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Latest Episode: Howard's End

May 13, 1994 Season 2 Episode 22 watch on

Kevin Buss takes drastic action when he is unable to watch his father suffer a slow humiliating death from Alzheimer's disease.

Frosted Flakes

May 06, 1994 Season 2 Episode 21

The parents of a terminally ill boy seek to have their son cryogenically frozen while he is still alive.
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My Left Shoe

Apr 29, 1994 Season 2 Episode 20

When Father Barrett’s shoe fetish gains media attention, it places him at risk of losing his parish.
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Buried Alive

Apr 08, 1994 Season 2 Episode 19

Max is invited to the Brock home for dinner after she arrests Jill’s father for running a stop sign.
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System Down

Apr 01, 1994 Season 2 Episode 18

Brock is selected as a jurist in the trial of a drug dealer accused of murdering police officers.
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Squatter's Rights

Mar 11, 1994 Season 2 Episode 17

A 500-pound woman claims she smothered her husband to death by sitting on his head.
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Terms of Estrangement

Mar 04, 1994 Season 2 Episode 16

Brock is subjected to a psychological game of terror when his ex-police partner kidnaps Kimberly and imprisons her in a hidden room.
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Divine Recall

Feb 11, 1994 Season 2 Episode 15

A decades-old pornographic video featuring Rachel in a compromising position circulates through Rome, prompting the City Council to call for her censure.
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Supreme Courting

Feb 04, 1994 Season 2 Episode 14

When Carter is asked out on Valentine’s Day by a beautiful widow, he asks Max to feed him “the right words” via a hidden radio transmitter.
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Abominable Snowman

Jan 28, 1994 Season 2 Episode 13

Howard Buss, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, seeks state-assisted suicide so that he may donate his heart to his dying son.
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Remote Control

Jan 21, 1994 Season 2 Episode 12

Wambaugh defends a boy accused of attempting to murder Matthew by arguing that the child is a victim of exposure to media violence.
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Guns 'R' Us

Jan 14, 1994 Season 2 Episode 11

Matthew and Zach’s retaliation against a school bully goes horribly awry and triggers a disastrous confrontation with the boy’s brother.
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Paging Doctor God

Jan 07, 1994 Season 2 Episode 10

Jill performs emergency surgery on a pregnant woman even though the procedure conflicts with the patient’s religion. Zach decides to convert to Judaism.
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Blue Christmas

Dec 17, 1993 Season 2 Episode 9

Kimberly’s best friend is accused of distributing LSD. Carter and his brother Lyman clash over performing an autopsy on their recently deceased mother.
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Dec 10, 1993 Season 2 Episode 8

A man who suffers form a vision disorder shoots his own brother. Was it a case of mistaken identity... or murder?
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