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Latest Episode: Scott's 1963 Cadillac El Dorado

Dec 02, 2014 Season 9 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

As a member of the LAPD Scott is always looking out for his community. However he hasn't been able to give his '63 Cadillac the same attention. When Chip and his team get a hold of this busted boat and do their magic, the El Dorado will be golden again.

Solider's Ride

Dec 21, 2004 Season 2 Episode 15

Frankie Jr. was a soldier in the Iraq war. He came home and started a father/son project with his dad, Frank Sr.: rebuilding a 1966 Chevelle. But after Dad and Mom Alma contacted Overhaulin', it quickly became a secret team project.
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College Girl's Camero

Dec 16, 2004 Season 2 Episode 14

Chip Foose and his team tricks out a '70 Camaro. Nicole is a spunky freshman at a community college trying to scrape together the cash to fix up her '70 Camaro. She gets a lot of grief for her clunker but she paid for it herself!
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52 Pickup

Dec 14, 2004 Season 2 Episode 13

John has had his classic 1952 GMC truck for a long time. He always wanting to fix it up but never having the time or the money for a rebuild. That all changed after his family got hold of Overhaulin' and set Chip Foose loose on the pick-up.
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SEMA Gambler

Nov 30, 2004 Season 2 Episode 12

At the SEMA convention, the Superbowl of auto parts and accessories, the Overhaulin' crew transforms a 1970 Mustang for a local Vegas man. When he sees his car later, he will be in for the shock of his life.
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Coolest Cars

Nov 30, 2004 Season 2 Episode 11

Overhaulin' has a reunion with six of its favorite machines. The owners race their rides and take us back to the moments when they were fooled, confused and told they had been totally Overhauled.
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Twins Bel Air

Oct 12, 2004 Season 2 Episode 10

Glenn and his twins are car crazy. He has a beaten 1962 Chevy Bel Air that he adores. He hands it over to Overhaulin' thanks to a prank played by Hot Rod Magazine publisher. After a week with the the team, Glenn is happy with his Chevy's new look.
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Lance Armstrong/Sheryl Crow

Sep 28, 2004 Season 2 Episode 9

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong received a personal gift after he won his sixth Tour de France; a GTO that he's always wanted. But after the Overhaulin guys worked on it, the GTO was taken to a new level of cool -- a world class GTO.
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Challenging Dodge

Sep 21, 2004 Season 2 Episode 8

James received his 1971 Dodge Challenger from his dad, as a graduation present years ago. James' wife Stephanie knows that James wants the car to be a slick, sleek, raging muscle car. She contacted Overhaulin' and put together the A-Team with Chip Foose.
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Blue Bird

Aug 29, 2004 Season 2 Episode 7

Travis is a young guy who wants to be a cop. He also wants to have a top custom of a '63 Ford Falcon; instead, he has his old and dying variation on that theme. But the A-Team of Chip Foose and the others are going grant Travis' wish and let him play cop
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Dude, Where's My Skylark?

Aug 10, 2004 Season 2 Episode 5

Rick loves his 1967 Buick Skylark. It was given to him by his older brother, Robert, an Iraqi war veteran who is our key Overhaulin' insider. Robert works it so the team can grab the car and get right to work.
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Monte Fuego

Aug 05, 2004 Season 2 Episode 4

After waiting more than 30 years, Rayce inherited his 1970 Monte Carlo from his dad, who bought the 8-cylinder muscle car new. Rayce has so many fond memories of the car. It has become a family heirloom and he plans to pass it down to his son, Rayce Jr.
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4-4 New

Aug 03, 2004 Season 2 Episode 3

Chris is in for the surprise of his life! His neighbor Scott has asked the A-team to overhaul Chris's favorite and beloved 1968 Oldsmobile that he has had for over 24 years.
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Cherry Nova

Jul 20, 2004 Season 2 Episode 2

Katy is a young salesclerk who loves her dying '67 Nova. Katy thinks her car's been towed while the A-Team works her clunker into a vehicle of beauty.
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Moving Day

Jul 13, 2004 Season 2 Episode 1

Connie and Pete are both stunned when brought to Overhaulin' to see what awaits them. '64 Corvette owner Connie Eastman has stored her prize Chevy away for years, but when The A-Team swipes it while she is at work, surprises for the couple get underway..
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