Perfect Storms

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Natural and human disasters are examined.

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A Harrowing Fire Storm Escape
01:52 — In the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Otis Poole and his family are stranded atop a high bluff with the raging flames closing upon t (more…)
How an Earthquake, Tsunami, and Firestorm All Hit Lisbon at Once
02:05 — On November 1, 1755, tectonic plates shift suddenly, causing an 8.5 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which is only 150 miles from Portugal's cap (more…)
The Absolute Wrong Time to Lunch
01:42 — Despite gale force winds and over a foot of water flooding the streets, the businessmen of Galveston, Texas, gathered for a lively bite at Ritter's Sa (more…)
One Way to Maintain Order After a Sudden Catastrophe
01:31 — When a 1755 earthquake damages two of Lisbon's prisons, criminals stream out onto the streets and begin forming gangs and looting. To contain the mayh (more…)
Perfect Storms Season 1
A cyclone that stopped the Roman Army cold. A hurricane and "dragon twist" that wiped out major cities. A supervolcano that triggered the Dark Ages. T (more…)
Perfect Storms Season 1
A cyclone that stopped the Roman Army cold. A hurricane and "dragon twist" that wiped out major cities. A supervolcano that triggered the Dark Ages. T (more…)
Bones Reveal Aftermath of Arminius's Rampart
01:12 — Bones found in the forests of Germania relay the brutality of an ancient battle between Arminius and the Roman legions. The wounds are a gruesome snap (more…)
How Roman Legions Dominated the Ancient World
00:56 — Each member of the Roman legions was superbly disciplined and dangerously armed. They were also key players in Rome's global dominance.
The 17-Hour Swim That Saved a Man's Life
02:05 — In 2008, Hurricane Ike struck Galveston, Texas, leaving in 195 dead and $38 billion of damage in its wake. Here, a survivor walks us through what he d (more…)
Battle of Moscow: The Soviet's Most Important Win
01:39 — Even though the Soviet soldiers were often untrained and ill-equipped, their love for the motherland gave them an unbeatable tenacity. Moscow would ne (more…)
Why Did 16,000 Romans Die at Kalkriese?
01:56 — Faced with the force of the Roman legions, the rebel Arminius handpicked a battlefield in which their strategy was useless.
How Do Fire Twisters Happen?
01:55 — 650 feet tall, almost 1,000 feet across, and spinning at a velocity of 125 miles per hour-how did the devastating dragon twist of 1923 come to be?
Lost Soviet Union Soldiers Finally Identified
01:57 — The Soviet Union lost more lives in WWII than any other country--a horrific 30 million. Now, a former battleground is being scoured for metal medallio (more…)
The Bacterium That Plunged Europe Into the Dark Ages
01:46 — The bubonic plague hit Constantinople and the Mediterranean at a crucial time in history and is one of the major markers of the Dark Ages.
Frozen Battle: Germans Vs. Soviets
02:01 — Unprepared for the vicious cold, the German army was freezing on its feet. Meanwhile, the Soviets navigated the snowy terrain deftly, battling and def (more…)
The World-Altering Supervolcano and How It Erupted
02:41 — In 536 A.D., a caldera beneath Lake Ilopango in El Salvador erupted, raining destruction on the Mayan people below. It went on to have devastating con (more…)
This Man Filmed the Inside of a Hurricane and Lived to Tell
01:51 — Crewman Joseph Bussey filmed Hurricane Ike aboard The Odyssey in the Galveston, Texas, bay. Thankfully, both he and his incredible footage made it out (more…)

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  • Premiered: November 30, 2014
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Natural and human disasters are examined.