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Planet Earth

An ecological overview is featured in this documentary series.

Premiered: March 5, 2006

Rating: TV-PG

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Ocean Deep (Narrator - David Attenborough) Season 1, Episode 11 Dec 10, 2006 $1.99

In this final stunning episode, a 30 ton whale shark gorges on a school of fish and the unique overhead heli-gimbal camera reveals common dolphins rocketing at more than 30km an hour. Descending into the abyss, deep sea octopus fly with wings and vampire squid use bioluminescence to create an extraordinary colour display. The first ever time-lapse footage taken from 2,000m down captures eels, crabs and giant isopods eating a carcass, completely consuming it within three hours.

Seasonal Forests Season 1, Episode 10 Paid

Discover the Taiga forest, on the edge of the Arctic - a silent world of stunted conifers. A third of all trees on Earth grow here and during the short summer they produce enough oxygen to change the atmosphere. In California General Sherman, a giant sequoia, is the largest living thing on the planet, ten times the size of a blue whale. The oldest organisms alive are bristlecone pines. At more than 4,000 years old they pre-date the pyramids.

Jungles Season 1, Episode 8 Nov 19, 2006 Subscription

Jungles cover roughly three per cent of our planet yet contain 50 per cent of the world's species. High-definition cameras enable unprecedented views of animals living on the dark jungle floor. In the Ngogo forest the largest chimpanzee group in the world defends its territory from neighbouring groups. Other jungle specialists include parasitic fungi which infiltrate an insect host feed on it and then burst out of its body.

Great Plains (Narrator - David Attenborough) Season 1, Episode 7 Feb 1, 2007 $1.99

After filming for three years, Planet Earth finally captures the shy Mongolian gazelle. Only a handful of people have witnessed its annual migration. Don't miss the bizarre-looking Tibetan fox, captured on film for the first time. Over six weeks the team follow a pride of 30 lions as they attempt to hunt elephants. Using the latest night vision equipment, the crew film the chaotic battles that ensue at close quarters.

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Wild Camel Chase
09:16 — The Gobi desert is home to the last truly wild Bactrian camels and their fear of humans makes them extremely difficult to capture on film. After weeks (more…)
Snow Leopard Quest
09:44 — Over the course of three years the Planet Earth team tried to film the elusive Snow Leopard deep in the mountains of Pakistan. Their patience was even (more…)
Nice to See You Again
12:40 — Eric has convinced his wife, Rixa, to return to Nice, France, with their four kids. They want their children to soak up the French culture, but Eric, (more…)
Ocean Deep
02:41 — Life goes to extraordinary lengths to survive this immense realm. A 30 tonne whale shark gorges on a school of fish and the unique overhead heli-gimba (more…)

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Thu Mar 9 12:00pm
From Pole to Pole(Season 1, Episode 1) BBC

Polar-bear migrations are observed in this documentary examining frozen habitats.

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Thu Mar 9 1:00pm
Mountains(Season 1, Episode 2) BBC

Massive mountain ranges around the planet are explored. Included: the summit of Mount Everest; a look at mountain animals.

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Thu Mar 9 2:00pm
Fresh Water(Season 1, Episode 3) BBC

Examining ecosystems and their link to freshwater sources. Included: otters; crocodiles; snow geese; piranha.

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