Pink Panther and Pals Episodes

2010, TV Show

Pink Panther and Pals Season 1 episodes

Happy Hunting Season 1, Episode 68

Ant befriends a leopard. read more

Catching Forty Pinks Season 1, Episode 67

Pink falls asleep in a desk that's headed to Big Nose's house. read more

Shorely Pink Season 1, Episode 65

Pink and Big Nose compete in feats of strength. read more

Anti-Ant Trance Season 1, Episode 64

Aardvark tries to curb his cravings for ants with hypnosis. read more

Pink on the Hoof Season 1, Episode 62

Pink wrangles an uncooperative horse. read more

If Wishes Were Ants Season 1, Episode 61

Aardvark is granted three wishes by a genie. read more

Pink! Pow! Kaboom Season 1, Episode 59

Pink draws a comic. read more

AardvARK Season 1, Episode 58

Aardvark builds an ark. read more

Stop-Pink for Directions Season 1, Episode 56

Pink's new scooter has a mind of its own. read more

Eli the Aardvark Season 1, Episode 55

Eli has amnesia. read more

Pink Kahuna Season 1, Episode 53

Pink Panther's day at the beach is interrupted by Big Nose. read more

One Too Many Chefs Season 1, Episode 52

Ant and Aardvark have a cooking contest. read more

Pink Stink Season 1, Episode 51

Pink Panther tries to shoo a smelly goat out of his yard. read more

Pick a Caardvark Season 1, Episode 50

Aardvark bets on Ant's card tricks. read more

Make Pink Not War Season 1, Episode 49

Pink Panther is stuck in the middle of a water-balloon fight. read more

Pink Me Out to the Ballgame Season 1, Episode 48

Pink Panther and Big Nose go head-to-head at the ballpark to catch a fly ball. read more

Z Is for Aardvark Season 1, Episode 47

A baby zebra mistakes Aardvark for his mom. read more

Pink or Consequences Season 1, Episode 46

Pink Panther tries to win a year's supply of his favorite drink by competing on a game show. read more

Pink on the Canvas Season 1, Episode 45

Pink Panther competes in a wrestling match because he wants to use the prize belt as a guitar strap. read more

Ant-Arctic Antic Season 1, Episode 44

Aardvark makes a new friend in Antarctica. read more

And Not a Drop to Pink Season 1, Episode 43

Pink Panther disturbs a mummy. read more

Pink's Peak Season 1, Episode 42

Pink Panther stumbles into a mountain-climbing adventure. read more

Aard Fu Season 1, Episode 41

Aardvark studies karate in hopes of finally catching Ant. read more

The Pink Is in the Mail Season 1, Episode 40

Pink Panther has trouble delivering a package. read more

Chilled to the Pink Season 1, Episode 39

Big Nose wants Pink's heater. read more

One Small Step for Ant Season 1, Episode 38

Ant travels to the moon and Aardvark follows him. read more

Pinkbeard Season 1, Episode 37

A search for buried treasure pits Pink against Big Nose and Dog. read more

Shop-Pink Spree Season 1, Episode 36

The Panther wins a shopping spree at a grocery store. read more

Spaced Out Season 1, Episode 35

Ant craves bananas. read more

Pink Pink Pink Pink Season 1, Episode 34

A music machine clones the Panther. read more

Itching to Be Pink Season 1, Episode 33

A flea invades the Panther's fur. read more

Grampy's Visit Season 1, Episode 32

Aardvark's grandfather visits. read more

Knights in Pink Armor Season 1, Episode 31

The Panther must slay an evil dragon. read more

Wild Pinkdom Season 1, Episode 30

A photojournalist sets out to capture an image of Pink Panther. read more

Mitey Blue Season 1, Episode 29

Ant helps a fan learn to play music. read more

Life in the Pink Lane Season 1, Episode 28

Pink Panther goes bowling and interferes with a pro's game. read more

Gold, Silver, Bronze & Pink Season 1, Episode 27

An athletic contest pits Pink Panther against Hoarse and Big Nose. read more

Find Your Own Ant Season 1, Episode 26

Aardvark and a hedgehog compete to catch Ant. read more

Pinkaroni Pizza Season 1, Episode 25

Pink Panther makes a pizza. read more

Pinkazoic Era Season 1, Episode 24

Technology is advanced by prehistoric panther and prehistoric man. read more

And Baby Makes Three Season 1, Episode 23

Ant gorilla-sits Mrs. Gorilla's baby. read more

Cleanliness Is Next to Pinkliness Season 1, Episode 22

Pink Panther has water issues with Big Nose. read more

The Pink Painter Show Season 1, Episode 21

Modern artist Pink Panther has an exhibition at a museum. read more

Dog Daze Season 1, Episode 20

Aardvark hires a dog to sniff out Ant. read more

Pink Suds & Clean Duds Season 1, Episode 19

Pink Panther goes to the laundromat. read more

The Mighty Pinkwood Tree Season 1, Episode 18

Big Nose tries to chop down Pink Panther's tree. read more

The Aardvark's New Moves Season 1, Episode 17

Aardvark goes high tech in pursuit of Ant. read more

Pink Pool Fool Season 1, Episode 16

Pink Panther wants to use Big Nose's pool for skating. read more

Pink Party of One Season 1, Episode 15

MaƮtre d' Big Nose tries to keep the Pink Panther from eating at his fancy restaurant. read more

I Didn't See That Coming Season 1, Episode 14

Aardvark uses an invisibility spray in an attempt to catch Ant. read more

Remotely Pink Season 1, Episode 13

The Pink Panther orders a remote control. read more

The Spy Wore Pink Season 1, Episode 12

Pink goes on a spy mission. read more

Zoo Ruse Season 1, Episode 11

Pink helps a boy win tickets at a video arcade. read more

Pinxillated Season 1, Episode 10

Aardvark's grandfather visits. read more

Pink N Putt Season 1, Episode 9

Big Nose gets serious about miniature golf. read more

Party Animals Season 1, Episode 8

Aardvark throws himself a birthday party. read more

Pink Magic Season 1, Episode 7

Pink practices magic on Big Nose. read more

Pink Thumb Season 1, Episode 6

Pink takes up gardening. read more

Land of the Gi-Ants Season 1, Episode 5

Aardvark enters a prehistoric world. read more

Pink Hi-Tops Season 1, Episode 4

Pink tries new sneakers. read more

A Pink and Stormy Night Season 1, Episode 3

The Panther delivers pizza to a mad scientist. read more

Zeus Juice Season 1, Episode 2

Aardvark buys a juicer to get in shape to catch Ant. read more

Pink Up the Volume Season 1, Episode 1

The Panther's music practice disturbs Big Nose. read more

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Premiered: March 07, 2010, on Boomerang
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Premise: The iconic Pink Panther is a mischievous teenager in this adaptation of the classic cartoon, and his antics often involve his pack of friends.


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