Sixth Sense
A worried mother calls PRS to help her son Matthew, a boy who sees dead people. Matthew's story strikes a chord with Ryan - who also experienced para (more…)
Death Room
PRS arrives in Ryan's hometown to help the new owner of an old southern plantation unearth its dark history. A painful family secret reveals a tale of (more…)
Southern Discomfort At Sweetwater Mansion
PRS heads to the Deep South to investigate a haunted Antebellum Mansion in disrepair. The caretaker and volunteers at the property have many a tale to (more…)
Ghosts on the Tracks
PRS is called to a New Jersey beauty salon, but they soon learn that the building's proximity to deadly train tracks might be the true cause of spirit (more…)
Desperate Households
17:15 — When Julie and her family moved into their dream home in suburban New Jersey they quickly realized they were not alone. After Ryan and PRS corroborate (more…)
Laws of Attraction
12:48 — When Paula's young autistic son Michael, with limited verbal skills uttered the words "Go away scary dead boy" -- it sent a chill up her spine. The te (more…)
Dead Legends
Guests have been fleeing the famed Hotel Conneaut in northern Pennsylvania amid reports of paranormal activity. Heavy doors opening on their own, sigh (more…)
04:50 — A young woman named Kristy in Allentown, Pennsylvania has been haunted in her own bedroom since she can remember. She's felt freezing air at the foot (more…)
Freshman Fear
A young female student claims to see a ghost in her dorm room. But is she simply responding to the anxiety of college life? Ryan scours through urb (more…)
The Fury
02:22 — Kathy, her two daughters and her new husband, "Farmer" thought they had the perfect, quiet life deep in the mountains of West Virginia. But recently, (more…)
Season 4: Paranormal State: Season 4 Trailer
00:15 — Catch the season 4 premiere of Paranormal State, Tuesday, Dec. 15th at 10p/9c on A&E. A&E continues to chronicle the case files of the Paranormal Res (more…)
The Possession: Return Of Six Trailer
01:37 — Debbie lives in terror in her Kentucky home following an encounter with a half-human figure bearing rams' horns. When PRS learns the same figure appea (more…)
The Sensitive
22:00 — PRS investigates a teenage girl who is being haunted by black mists and showing signs of possible demonic influence. Ryan questions whether it's posse (more…)
I Am Six Trailer
01:21 — Laura has felt oppressed by a violent spirit every since she heard a chilling EVP in the fall of 2007. The 26-year-old claims she's been beaten, choke (more…)
Church Of The Damned Trailer
01:37 — Jason and his family can no longer do renovations of an abandoned Kansas church, especially after they found their father in the basement crying and f (more…)
Hell's Gate Trailer
01:02 — Ever since Wes and his family moved into their new home in York, PA they've been struggling with a dark force that's made everyday a living hell. Wes (more…)
Devil's Nest Trailer
01:07 — Patrick, his wife Margaret and their kids are living in terror since they moved into a cabin in southern Virginia. Patrick fears the scratches on his (more…)
Season 5: Paranormal State: Season 5 Trailer
00:25 — Ryan Buell founded the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) to help understand the inexplicable activities that haunted him as a child. One of the most r (more…)
Laws of Attractions
21:40 — When Paula's young autistic son Michael, with limited verbal skills uttered the words "Go away scary dead boy" -- it sent a chill up her spine. The te (more…)
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  • Premiered: December 10, 2007
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Members of Penn State's Paranormal Research Society investigate reports of paranormal phenomena. (more)

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