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Latest Episode: Murder On the Line

Sep 18, 1961 Season 3 Episode 38 watch on Hulu (Free)

Cesar Carlyle, a very rich man, hires Gunn to find certain documents which, if made public, could ruin him. Seems the papers were stolen and the thief wants a good deal of money for their return.

Down the Drain

Jun 26, 1961 Season 3 Episode 37

A man named Paul Condon calls the police and tells them where a cache of stolen jewels can be found. But before any more information can be passed on - Condon is shot down.
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Jun 19, 1961 Season 3 Episode 36

Abel Gunther a small-time Haitian sugar-cane grower, blames the death of his wife on the spirit world. He has a more practical explanation for another of his worries - his cane fields have been leveled by fire.
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Deadly Intrusion

Jun 12, 1961 Season 3 Episode 35

Golf instructor Gil Manson is accused by the police of being a hit and run driver. Manson insists he was giving a golf lesson at the time of the accident, but his pupil has mysteriously disappeared.
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Death Is a Four Letter Word

Jun 05, 1961 Season 3 Episode 34

Lisa Randolph's well-groomed appearance belies the turmoil of her emotions - as Gunn discovers when he is asked to prevent her from committing suicide.
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A Bullet for the Boy

May 29, 1961 Season 3 Episode 33

Gambling man Paul Mitchell and the son of an American diplomat in Acapulco, is show and wounded while leaving his home.
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A Matter of Policy

May 22, 1961 Season 3 Episode 32

Gunman Frank Dineen never objected to killing people for money. This time, however he's going to do a job for himself.
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Last Resort

May 15, 1961 Season 3 Episode 31

Clinton Hobart, former movie great, is trying to make a comeback. But hard-driving young producer Les Murdock isn't making matters any easier for the old fellow.
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Till Death Do Us Part

May 08, 1961 Season 3 Episode 30

Edward Candell is scheduled to die for the murder of his wife Leona. Tommy McDonald is surprised to hear the verdict - he just saw Leona.
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The Most Deadly Angel

May 01, 1961 Season 3 Episode 29

Hero-worshiping Caroline Haskins takes steps to wipe out the Yabocci family, Gunn's archenemies.
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The Murder Bond

Apr 24, 1961 Season 3 Episode 28

Racketeer Joe Cully is out of the pokey on bail - half a million dollars. Not long afterwards Cully's car explodes, the body found in the demolished auto can't be identified - and Joe Cully is nowhere to be found.
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Short Motive

Apr 10, 1961 Season 3 Episode 27

Ellen Clary is worried about Paulie Walker, who left a piece of paper with four names on it in her restaurant. The first name, Les Coombs, had a line through it - and now Coombs is dead.
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A Penny Saved

Apr 03, 1961 Season 3 Episode 26

Ballet dancer Nico Belurin escapes from a home for the mentally ill after vowing to kill his old dance partner. The partner hires Gunn to track down Nico before Nico gets to her or her current boyfriend, a gangster, kills Nico.
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Cry Love, Cry Murder

Mar 27, 1961 Season 3 Episode 25

The gun used in a murder of a drug dealer is found in the possession of a teenager, and family friend Peter volunteers to help clear his name.
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Come Dance With Me and Die

Mar 20, 1961 Season 3 Episode 24

Peter receives a call from cabbie Eddie Webb who sees a taxi-dancer being kidnapped by two gangsters.
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