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Thu Jan 19 11:30am
The Magic Uke; The Rocking Out Problem PBS

Peg uses a magic ukulele to trek through the Kingdom of Night to reach Cat; and Peg and Cat become stuck in a musical instrument that Baby Fox made out of junk.

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Fri Jan 20 11:30am
The T-Ball Problem; The Bus Problem PBS

Peg's T-ball team plays a squad of aliens; chickens swipe a bus.

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Mon Jan 23 11:30am
The Robin Hood Problem; The Owl and the Pussycat Problem PBS

Peg and Cat teach Robin Hood about more and less; and Pig demands infinity in exchange for a hat that Cat needs to keep his ears warm.

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Tue Jan 24 11:30am
The Polka Dot Planet Problem; The Mardi Gras Problem PBS

Peg's space ship breaks down; and Peg and Cat learn to read sheet music.

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Wed Jan 25 11:30am
The Mermaid in the Mall Problem; The Painting Problem PBS

Peg and Cat need a round table in order to become the Knights of the Round Table; and famous painters Peg Casso and Vincent Van Goo (aka Cat) are in need of purple paint.

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Thu Jan 26 11:30am
The Claymation Problem; The Grumpy Judge Problem PBS

A temperamental director prefers clay performers; and Peg and Cat take part in a singing competition.

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Fri Jan 27 11:30am
The Package Problem; the Train Problem PBS

Peg and Cat learn that time feels different depending on what they're doing; a mysterious thief steals various items from the train.

Mon Jan 30 11:30am
The Camp Problem; The Two Homes Problem PBS

Peg and Cat take part in a battle of the bunks during a stay at camp; and meet a boy who has two homes.

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Tue Jan 31 11:30am
The Imaginary Friend Problem; The Promise Problem PBS

Peg and the dinosaurs search for Cat and his imaginary monkey, Minkus; and a dinosaur comes between Romeo and Juliet.

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Wed Feb 1 11:30am
Peg + Cat PBS

A little girl and her feline pal embark on adventures that teach them math concepts and skills.

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