Pawn Stars Episodes

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Pawn Stars Season 8 episodes

Break Room Battle Season 8, Episode 86

An antique circus calliope; a letter signed by JFK. read more

Bo Knows Season 8, Episode 85

An etching by Pablo Picasso; a bat signed by Bo Jackson. read more

Shufflin' and Hustlin' Season 8, Episode 84

An early copy of "Rip Van Winkle"; a candle in the shape of Richard Nixon's head. read more

Go for Chum Season 8, Episode 83

A moonshine still; a collection of postcards signed by celebrities from the 1940s and '50s. read more

Playboys and Players Season 8, Episode 82

A collection of Playboy Club memorabilia; a pair of vintage Murray bicycles. read more

Mr. Cool Season 8, Episode 76

A 1791 one-cent coin; a signed print of an Ansel Adams photograph. read more

Pawn Apocalypse Season 8, Episode 81

A U.S. Navy foghorn; a pair of vintage Aerosmith tour shirts. read more

Colts and Vikings Season 8, Episode 80

A Colt Army Model 1860 revolver; a Viking coin. read more

Put Up Your Nukes Season 8, Episode 79

A rare mandolin; an alleged cover for a nuclear warhead. read more

Chumdae Season 8, Episode 78

A 1967 Shelby GT350; a Magnavox Odyssey 200 video-game console. read more

Press One for Chum Season 8, Episode 77

A Honus Wagner autograph; a first-edition copy of Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita." read more

Fireworks and Freedom Season 8, Episode 75

A Morse-code reader from World War II; a letter written by John Quincy Adams. read more

Pinball Punch Season 8, Episode 74

Two classic pinball machines; a carrier-pigeon capsule from World War II. read more

Get in the Ring Season 8, Episode 73

Rocky Marciano memorabilia; a glow-in-the-dark car. read more

Rick, Rock, and Roll Season 8, Episode 72

A meteorite; two first-edition copies of "A Christmas Carol." read more

Spacing Out Season 8, Episode 71

A wristwatch radio; a 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. read more

In the Doghouse Season 8, Episode 70

A coin featuring Roman emperor Caligula; hand-drawn maps from the Normandy invasion of World War II. read more

Chumlee's Last Laugh Season 8, Episode 69

A pocket watch engraved with Henry Ford II's signature; a massive "Dukes of Hazzard" toy collection. read more

Who's Your Dali? Season 8, Episode 68

A painting by Salvador Dali; a note signed by Edmund Hillary. read more

Dam Good Time Season 8, Episode 67

A cigar box that once belonged to JFK; a Civil War-era photograph of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. read more

Daddy's Girl Season 8, Episode 66

Street art by Keith Haring; a Civil War utility tool. read more

Pawn U Season 8, Episode 65

A 1953 Peter Pan animation; a first-edition copy of Mark Twain's "A Yankee in King Arthur's Court." read more

Reeling and Dealing Season 8, Episode 64

A Ronco pocket fisherman; a Babe Ruth signature glove. read more

Everybody Do the Dinosaur Season 8, Episode 63

A Henry rifle from the 1800s; a pair of dinosaur eggs. read more

Breaking the Bank Season 8, Episode 62

A rare Half Eagle coin; sneakers that were allegedly worn by Julius Erving. read more

Tickets to Ride Season 8, Episode 61

An Indian Peace Medal from the 1850s; a pair of tickets to the 1964 film "A Hard Day's Night." read more

New Old Man Season 8, Episode 60

A set of original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls; a Confederate children's schoolbook. read more

Spruce Goose Season 8, Episode 59

Celebrity paintings by Stephen Fishwick; a part from the Spruce Goose, a mammoth airplane conceived by Howard Hughes. read more

All In Season 8, Episode 58

A mysterious suicide ring; a device for cheating at poker. read more

Tag Team Season 8, Episode 57

A Bible that belonged to Mickey Mantle; a pen that was used by President Lyndon B. Johnson. read more

Fiesta Loco Season 8, Episode 56

A painting by Monet; an old firefighter station. read more

Road Test Season 8, Episode 55

A Richard Nixon paper dress; a guitar that belonged to bassist John Entwistle. read more

Ponies and Phonies Season 8, Episode 54

A rare Bible; an R2-D2 Pepsi machine. read more

Sleeping Giant Season 8, Episode 53

A 1969 Les Paul Professional guitar; a 1930s Rolls-Royce hood ornament. read more

Saddle Up Season 8, Episode 52

A Turbo Man action figure; a poster from Abraham Lincoln's 1864 reelection campaign. read more

Chum's Revenge Season 8, Episode 51

A 1956 Buick; a Neil Diamond jacket. read more

Traffic Jammed Season 8, Episode 50

Nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean liner; a letter recovered from the wreckage of United Flight 736. read more

Tee'd Off Season 8, Episode 49

A USGA Rules of Golf book from 1934; an organ owned by Steven Tyler. read more

April Fooled Season 8, Episode 48

A Civil War-era sword; mementos from the USS Chowanoc. read more

Choo Choo Chum Season 8, Episode 47

A Marlin rifle; a signed photograph of Howard Hughes. read more

Brew Master Season 8, Episode 46

A rare Polish medal; a brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. read more

Shamrocked Season 8, Episode 45

A 1965 Buick Riviera; a jacket from the first NFL Pro Bowl. read more

Head Games Season 8, Episode 44

A pair of Igorot spears; pendants from the first two Super Bowls. read more

Bang Bang Season 8, Episode 43

A WWII embalming kit; a pair of Reid knuckle-duster pistols. read more

You Snooze, You Lose Season 8, Episode 42

A German sword from the early 1600s; a set of 1933 baseball cards. read more

McKinley Family Jewels Season 8, Episode 41

A Felix the Cat sparkler toy; a tiara that belonged to the wife of President William McKinley. read more

Field Trip Season 8, Episode 40

A rare guitar; photos of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. read more

Magic Bus Season 8, Episode 39

A restored 1960s Volkswagen Samba bus; an egg sculpture by Sergio Bustamante. read more

Purple Haze Season 8, Episode 38

Viking swords; a Fender Stratocaster guitar that was played by Jimi Hendrix. read more

Chords, Swords and Rewards Season 8, Episode 37

A Freemason sword; a Gibson Master Museum guitar. read more

Rock Bottom Season 8, Episode 36

An off-road vehicle; a game-worn Bob Hayes jersey. read more

The Great Pawnbino Season 8, Episode 35

A personal check signed by Babe Ruth; Navy buttons that date back to the Civil War. read more

Rough and Tumble Season 8, Episode 34

Items signed by Dan Haggerty; a piece of a flag with a tie to Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. read more

Extreme Pawnover Season 8, Episode 33

A Ford Model A; vintage Pinocchio and Donald Duck toys. read more

Rescue 9-1-Chum Season 8, Episode 32

A vintage smoke-suit air pump; a silver certificate. read more

Sunday Funday Season 8, Episode 31

A football signed by Walter Payton; a program from the first Super Bowl. read more

Smurf and Turf Season 8, Episode 30

A 19th-century Fisk iron casket; a huge collection of Smurf memorabilia. read more

Silent Stars and Rebel Cars Season 8, Episode 29

A 1940 Buick that was allegedly owned by Fidel Castro; Charlie Chaplin's driver's license. read more

Anytime, Any Mace Season 8, Episode 28

A medieval mace; a set of cap guns from the 1950s. read more

I'll Be Doggone Season 8, Episode 27

A jet pack from the Gemini space program; a "Snoopy" comic book. read more

Can't Buy Me Love Season 8, Episode 26

A Beatles management contract; a high-altitude suit from the Cold War era. read more

Truly Trivial Season 8, Episode 25

An Al Hirschfeld lithograph; a motorcycle that was built for James Caan. read more

Whodunit? Season 8, Episode 24

A medallion once owned by Liberace; a pair of shoes signed by Michael Jordan. read more

You Say You Wanna Revolution Season 8, Episode 23

A set of gambling tokens from the Nevada State Prison; an edition of the Annual Register from 1776. read more

Finding Fonzie Season 8, Episode 22

A hybrid rocket engine; a poem handwritten by Marilyn Monroe. read more

Lost in Spacelander Season 8, Episode 21

A 1959 Bowden Spacelander bicycle; a lap desk made by Dr. Samuel Mudd. read more

Put Your Hands Up Season 8, Episode 20

A Lambretta scooter; a wanted poster for John Dillinger. read more

Another Christmas Story Season 8, Episode 19

A Lionel train set from the 1920s; an original puppet from Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Also: The guys enter a Christmas-card competition. read more

The Amazing Chumlee Season 8, Episode 18

A samurai sword from the 1500s; a rare copy of the comic book "Amazing Fantasy." read more

Woah Pilgrim Season 8, Episode 17

A card-playing book from 1866; the hat John Wayne wore in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." read more

Gnarly Harley Season 8, Episode 16

A customized 1951 Harley-Davidson; a crank organ from the early 1900s. read more

Bad to the Bone Season 8, Episode 15

A bone saw from the Civil War; a large piece of kunzite. read more

Open and Shut Case Season 8, Episode 14

A prototype combat vehicle; a briefcase that was owned by Charles Lindbergh. read more

Rebel, Rebel Season 8, Episode 13

A Bob's Big Boy statue; a letter written by George Washington. Also: Chumlee throws a housewarming party. read more

The Bachelor Season 8, Episode 12

Vintage casino chips; a rare copy of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Also: The guys throw a bachelor party for Rick. read more

Cold Hard Cash Season 8, Episode 11

A Rolls-Royce that was owned by Johnny Cash; a coin from the Byzantine Empire. read more

The Merchant of Vegas Season 8, Episode 10

A Cushman scooter that was allegedly used by paratroopers during WWII. read more

Winchester, Lose or Draw Season 8, Episode 9

A Winchester rifle from the American Indian Wars; a slot machine from the 1940s. Also: The guys find a stray dog. read more

Chum of All Fears Season 8, Episode 8

A 1933 Plymouth; a 1977 electronic football game. read more

Brush With Greatness Season 8, Episode 7

A painting by Muhammad Ali; a Colt Dragoon pistol. read more

Comfortably Chum Season 8, Episode 6

Soviet army uniforms that date back to the Cold War. read more

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service Season 8, Episode 5

A 1961 Fender Stratocaster; a customized 2006 Dodge Magnum. read more

The Enigma Season 8, Episode 4

A WWII Enigma machine; a photo of gunfighter Doc Holliday. read more

Say It, Don't Spray It Season 8, Episode 3

A Gibson Super Jumbo guitar; a Buck Rogers tin rocket. read more

The Bald and the Beautiful Season 8, Episode 2

A Mercedes-Benz golf cart; a coat that was allegedly made for Elvis Presley. read more

Everyday I'm Shufflin' Season 8, Episode 1

A Shuffle Alley bowling machine; a movie prop from "The Godfather." read more

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