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In Plain Sight Season 1 episodes

A Fine Meth Season 1, Episode 12

Season 1 ends with Mary fearing for her job after Brandi's involvement with drug trafficking is revealed. Meanwhile, Stan and Marshall take on a special assignment. read more

Stan by Me Season 1, Episode 11

Mary and Brandi's boyfriend Chuck are abducted in separate incidents, leading the Feds to believe there is a connection between the cases. read more

Where the Heck Have We Been? Season 1, Episode 10

Hey guys, the ball was not dropped, it was just suspended in jell-O for a few weeks. I was gone for two weeks with TCA and Comic-Con, and then our Fall Preview section kicked into high gear which takes a lot of our attention. I will do my best to get you recaps of the past episodes. I have been watching though!To tide you over, I wrote a piece in Jump the Shark about the little baby in "To Serge with Love:"OMG! Seriously, OMG! Do you watch In Plain Sight on USA? If you don't you should, it's very entertaining (minus the annoying duo of Brandi and Jinx who play U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon's sister and mother respectively). The reason I'm OMG-ing is because I'm completely in love with and in awe of this little baby they cast in the episode. Rewind for a second — Last night I was watching the latest episode, "To Serge with Love," written by my brilliant friend Kathie Butler. My hubby and I were cracking up at all the jokes that we could literally hear coming straight from Kathie's m... read more

Good Cop, Dead Cop Season 1, Episode 9

A one-night stand with a witness comes back to haunt Mary when he's accused of murder. read more

Don of the Dead Season 1, Episode 8

Mary loses a witness in a car accident and investigates if the event was related to his former life. read more

Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore Season 1, Episode 7

Hey guys, my finger is still on the mend. And things are crazy around here because everyone is flying out to L.A. to cover the Television Critics Association press tour and then I'm off to cover Comic-Con. So be patient with us and the recap posting. We're doing the best we can!We begin with two kids (African American kids) walking after school in South Central. The girl says her dad will be mad that the boy dragged her down to a bad part of town. But, they're having fun and clearly in major puppy love. Of course, a car rolls up with Latino gang members who starts harassing the girl about the junk in her trunk. The harasser tells the two kids they're in the wrong hood, and then puppy love boy has to go and open his mouth: "At least I'm in the right country." Oh no he didn't! Out comes the Uzi machine gun and blows puppy love away. Noooooooo!!! Bastards.Cut to Iris McBride's WITSEC ID card: Now Iris Morris.Mary and Marshall ride along bickering about using the term flight attendant v... read more

High Priced Spread Season 1, Episode 6

We open on a b-ball game ten years ago in Detroit. After the game ends, and the interested parties hand over their losses to a bookie, we see a young boy and his older brother playing in the background. The older brother talks smack about his bro’s game and tries to get the boy to step it up, and the boy looks crestfallen. He says something about how his mom and dad gave him 20 bucks a week for allowance. But the older bro must not have any money (and he's raising the kid now) so the bookie challenges the kid to make ten free throws for 100 bucks. The older kid agrees but the kid freaks... if they lose that money, they won’t be eating that week. The dingus basically says welcome to the real world, and tells him to start shooting. The kid nails it. Enter scary thugs. Thugs are pissed that there was betting action going down in "his" hood. He shoots the bookie, and tells the mentor that he and junior are now under his jurisdiction. Cut to WITSEC ID screens: The big bro: Scot... read more

Who Shot Jay Arnstein? Season 1, Episode 5

OK, the titles are getting a little too pun-tastic for me now. For those of you who are too young to get the pun (*gasp*), the title refers to arguably, the most famous and most watched episode of TV: The "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas. Just Google it.Anyhoo, we start out in an art gallery workshop with a couple arguing. Don't know the dude, but the wifey is none other than monotone Sherry Stringfield from ER! I guess her name is Marci, and she yelling at her husband (Jay) to stop seeing his mistress. What a pig. Mr. Sensitivity tells Marci that he will stop, but she's the publicity director for the museum and their paths will cross, so just "grow up." What an ouche-day ag-bay (my attempt at phonetic Pig Latin). Marci shifts gears and asks Jay what he's up to (by boxing up paintings in containers). He says he getting ready to ship some paintings he acquired from a private collection to overseas buyers. Marci asks astutely, "By acquired, you mean stole?" Heh. Atta girl... I can s... read more

Trojan Horst Season 1, Episode 4

Hello, my friends. I'm back to recap episode four! Episode three has been recapped and is posted below if you need to catch up.We start at some weird sculpture in the desert. A man meets (the fabulous) guest star Dave Foley to discuss offing someone in exchange for money. Dave's got a ton of medical issues for a hitman including diabetes and asthma. But I guess that never stopped a con man assassin before! Actually, it seems as thought Dave's just kinda the middleman — meaning he doesn't do the killing — someone named "Lola" does. Dave takes the money from the man who turns out to be an FBI agent. Busted!Cut to: His WITSEC ID, which is "Pending." Mary walks into the office with a bunch of fancy coffee drinks, and Marshall immediately asks, "Who died?" Hee. He insists she's not a "treater"; so she promptly asks him for $3.50. Stan calls them in for a meeting, so Mary tells Marshall to collect four bucks for his coffee. She then spots a letter to Marshall from a security a... read more

Never the Bride Season 1, Episode 3

Hey gang, today you're getting a special treat, two for one recaps! First up ("Never the Bride") is the episode that will go down as the one that was supposed to make Mary look "hot," but ended up making her look like a caricature of a Vegas stripper. I'm not quite sure if we're supposed to think she looks ridiculous... she's clearly out of her comfort zone in this Brandi-inspired getup, but suddenly every male in the episode loses the ability to speak once they sees Mary's magical boobs. Calling hair and makeup! Time for a do-over! She looked more like a hooker than someone who's had a "hot" makeover. She was more of a "hot mess." I'm sorry to go on about this, but it did bug me. On to the show! We start off in Hawaii, six months ago with a couple making out in a hammock. Missy Pyle (how awesome is she!) plays a newly married wife who begs her husband to stop his "deals" while on their honeymoon, and forever after. She says it's immoral and dangerous and she doesn't care about the ... read more

Hoosier Daddy Season 1, Episode 2

Howdy everyone! Hope you enjoyed the recap of the pilot. Let's get the second episode party started, shall we?We start with a little boy playing with a remote controlled boat in his backyard swimming pool. When his toy gets stuck, he gets out of the pool, only to hear a struggle inside his house. He creeps in, feet still wet, to find his parents and some other scary looking dudes arguing. His mom tries to call the cops, and a man pulls a gun. The boy screams "Mom!" and a shot rings out. The mom collapses, leaving the boy screaming. We don't know who fired the fatal shot.We cut to a shot of the boy's new identity: Lonny McRoy is now "Leo Billups." We find out that the boy's father, Vernon, is a huge drug trafficker — and that he along with Luis and Jaime Cruz are accused of murdering Lonny's mom, Elizabeth. Lots of names; are you still with me? Cool. Mary and Marshall look at the crime scene photos, while Stan explains that Lonny is entering the program by himself — not to ... read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Hi there, it's Erin Fox here... (insert Troy McClure voice)... You may know me from such blogs as, Battlestar Galactica, American Idol and Saturday Night Live. I thought I'd try out a brand new show for a change and maybe less people will rip on me for whatever is irking them that day. I know I'm deluding myself, but just let me hold on to the dream. So, I know tonight's episode is the third one of the season, but I wanted to post a recap of the pilot for those who may have some catching up to do. I'll be writing up the second and third episodes tomorrow, and much more succinctly than the first one outta the gate. The first one is all about getting you situated with Mary and her crazy sidekicks and cohorts. Let's get started.Meet Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack): She's tough, smart, funny, sexy and doesn't f--k around. She also packs some serious heat as a U.S. Marshal for the WITSEC program, or Witness Protection for all us non-Marshal speaking folk. She has a sarcastic partner named ... read more

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