Peg + Cat

  • 2013
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

A little girl and her feline pal embark on adventures that teach them math concepts and skills.

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Mon Jul 24 1:00pm
The Funky Seventies Problem; the Umbrella Problem PBS

Peg's grandparents' and pet goats' contrasting music tastes lead to trouble for Peg; Peg and Cat search for their umbrellas so they can play in the rain.

Tue Jul 25 1:00pm
The Pentagirls Problem; The Tree Problem of National Importance PBS

The Pentagirls record with the famous Worm, but the big break could break up the band; and Peg and Cat set out to rescue the Vice President, who's stuck atop a monument.

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Wed Jul 26 1:00pm
The Friday the 13th Problem; The Looking Glass Problem PBS

Richard is terrorized by the number 13 during a camp sleepover; and Peg and Cat go through the looking glass and use patterns to make sense out of nonsense.

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Thu Jul 27 1:00pm
The Fuzzball Problem; The Silliest Song Problem PBS

Intergalactic superheroes Peg and Cat are besieged by swiftly multiplying Fuzzballs; and Peg and Cat must present the king with the silliest song in the land.

Fri Jul 28 1:00pm
The Sam Problem; Mac the Fork PBS

Jesse worries that his mom will love him less if she gets married, but Peg uses math to show him that he has nothing to worry about; and sweet treats are being swiped four at a time.

Mon Jul 31 1:00pm
The Chicken Problem; The Space Creature Problem PBS

The series about a little girl and her feline pal who learn about math through their adventures opens with the pair shooing 100 chickens back into a coop before the farmer realizes they're out; and then moving 100 chickens from Big Mouth to a spaceship.

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Tue Aug 1 1:00pm
The Messy Room Problem; The Golden Pyramid Problem PBS

Peg and Cat clean Peg's messy room; and search for Mermaid's golden pyramids.

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Wed Aug 2 1:00pm
The Pirate Problem; The Sleepover Problem PBS

Peg and Cat teach hungry pirates how to share fruit; and, when the pirates spend the night at Peg's, teach them how to fall asleep by counting chickens.

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Thu Aug 3 1:00pm
The Three Bears Problem; The Giant Problem PBS

Peg and Cat form a super group that also includes the Three Bears, Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff; and plot an escape from the Giants, who they think want to have them for lunch.

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Fri Aug 4 1:00pm
The Circus Problem; The Buried Treasure Problem PBS

Peg and Cat join a circus; and use a measuring stick to find buried treasure.

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