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I feel like I'm sailing in the choppy seas right along with these pirates. I'm up. I'm down. I'm up again. That's due mostly to the introduction of strategy to this game, and we have Jay to thank for that. Here is a man who understands the pirate way. I totally love how he used his gold (and is used by it) to buy Sean's vote. Unfortunately for Jay, Sean was willing to be bought but not willing to follow through. I’m getting ahead of myself because unless you didn't actually watch the show — and there are those who threatened to do just that — you might not know that there's a new captain aboard and his name is Azmyth.Less dramatic than a mutiny but just as effective is the red crew winning immunity — whoops did I say that? I mean they found yet another sunken treasure and so won the challenge. Since the captain is always on the black crew, that means that Joe Don was out of a job. The challenge involved a long boat, a trek through the woods, a bamboo-stalk sabota... read more


Okay, this show is beat. Right from the start. Seriously, was that the longest recap ever? And can somebody tell me, 'cuz I'm not sure I heard it right the first five times, but was Joe Don in the military? And what's up with choosing Sean as the cook based on his bartending skills? From where I’m sitting, Sean can't cook. It's like Keith with the rice on Survivor: Outback. Was Sean seasoning the gruel with his hair? Was that his secret ingredient? I don't how long the crew is going to last on those vittles. Azmyth is already some kind of skinny. What about this triathlon cloaked in a challenge? Were those snakes really poisonous or were they trained circus snakes? I say that as if I know anything about circus snakes. They kept snapping at the camera for effect, did you notice? I didn't see any sharks in the shark-infested water either. So, was that just a Pirate trick? You know, like a lie?Back to the challenge – black and red crews. I guess being a pirate means nothing's... read more

Ratings: Wife's Good Start, Pirate's Rough Waters

The Starter Wife drew 5.4 million total viewers in its debut last Thursday, ranking as cable's best-performing original scripted-series telecast of the year to date, and USA Network's best launch in the 18-to-49 demo since The 4400. CBS' Pirate Master, meanwhile, placed second (behind 5th Grader) during the 8 o'clock hour, debuting to about seven million viewers — half of Survivor's typical tally, but on par with the Eye's year-ago premiere of Game Show Marathon. read more


G'head and call me a wench because I've found my guilty pleasure for the summer. Its name is Pirate Master. Not that I ever doubted Mark Burnett, who I believe has been put on this earth to provide we reality television junkies with the best of the genre. Yes, he had some missteps with the recent Haves versus the Have-nots scenario, but we’ll not speak of that because I'm fully on board with Pirate Master. This latest foray into the unscripted series world is clearly a mish-mash of other successful reality shows wrapped in the Jolly Roger, but I'm not going to quibble because there's potential for a great show here.While the whole 16 strangers, tropical location, million-dollar prize setup may be familiar (and who are we kidding, the formula works. Why mess with it?), I have no problem with Pirate Master looting elements from other great reality shows. Here everyone is searching for Capt. Steel's treasure, which has been split up and buried in 14 different locations on Dominica... read more

Ahoy! Pirate Master's Hunky Host Reveals the Game's Booty-ful Secrets

Cameron Daddo, Pirate Master

Survivor and Apprentice mastermind Mark Burnett is launching his brand-new rip-roaring reality show, Pirate Master, tonight on CBS at 8 pm/ET. Host Cameron Daddo practically jumped at the chance to helm this crazy ride. The easy-on-the-eyes Australian-born actor and father of three told us all the details on this wild new ride. TVGuide.com: You are an actor/singer/producer.... How'd you end up on a pirate ship hosting this show? Cameron Daddo: I heard on the grapevine that Mark Burnett was doing a show about pirates. I knew someone in the office at Burnett's [company] so I th read more

Exclusive! A First Look at CBS' Pirate Master Cast

Pirate Master

What kind of wackos think it will be great fun to live on porridge, sleep in cramped bunks in the hull of an old sailing ship, and risk life and limb hunting through really rugged terrain for clues to a pirate treasure? "They're tough," says Mark Burnett, whose latest adventure reality show, Pirate Master, premieres on May 31. Sure, there's a total of $1 million at stake hidden around the Caribbean island of Dominica, but the daunting physical demands make Survivor's challenge look wimpy. "It's a really interesting diverse cast," says Burnett. "Everybody's a good athlete, but what they've learned is being a great pirate, you have to be really smart. When you're exhausted and you're trudging through a jungle, jumping off waterfalls or swimming up canyon read more

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Premiered: May 31, 2007, on CBS
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Premise: Sixteen adventurers spend a month traveling the ocean blue in search of $1 million in treasure in this reality series. Elimination comes via a `Pirate's Court,' and, in each round, contestants can obtain gold coins with which to strike deals.


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