Planet Earth

  • 1995
  • TV Show
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Environmental themes are explored in a series of documentary films.

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Planet Earth Season 1 (Narrator - David Attenborough)
This jaw-dropping, award-winning, landmark series from the BBC's Natural History Unit presents the epic story of life on Earth. Four years in producti (more…)
Series Launch Trailer
01:00 — 1:56
Snow Leopard Quest
09:00 — Over the course of three years the Planet Earth team tried to film the elusive Snow Leopard deep in the mountains of Pakistan. Their patience was even (more…)
Shot in the Dark
09:00 — Lions hunting elephants has only ever been seen by a handful of people, so the crew were up against it when trying to film this rare behaviour. Using (more…)
Trouble in Paradise
09:00 — It took the Planet Earth team over eight weeks in the field to film less than 15 minutes of footage of the beautiful but seldom seen Birds of Paradise (more…)
Shark Quest
09:00 — Great white sharks capture their slippery seal prey by rocketing out of the depths and delivering a massive hit at the surface. To record a breach lik (more…)