Wed May 6 1:30am
Heebo-Skeebo(Season 1, Episode 9) DISXD

Kingpin Obtuse tries to steal Pac's power berries.

Thu May 7 1:30am
Mission ImPacaqble!(Season 1, Episode 10) DISXD

Betrayus controls Pac with a microchip, but Pac's pals help him infiltrate the Netherworld to retrieve the remote controller.

Fri May 8 1:30am
Nobody Knows(Season 1, Episode 11) DISXD

Lord Betrayus steals the Repository of the ghosts' corporeal bodies.

Sat May 9 1:30am
Seems Like Old Times(Season 1, Episode 12) DISXD

Sir Cumference tries to prove that he is still a freedom fighter and not just an old scientist.