David E. Kelley's surreal slice of small-town Wisconsin life centered on the Brock family: the town's sheriff, his physician wife and their three kids. There was some conventional murder and mayhem, along with dark humor. The occasionally bizarre story lines (like a `serial bather' sneaking into homes) were often juxtaposed with ruminations on a variety of social issues (among them, bigamy and euthanasia). While never much of a ratings hit, this was a critical darling, winning 14 Emmys.


Guest Stars

Dabbs Greer
Minister, Minister Novotny, Novotny, Rev. Novotny
15 Episodes (1999-1999)
Roy Dotrice
Father Barrett, Priest
13 Episodes (1999-1999)
Leigh Taylor Young
Mayor, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel Harris
10 Episodes (1999-1999)
Robert Cornthwaite
Howard, Howard Buss, Mayor Buss
Sam Anderson
Agent Morell, Agt. Morell, Morell
Lisa Chess
Interpreter, Rebecca
Cristine Rose
Jimmy's Ex-Wife, Lydia
5 Episodes (1999-1999)
Paul Eiding
Jason, Jason Steinberg, Teacher
Tom Everett
Engrams, John Engrams, Mr. Engrams
Adam Arkin
Attorney Biel, Edward, Robert Biel
Bojesse Christopher
Billy, Billy O'Connell
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
David Proval
Frank, Frank the Potato Man
Maggie Baird
Marjorie Engrams, Mrs. Engrams
Matt Salinger
Dr. Shreve, Shreve
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Don Keefer
Billy Shauger, George
Elisabeth Moss
Cynthia, Cynthia Parks
Jack Black
Curtis Williams
Alexondra Lee
Lisa, Lisa Fenn
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Diana Castle
Minister, Reverend Clark
Alan Ruck
1 Episode (1999)
Dakin Matthews
Henry Marshall
Jane Kaczmarek
Janice Neiman
John Harkins
Chief Justice Rehnquist
Loretta Devine
Marla Melrose
Pat O'Brien
Pat O'Brien
Richard Lawson
Dale `Sky' Betts
Shane West
Dave Lattimore
Ray McKinnon
Jeffrey Murray
Sean O'Bryan
1 Episode (1999)
Van Quattro
Robert Quincy Adams