The Poetry Problem/The Disappering Art Problem
12:07 — The Poetry Problem- Peg and Cat lead Emily Dickinson far and wide in search of a rhyming pattern for her new poem./ The Disappering Art Problem- It's (more…)
Season 6
Peg and Cat’s adventures take them through worlds of infinite possibilities — from farms to purple planets, from 16th-century Verona to New York’s Rad (more…)
Season 6
Peg and Cat’s adventures take them through worlds of infinite possibilities — from farms to purple planets, from 16th-century Verona to New York’s Rad (more…)
Victor's 1967 Ford Bronco
Chip and the A-team design and overhaul Fireman-Paramedic Victor Lopez's 1967 Ford Bronco. His dream is to share his Bronco and love of the outdoors w (more…)
Til Death Do Us Part, Pt. 1
13:21 — As Jean Grey and Cyclops attempt to tie the knot, Mister Sinister uses a brainwashed Morph to lay traps to destroy the X-Men one by one. Meanwhile, Gr (more…)
The Big Dog Problem/The Three Friends Problem
The Big Dog Problem: When Peg and Cat need to mail some important letters for Peg's Mom, they find their path to the mailbox blocked by a really big d (more…)
Buying a First Time Fixer
Newleyweds Andrew and Caitlin are ready to buy their first home together. Andrew, a pastor, hopes to buy in Burbank, CA, near their church. He'd love (more…)
Friday's Child
13:21 — A simple mission to secure mining rights with the nomads of Capella IV turns upside down when Kirk's party learns a Klingon agent has beaten them to t (more…)
The Perfect Ten Problem/The Long Line Problem
From PBS KIDS: The Perfect Ten Problem: Peg and Cat are judging a singing competition in which all performers must get a rating of exactly ten stars. (more…)
Sweet Jane
13:21 — Mulaney tries to figure out why Jane doesn't like any of the girls he dates. Meanwhile, Lou fixates on the idea of his death, (more…)
Wet Dreams May Come
Shoemaker is tormented by a disturbing sex dream, and the drama teacher wrongly advises him to act on it. Meanwhile, Fairbell befriends the new school (more…)
Best Friends Whenever: Night of the Were-Diesel
12:51 — When Cyd's dog Diesel accidentally gets into Barry's wolf hormone experiment, things quickly turn a little too scary for everyone.
Dirt and Destruction
The Spanglers have arrived at Charlotte Motor Speedway, for the biggest stunt of their season thus far. With their "fly-by" car jump and dark clouds t (more…)
The Groovy Sixties Problem/Bad Jack is Back
"The Groovy Sixties Problem" Peg and Cat help Peg's hippy Grandmom create a groovy birthday present for Granddad based on his favorite numbers: the si (more…)
To Convince a Prince
Season two kicks off in Europe with four new princes searching for true love. They are given the unique opportunity to give up their titles and money (more…)
Reunion Show
Flavor Flav and all of the Flavorettes from season 3 are back for a reunion show like you've never seen before. Flav and the girls will update us on t (more…)
12:51 — Tina’s going back to America for a homecoming party. She gets a digital camera and has everyone don costumes for a photo shoot. Her love for everyone, (more…)
The Cold Camel Problem/The Einstein Problem
The Cold Camel Problem: While Cleopatra is visiting Peg, her camel wanders off in search of a comfortable climate. Peg and Cat search the neighborhood (more…)
Ramsey Nijem vs. Dan Downes
12:50 — Danny Downes has shown that he has the goods to compete on the elite level. Now looking to make that same statement, TUF 13 finalist Ramsey Nijem has (more…)
Alternative Medicine
12:51 — A look at chiropractic medicine, reflexology, magnet therapy, and a trip to an alternative medicine fair that ends in a sting operation at a crowded m (more…)
The Baby Problem / The Sparkling Sphere Problem
08:56 — The Baby Problem: Babysitters Peg and Cat rescue the precocious Baby Fox from the top of his elaborate block tower. The Sparkling Sphere Problem: Knig (more…)
The Blue Spirit
13:21 — When Sokka and Katara get too sick to travel, Aang goes out on his own to find a cure for them. But he is captured by Zhao and held prisoner inside a (more…)
A Kind of Princess
13:22 — Clark falls for Sara, the daughter of a crime boss. Both Clark and Sara get stuck in the middle between rival crime syndicates, and it is up to Superb (more…)
An Easter Story
Olivia develops polio and the stunned family unites to help her and each other. Olivia dedicates herself to two goals: she'll fight through the pain o (more…)
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