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Mon Feb 8 10:30am
The Birthday Cake Problem; The Doohickey Problem PBS

Peg and Cat make a birthday cake for Jonah and his friends; Peg and Cat reassemble their smashed spaceship.

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Tue Feb 9 10:30am
The Tree Problem; Another Tree Problem PBS

Cat becomes stuck in a tree; and then becomes stuck in a tree again.

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Wed Feb 10 10:30am
The Dinosaur Problem; The Beethoven Problem PBS

Peg and Cat become lost while riding dinosaurs through a prehistoric forest; Peg and Cat help Beethoven write a symphony.

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Thu Feb 11 10:30am
The Honey Problem; The Penguin Problem PBS

Peg and Cat need the 3 Bees to produce honey so that they can make a honey cake; Peg and Cat coach skiing penguins.

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Fri Feb 12 10:30am
The Race Car Problem; The Big Gig Problem PBS

Peg and Cat rebuild their Hot Buttered Lightin' race car in order to compete in the Talla-peg-a 20 race; Peg and Cat need to find the other members of their Electric Eleven band so that they can play a gig for 100 chickens.

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Mon Feb 15 10:30am
The Wonderland Problem; The Bat Mitzvah Problem PBS

Peg and Cat eat berries to grow bigger or smaller in their quest to get back Peg's stick from the Queen of Hearts; and Peg and Cat keep an eye on Uncle Phil during Tessa's Bat Mitzvah.

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Tue Feb 16 10:30am
The Bermuda Triangle Problem; The Breeze in the Branches Problem PBS

Peg, Cat and Pig tumble through a portal to a bizarre triangular universe; and Toad brings Peg and Cat to the forest where he grew up and introduces them to his old friends.

Wed Feb 17 10:30am
The Richard the Third Problem; The Lemonade Problem PBS

Peg and Cat try to help Richard achieve his dream of not coming in third in every event at a picnic; Cat tries to get cups for Peg's lemonade stand.

Thu Feb 18 10:30am
The Slop Problem; The Birthday Present Problem PBS

Peg and Cat need help cleaning filthy farm animals; and collect 30 rocks to give to Peg's mom on her 30th birthday.

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Fri Feb 19 10:30am
The Robin Hood Problem; The Owl and the Pussycat Problem PBS

Peg and Cat teach Robin Hood about more and less; and Pig demands infinity in exchange for a hat that Cat needs to keep his ears warm.

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