A widow and her three daughters (and Uncle Joe, who's a-movin' kinda slow) run the Shady Rest Hotel in Hooterville, whose clientele consists mainly of passengers on the spur line of an almost-defunct railroad. It was one of many rural sitcoms that populated CBS acreage during the 1960s (this series inspired---and shared characters with---the equally popular `Green Acres'). Despite a revolving door of cast changes, the gentle, down-home comedy had a successful seven-year run.


Guest Stars

Jack Bannon
First GI, Roger, Technical Sergeant, Tommy
4 Episodes (2014-2014)
Jimmy Hawkins
Jeff, Lowell, Orville, Stanley
Jay Ripley
Ted, Willie
4 Episodes (2013-2014)
Frank Ferguson
Doc, Dr. Barton Stuart
3 Episodes (2014-2014)
Parley Baer
Bailiff, Billingham, Judge
Lurene Tuttle
Adelaide, Mary Alice Perkins
2 Episodes (2014-2014)
Robert Easton
Hector, Henry Barton
2 Episodes (2014-2014)
Walter Baldwin
Grandpa Miller, Grandpappy Miller
2 Episodes (2014-2014)
George Cisar
Blake, Boo Boo Webster
2 Episodes (2014-2014)
Bert Freed
Detective Horton
1 Episode (2014)
Dick Wessel
Bink Sharfells
1 Episode (2014)
Fred Clark
General Loomis
1 Episode (2014)
John Alvin
Mr. Kimberly
1 Episode (2014)
Richard Erdman
Colonel Millbank
1 Episode (2014)
Rick Cooper
Private Tod Longwell
1 Episode (2014)
Merlin Olsen
Merlin Fergus
Sig Ruman
Professor Lieberschmit
Aki Hara
Nobuko Takamura
1 Episode (2014)
Art Lewis
Mr. Johnson
1 Episode (2014)
Ed Platt
General Patterson
1 Episode (2014)
Jim Hayward
Ernie Caufield
1 Episode (2014)