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Paw Patrol Season 1 episodes

Pups and the Pirate Treasure Season 1, Episode 48

The gang discover a treasure map while rescuing Cap'n Turbot from a secret cavern. read more

Pups and the Trouble With Turtles Season 1, Episode 47

Baby turtles appear throughout town, so Ryder and the pups gather them and return them to the pond. read more

Pups Save the Camping Trip Season 1, Episode 46

Skye and Rocky go camping, but they hit a little detour when Chickaletta gets trapped in a crevice and needs to be rescued. read more

Pups Save the Turbots Season 1, Episode 45

Cap'n Turbot's cousin gets trapped on a cliff while trying to get a picture of a rare bird, so the pups attempt to reunite the cousins. read more

Pups and the Beanstalk Season 1, Episode 44

Alex becomes a giant, so the pups preoccupy him before helping him return to the beanstalk. read more

Pups Take the Cake Season 1, Episode 43

Mr. Porter enters a cake competition, and he needs Ryder and the pups to help him bake the biggest and tastiest cake. read more

Pups Great Race Season 1, Episode 42

The pups race each other all across the town to see which is the fastest. read more

Pups Save Ryder Season 1, Episode 41

Ryder attempts to rescue Garby the goat from a cliff, but he gets stranded in the process. read more

Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie Season 1, Episode 40

Mayor Goodway and Alex take a rowboat out into the bay to get a closer look at a baby whale. read more

Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt Season 1, Episode 39

The pups help the mayor decorate eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt, which includes the search for a special egg. read more

Pups Save a Toof Season 1, Episode 38

Alex must visit the dentist, but he's afraid, so the pups help him face his fear. read more

Pups Save a Bat Season 1, Episode 37

A baby bat takes a nap inside of a bell, and the pups try to rescue it without awakening it. read more

Pups Save a Hoot Season 1, Episode 36

A baby owl is rescued and reunited with its mom. read more

Pups Save a Monkey Season 1, Episode 35

A monkey gets free from its cage and runs wild throughout the town. read more

Pups Save Ryder's Robot Season 1, Episode 34

Robot Pup malfunctions and goes on a rampage around town. read more

Pups Save a Super Pup Season 1, Episode 33

Rubble lands in hot water when he pretends he's a super pup. read more

Pups and the Snow Monster Season 1, Episode 32

Odd footprints are found in the snow, and rumors surface that they belong to a scary snow monster. read more

Pups on Ice Season 1, Episode 31

The pups go snowboarding with Alex, who lands in danger after he acts like a daredevil. read more

Pups Save Christmas Season 1, Episode 30

Santa's sleigh has a mishap and the reindeer disperse, so the Paw Patrol help Santa with deliveries on Christmas Eve. read more

Pups Fall Festival Season 1, Episode 29

The gang pick fruit quickly before an early snowstorm arrives. read more

Pups Make a Splash Season 1, Episode 28

Cap'n Turbot's boat may sink without help from Paw Patrol. read more

Circus Pup Formers Season 1, Episode 27

The circus animals are late, so Ryder and the pups try to save the show. read more

Pups Save a Pool Day Season 1, Episode 26

The pups go to a water park on a humid day and find the pool drained. read more

Pups Turn on the Lights Season 1, Episode 25

The lights go out just as the gang is getting ready for Chase's surprise party. read more

Pups Save a School Day Season 1, Episode 24

The gang search for a missing backpack under a tight deadline. read more

Pups and the Ghost Pirate Season 1, Episode 23

A Halloween party is held on an old ship, which a ghost captain mysteriously leads out to sea. read more

Pups Save Alex Season 1, Episode 22

Alex wants to join the gang, so he tags along with them on a mission. read more

Pups Save a Hoedown Season 1, Episode 21

A heard of cows break loose from a train. read more

Pups Get a Lift Season 1, Episode 20

A fun day on Jake's mountain for Katie and her cat turns a little bit scary when they get stuck in a ski lift, but lucky for them, Ryder and the Paw Patrol are coming to their rescue. read more

Pups Save the Treats Season 1, Episode 19

The gang try to save a van that's sliding on ice. read more

Pups Save a Walrus Season 1, Episode 18

A walrus gets trapped in an old fishing net and needs to be freed. read more

Pups Get a Rubble Season 1, Episode 17

Rubble's first day with the gang is recalled. read more

Pups Save a Goodway Season 1, Episode 16

A popular statue must be saved after it falls into the bottom of the bay. read more

Pups Save the Bay Season 1, Episode 15

The gang clean up an oil spill near Adventure Bay. read more

Puptacular Season 1, Episode 14

Katie enters one of the pups in a grooming contest. read more

Pups Save the Bunnies Season 1, Episode 13

A farmer's carrots vanish. read more

Pups Fight Fire Season 1, Episode 12

Marshall puts out a beach fire while he's in the middle of a race. read more

Pups Pit Crew Season 1, Episode 11

Alex needs to be rescued after his new tricycle gets him in a dangerous situation. read more

Pup Pup and Away Season 1, Episode 10

Mayor Goodway accidentally goes aloft in a hot-air balloon, necessitating a rescue. read more

Pup Pup Goose Season 1, Episode 9

Marshal befriends a gosling and names it Fuzzy. read more

Pup a Doodle Do Season 1, Episode 8

Mayor Goodway's chicken goes missing. read more

Pups Save the Circus Season 1, Episode 7

A baby elephant escapes from a circus train. read more

Pup and the Very Big Baby Season 1, Episode 6

A young beached whale needs to be reunited with its mom. read more

Pups Save the Sea Turtles Season 1, Episode 5

Ryder, Chase and Rubble help baby sea turtles cross a road to get to the beach. read more

Pups in a Fog Season 1, Episode 4

Ryder and the Patrol race against the clock to repair a lighthouse. read more

Pup Pup Boogie Season 1, Episode 3

The PAW Patrol must fix tracks and remove a railroad car at the station before the next train comes through. read more

Pups Save a Train Season 1, Episode 2

The pups save a doomed train. read more

Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe Season 1, Episode 1

A tech-savvy boy and a group of rescue pups work together to protect their community. In the series premiere, they save a lost kitty. read more

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Premiered: August 12, 2013, on Nickelodeon
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Premise: A tech-savvy boy and a group of rescue pups work together to protect their community.



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