Popeye the Sailor

  • 1933
  • TV Show
  • None

Classic cartoons about a sailor who gets his strength from spinach.

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Might Navy, The / Too Weak to Work / Scrap the Japs

Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix / I'll Never Crow Again / Many Tanks

Blunder Below / Kickin' The Conga Round / Nix On Hypnotricks

I Yam Love Sick / Plumbing is a

A Clean Shaven Man/ Brotherly Love/ I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski

The Hyp-Nut-Tist/ Choose Yer Weppins/ For Better or Worser

Beware of Barnacle Bill/ Be Kind To Animals/ Pleased To Meet Cha!

The Two-Alarm Fire/ The Dance Contest/ We Aim To Please

Popeye the Sailor/ I Yam What I Yam/ Blow Me Down!

Barbecue for Two

Hospitaliky / The Twisker Pitcher / Morning Noon and Nightclub

My Pop, My Pop / With Poopdeck Pappy / Popeye Presents Eugene the Jeep

The Adventures Of Popeye/ The Spinach Overture/ Vim Vigor and Vitaliky

Bulldozing the Bull / Mutiny Ain't Nice / Goonland

Baby Wants a Bottleship / Ration for the Duration

Pest Pilot / Problem Pappy / Fleets of Stren'th

Dizzy Divers/ You Gotta Be A Football Hero/ King Of The Mardi Gras

Bridge Ahoy/ What? No Spinach!/ I Wanna Be a Life Guard

The Paneless Window Washer/ The Organ Grinders Swing/ My Artisical Temperature

Flies Ain't Human / Olive's Sweepstakes Ticket / Quiet Pleeze

Episode 1

Me Feelins is Hurt / Onion Pacific / Wimmin is a Myskery

Nurse-Mates / Fightin Pals / Doing Impossikible Stunts

Me Musical Nephews / Hull of a Mess, A / Alona on the Sarong Seas

Can You Take It/ Shoein' Hosses/ Strong To The Finich

Hold The Wire/ The Spinach Roadster/ I'm In The Army Now

Shakespearean Spinach / Females is Fickle / Stealin' Ain't Honest