster by Elsa.
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The Passion Of Conner

Sep 05, 2004 Season 1 Episode 28

Conner gets involved with an environmentalist campaign to save a hundred year old tree, all so he can impress a girl named Krista.
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Fighting Spirit

Aug 28, 2004 Season 1 Episode 27

Tommy's invisibility problem is solved, but as a result, his Dino Gem is shattered and he ends up in a coma! Lying in a hospital bed, he faces his greatest battle, as he confronts three of his previous Power Ranger powers in a fevered test of willpower.
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Disappearing Act

Aug 21, 2004 Season 1 Episode 26

To help her mutant flower grow into the Thornox monster, Elsa uses a sample of a mysterious green slime. Meanwhile, Tommy attempts to use the same slime to demorph.
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Tutenhawken's Curse

Aug 07, 2004 Season 1 Episode 25

Ethan takes an interest in deciphering the hieroglyphics of Egyptian ruler Tutenhawken, but not only jinxes himself, causing chaos at his every step, but frees the ancient evil from his multi-millenna-long slumber.
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A Ranger Exclusive

Jul 31, 2004 Season 1 Episode 24

While Elsa works on her plan to shoot a powerful laser beam at Jupiter, Kira and Ethan help Cassidy land a job at the TV station.
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A Star Is Torn

Jul 24, 2004 Season 1 Episode 23

Kira is conflicted when the manager who wants to shoot a music video with her, but wants her to compromise her own style.
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Triassic Triumph

Jul 17, 2004 Season 1 Episode 22

Zeltrax samples a portion of the new Evil White Ranger clone's energy, and creates the White Terrorsaurus monster. With it, and the clone, he helps confuse the Power Rangers about their newest team member's loyalty.
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Copy That

Jul 10, 2004 Season 1 Episode 21

As Anton Mercer explains to Trent that Mesogog was an experiment gone horribly wrong, Zeltrax creates the Copyotter to attack the city.
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It's A Mad Mad Mackeral

Jun 19, 2004 Season 1 Episode 20

When Kira lands a new job as an intern on the Funky Fisherman cartoon show, Cassidy is dismayed to discover she was passed over.
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Lost And Found In Translation

Jun 13, 2004 Season 1 Episode 19

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Bully For Ethan

Jun 12, 2004 Season 1 Episode 18

A school bully sets his sights on Ethan. Meanwhile, Tommy discovers the true identity of Zeltrax.
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The Missing Bone

May 22, 2004 Season 1 Episode 17

While helping Tommy clean up his lab, Kira stumbles onto a secret bone.
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Burning At Both Ends

May 22, 2004 Season 1 Episode 16

Tommy, now freed from the amber, discovers he can't demorph from the form of Black Ranger.
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Leader Of The Whack

May 15, 2004 Season 1 Episode 15

A strange meteorite lands in the forest, and it's effects brings out repressed personality traits in anyone it comes in contact with.
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Truth And Consequences

May 08, 2004 Season 1 Episode 14

Realizing he is the White Ranger, Trent quits his job in an attempt to protect his friends.
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White Thunder, Part 3

May 01, 2004 Season 1 Episode 13

Tommy discovers the identity of the White Ranger.
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White Thunder, Part 2

Apr 24, 2004 Season 1 Episode 12

The evil White Ranger finds his own Dragozord Dino Egg, and begins to bond it to him by feeding it energy from his Morpher.
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White Thunder, Part 1

Apr 17, 2004 Season 1 Episode 11

Trent accidentally bonds with the White Dino Gem, and becomes the White Dino Thunder Ranger.
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Ocean Alert

Apr 10, 2004 Season 1 Episode 10

Nikki Valentina, star of the most popular TV show in the country, "Ocean Alert", visits Reefside during filming of an episode of her show. Her prima donna attitude, and convincing portrayal of a heroic lifeguard, lead to her capture by Mesogog for usage in a monster. But she proves to be too much for even him to handle! Can the Rangers stop the Megalador monster and save Nikki, or will an unlikely hero come to her rescue instead? Meanwhile, Hayley discovers the location of the Stegazord Dino Egg!
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Beneath The Surface

Apr 03, 2004 Season 1 Episode 9

A new Dinozord Egg is uncovered by the Rangers during a class archeological dig, but Tyranodrones interfere, allowing Elsa to snag the Egg first.
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Golden Boy

Mar 27, 2004 Season 1 Episode 8

As Trent's father purchases the Café and threatens to fire Hayley to put Trent in charge, Zeltrax releases a new creation to destroy the Rangers.
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Game On

Mar 20, 2004 Season 1 Episode 7

Ethan is zapped into a video game.
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Diva In Distress

Mar 13, 2004 Season 1 Episode 6

Kira's old singing partner, the now famous Kylee Styles comes to town, just as Mesogo releases the Donkeyvac monster, who sucks the youth from people and turns them old.
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Back In Black

Mar 06, 2004 Season 1 Episode 5

Utilizing Hayley's help, and their new Raptor Cycles, the DinoThunder Rangers storm the island base on a mission to rescue Tommy from Mesogog's clutches. Will they get there before the Black Dino Gem falls into evil's hands?
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Legacy Of Power

Feb 28, 2004 Season 1 Episode 4

As Tommy is held captive by Mesogog, the teens work with Hayley to attempt to rescue him.
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Wave Goodbye

Feb 21, 2004 Season 1 Episode 3

Conner's given a shot at playing professional soccer, but his Ranger duties impede upon this once in a lifetime chance. Will he give up helping to save the world for a sports career?
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Day Of The Dino, Part 2

Feb 14, 2004 Season 1 Episode 2

When Mesogog releases his Bio Zords on the city, Tommy has no choice but to give three teens Dino Morphers to turn them into Power Rangers.
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Day Of The Dino, Part 1

Feb 14, 2004 Season 1 Episode 1

When Mesorog, an evil scientist, unleashes Bio Zords on the city, former Power Ranger Tommy Oliver recruits three high school kids to become Power Rangers and tame the beasts.
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