Pair of Kings Episodes

2010, TV Show

Pair of Kings Season 1 episodes

Pair of Prom Kings Season 1, Episode 21

Boomer and Brady attend their high-school prom in Chicago to flaunt their royal status, but some tarantula stowaways follow along and morph into Tarantula People who threaten to destroy the school. read more

Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew Season 1, Episode 20

Boomer tries to learn if he or Brady was born first and his question takes him on a journey inside a volcano to meet its oracle. read more

The Trouble With Doubles Season 1, Episode 19

Boomer and Brady clone themselves and send their doubles to a peace summit while they go surfing, but their twins plot to overthrow them. read more

Fight School Season 1, Episode 18

The kings enroll in a fight school and test their skills against warrior Atog the Giant. read more

Tone Deaf Jam Season 1, Episode 17

Tone-deaf Boomer plans to sing at an island harvest festival, and Brady's plan to save him from humiliation backfires. read more

The Kings Beneath My Wings Season 1, Episode 16

The kings try to boost their approval rating by conducting a "King for a Day" contest that allows the winner to shadow them for a day. read more

The King and Eyes Season 1, Episode 15

Boomer and Brady duel for the right to court a princess from a rival island nation, but they're shocked to learn that she has a third eye. read more

Brady Battles Boo-Mer Season 1, Episode 14

Brady believes the castle is haunted and sets out to prove it. Meanwhile, the ghost of a Viking warrior possesses Boomer's body and takes over the castle. read more

The Bite Stuff Season 1, Episode 13

Brady is bitten by a dangerous bug, which gives him a pumpkin head and amnesia; Brady's aunt and uncle, who live in Chicago, visit the island and insist that he and Boomer return home with them. read more

Pair of Jokers Season 1, Episode 12

Boomer and Brady play practical jokes on the islanders to teach them the concept, but their plan backfires. read more

No Kings Allowed Season 1, Episode 11

Brady and Boomer attempt to join a prank-pulling club and must steal Lanny's beloved pet fish as an initiation. read more

Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou? Season 1, Episode 10

A pirate gives Boomer and Brady a riddle to solve that supposedly will lead them to a magical coin. But the puzzle is actually a trap to ensnare the brothers so the pirate can steal the royal treasure. read more

Revenge of the Mummy Season 1, Episode 9

Brady and Boomer try to recover a lost medallion that is sacred to the island, but Brady is kidnapped by the Tarantula people. Meanwhile, Lanny embarrasses Mason by showing an old workout video that features him in it. read more

Junga Ball Season 1, Episode 8

Brady and Boomer team up to co-captain an island sports team, but their competitive natures get in the way of winning a tournament for their teammates. read more

The Brady Hunch Season 1, Episode 7

Boomer becomes friends with a member of the Flaji clan, but Brady believes they are cannibals so he tries to infiltrate the clan to save his brother. read more

Big Kings on Campus Season 1, Episode 6

Brady is jealous of Mikayla's adventure-loving friend Tristan, so he tries to impress her with his own daring qualities. read more

Where the Wild Kings Are Season 1, Episode 5

The guys make a pet out of a wild animal they discover in the jungle, but they soon learn that the cute critter transforms into a towering beast when it's angered. read more

A Mermaid's Tail Season 1, Episode 4

Five mermaids trick Boomer and Brady into granting them legs, but once they get their wish the beautiful girls lock the kings out of their own castle. read more

Beach Bully Bingo Season 1, Episode 3

Brady and Boomer take surfing lessons in order to participate in a surfing competition. read more

Return of the Kings Season 1, Episode 2

Conclusion. Twin brothers become kings of their own island nation. But during the coronation ceremony they accidentally destroy a sacred ruby, which causes a nearby volcano to erupt. read more

Return of the Kings Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Fraternal twin brothers from Chicago discover their royal legacy and move to the island of Kinkow, where they are crowned kings. read more

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Premiered: September 10, 2010, on DisneyXD
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: Fraternal twin brothers from Chicago become kings of their own island nation.


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