Farm Trailer
Grover Trailer
Aimee Trailer
Blackout Trailer
01:20 — Electricity is shut off for the entire City of Portland due to unpaid bills at the Mayor's Office. Peter and Nance have a mysterious guest at their be (more…)
Nina's Birthday Trailer
02:00 — Nina goes to great lengths to throw an extravagant 32nd birthday party for herself. The day-long event is set to include activities ranging from horse (more…)
The Temp Trailer
02:00 — A temp worker hopes to turn her gig as Interim Mayor of Portland into a full-time job with Fred and Carrie's help. A wedding is interrupted. Local bar (more…)
Off The Grid Trailer
01:59 — Following an environmental scandal, The Mayor steps down from office and moves off the grid.
Cat Nap Trailer
Take Back Mtv Trailer
01:59 — Spyke and Iris join forces with a gang of former MTV stars to take back MTV from the Tweens a group of frustrated college grads stage a protest on the (more…)
Winter In Portlandia Trailer
01:59 — It is winter time in Portlandia, and a lot is going down.
Season 5: Portlandia: Season 5 Trailer
01:42 — Portlandia is IFC's Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning hit sketch comedy series created, written by, and starring Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie (more…)
Alexandra Trailer
02:00 — The City of Portland is overrun with art projects Fred and Carrie's relationship is complicated by their roommate Alexandra a movie theater sells arti (more…)
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