Planet Sheen Episodes

2010, TV Show

Planet Sheen Season 1 episodes

Drak a Bye Baby Season 1, Episode 35

Sheen acquires a baby and gets parenting advice from Dorkus. read more

Nightmare Sheenario Season 1, Episode 34

Sheen mistakenly wakes up the Empress in the middle of her year-long slumber, so he must help her get back to sleep. read more

Dawn of the Wedge Season 1, Episode 33

Villains who give wedgies invade Zeenu. read more

Blunderings Season 1, Episode 32

Sheen brings clown college to Zeenu. read more

Feeling Roovy Season 1, Episode 31

Aseefa needs to regain her Roove, so Sheen assists her. read more

Nesmith is Spoken For Season 1, Episode 30

Nesmith loses his voice, so Sheen comes to his rescue by using ventriloquism. read more

Breath Wish Season 1, Episode 29

Sheen tries to protect Zeenu from an outlaw with bad breath. read more

Raging Belle Season 1, Episode 28

Aseefa transforms into a wild beast for one night, and Sheen helps her survive it. read more

Haute CuiSheen Season 1, Episode 27

Sheen opens an eatery featuring Earth food. read more

Scape Doat Season 1, Episode 26

Sheen damages a figurine collection and puts the blame on Doppy's pet. read more

Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force Season 1, Episode 25

Doppy and Sheen team up to battle monsters, prompting concern from Doppy's folks. read more

Ooze on First Season 1, Episode 24

Sheen explains baseball to the inhabitants of Zeenu. read more

Dorkus in Chains Season 1, Episode 23

Sheen and Dorkus wind up chained together underground. read more

Well Oiled Fighting Ma-Sheen Season 1, Episode 22

Sheen helps a guard prepare to battle an infamous beast. read more

Tongue-Tied Season 1, Episode 21

Sheen becomes attached to Princess Oom's tongue. read more

He Went Hataway Season 1, Episode 20

Sheen searches for Mr. Nesmith's lost hat. read more

Stuck in the Riddle With You Season 1, Episode 19

Sheen employs his wit to defeat a pompous, harmful plant. read more

Washing My Sheen Season 1, Episode 18

Sheen decides to stop bathing, which makes him popular with a mob of dirt-loving creatures. read more

QuaranSheen Season 1, Episode 17

Sheen pretends to be sick, and his fake illness becomes contagious. read more

Sheen Racer Season 1, Episode 16

Sheen competes in a race involving flying-bug saucers. read more

Gotta Go Season 1, Episode 15

Sheen tries to hide something from Aseefa. read more

ExpreSheenism Season 1, Episode 14

Sheen launches a new art movement, and soon it monopolizes all of his time. read more

Hippocratic Oaf Season 1, Episode 13

Sheen practices medicine in a clinic. read more

Sheen Says Season 1, Episode 12

Sheen fills in for the Emperor and things fall into disarray. read more

Desperate Houseguests; Nesvidanya Season 1, Episode 11

Doppy's parents get help evicting their houseguest; Sheen saves Nesmith from the clutches of a legendary beast. read more

To Chill a Mocking Blurg; Now You Sheen It Season 1, Episode 10

Sheen and his pals are ridiculed at a ball, where they expected to hear praise; Sheen performs a magic act in which people really vanish. read more

Monster-Fighting; Keeping Up With the Gronzes Season 1, Episode 9

Doppy's folks fear for his safety after he and Sheen form a strike force; Sheen eagerly sets out to break world records, including one that involves book stacking. read more

The Oomlick Maneuver; Chock Around the Clock Season 1, Episode 8

Sheen tries to get Princess Oom to reconcile with her former boyfriend; Aseefa's pet gets captured by animal control while in Sheen's care. read more

Cutting the Ultra Cord; Trial by Jerry Season 1, Episode 7

Sheen's bizarre behavior concerns his new pals, so Dorkus suggests an aggressive form of therapy; Sheen explains the concept of the justice system to the inhabitants of Zeenu and defends accused criminal Nesmith. read more

Act I, Sheen I; Money Suits Sheen Season 1, Episode 6

Sheen and Afeesa accept roles in Dorkus' play, but they're clueless about the traps in it; Sheen makes money by selling a product that doesn't exist, and his customers are not pleased. read more

Thanksgetting; Keeping Up With the Gronzes Season 1, Episode 5

Sheen devises a selfish holiday that involves getting things, but not giving anything; Sheen eagerly sets out to break world records, including a book-stacking one. read more

Torzilla; There's Something About Scary Season 1, Episode 4

Sheen creates a torzilla monster that endangers the city; Sheen tries to help Aseefa escape from jail. read more

What's Up Chock?; Joust Friends Season 1, Episode 3

Sheen and his pals look for Aseefa's lost pet; Sheen is challenged to a battle by Princess Oom's ex-boyfriend. read more

Is This Cute?; The Boy Next Dorkus Season 1, Episode 2

Dorkus gets Sheen a bad tutor to sabotage his meeting with evil Boh-Rok the Destroyer; Dorkus wants revenge on Sheen after Sheen disrupts his game night with a loud party. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Sheen's rocket crashes into a house on the planet Zeenu in the series premiere of this cartoon about a boy from Earth stranded on a strange planet. read more

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Premiered: October 02, 2010
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: A boy gets stranded on a strange planet and envisions teaching them about Earth's advanced ways. A spin-off of the series "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius."


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