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Tue Jun 28 10:30am
The Baby Problem; The Sparkling Sphere Problem PBS

Peg and Cat rescue Baby Fox from his elaborate block tower; and search for a missing wizard in a magical forest.

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Wed Jun 29 10:30am
The Blockette Problem; The Tulip Problem PBS

Peg and Cat lend a hand when their demanding pal Richard directs the Radio City Music Hall Blockettes; and play peacemakers between feuding neighbors.

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Thu Jun 30 10:30am
The Mega Mall Problem; The Cleopatra Problem PBS

Peg and Cat search the mall for the teens so that they can all enter a dance contest; Peg and Cat play marbles with Queen Cleopatra at the pyramids, but Peg's marble is stolen by a man with an orange beard.

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Fri Jul 1 10:30am
The George Washington Problem; The High Noon Problem PBS

Peg and Cat help George Washington navigate the Delaware River; Peg and Cat agree to a high-noon showdown with Bad Jack, but have no idea when noon is.

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Mon Jul 4 10:30am
The Camp Problem; The Two Homes ProblemNew PBS

Peg and Cat take part in a battle of the bunks during a stay at camp; and meet a boy who has two homes.

Tue Jul 5 10:30am
The Littlest Chicken Problem; The Election Problem PBS

Peg and Cat follow the Littlest Chicken all through Fairytale Land; the Farmer holds an election to see who'll watch over the farm in his absence.

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Wed Jul 6 10:30am
The Perfect Ten Problem; The Long Line Problem PBS

Peg and Cat judge a singing competition; Peg and Cat try to help Richard realize his dream of being first in line for the first time.

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Thu Jul 7 10:30am
The Big Dog Problem; The Three Friends Problem PBS

Peg and Cat want to mail some letters, but a big dog is blocking their path to the mailbox; Cat becomes unusually quiet when playing with Peg and their new friend Big Dog.

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Fri Jul 8 10:30am
The Arch Villain Problem; The Straight & Narrow Problem PBS

Super Peg and Cat Guy come to the rescue when the Arch Villain wreaks havoc on the city of Mathtropolis by turning everything into arches; the Arch Villain gives up his arch ways and goes on a rampage with straight-and-narrow shapes.

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Mon Jul 11 10:30am
The Clown Problem; The Ninja Problem PBS

Peg and Cat help Mac become a circus clown; Peg and Cat help find 15 missing cherry blossom trees.

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