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What's Next For Nintendo? - In 2 Minutes
03:27 — Industry analysts are weighing in on who will be Satoru Iwata's successor at Nintendo, and it doesn't look like Miyamoto is the favourite any more. He (more…)
Dark Souls 3, Tomb Raider, & the Rest of Microsoft's Gamescom Briefing - In 2 Minutes
02:58 — Want all the hot news on Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Crackdown 3, but don't want to watch a 90-minute press conference? Chris Watters has you cover (more…)
How To Be An Awesome Co-Op Companion - The Gist
03:31 — We cover off on three things you can keep in mind to help you get the most out of cooperative gaming! What are your tips? Visit all of our channels: (more…)
Are Game Delays Good Or Bad For Gamers? - The Gist
05:38 — Game delays are becoming more and more frequent, but are they helping or hurting gamers? Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - http://www.y (more…)
Dragon Age 101 - In 2 Minutes
03:46 — Join Lucy as she takes you on a meet and greet tour of Thedas to get you ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Visit all of our channels: Features & Rev (more…)
DLC We All Want - In 2 Minutes
03:31 — Lucy and Seb make their DLC demands for Far Cry 4, The Last of Us, the new Mass Effect, and GTA V in two minutes. There's probably a good reason they (more…)
Captain America and the Throwable Shield - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week
23:00 — Captain America becomes Captain Skyrim, throwing his shield into the face of injustice! Also the faces of trolls, bandits and exploding chickens. Also (more…)
Games That Refuse To Grow Up And Why That’s OK - The Gist
05:23 — Jess covers off on some awesome nostalgia-inspired games that are refusing to compromise for the support of big publishers. Visit all of our channels (more…)
In 2 Minutes - Every Call of Duty Story
04:01 — Join Lucy James as she bravely attempts to summarise every Call of Duty story since Modern Warfare In 2 Minutes
Why Release Date Hype Is Bad For Gamers - The Gist
05:25 — Release dates have become notoriously unreliable, hyping people up for a product that doesn’t exist yet. Are we better off without them?
Best and Worst Hacking In Games - Reality Check
07:25 — Cam enlists hacking expert Chris Boyd once more for an investigation into the best (and worst) hacking video games have to offer. Visit all of our ch (more…)
Watch Dogs & Misleading Game Trailers - The Point
04:29 — Danny explores why early video game trailers are so often misleading. Also he closes a car door and everyone on the internet goes crazy. Features & R (more…)
4 Remakes Worth Your Time in 2015 - The Gist
04:33 — Whether or not you’re usually inclined to pick up a remake or remastered game, here are four incredible-looking ones coming your way this year. Vis (more…)
The Gist - 4 Reasons Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Isn't Another Mindless Shooter
04:19 — Jess covers off on what makes Wolfenstein: The New Order more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Call of Duty-esque shooter. Visit all of our chan (more…)
Why Do We Watch Twitch? - Reality Check
07:24 — Reality Check delves into the psychology behind why 55 million people log on to Twitch every month to watch other people play League of Legends and He (more…)
5 Broken Games That Launched Anyway - The Gist
05:35 — Major games have been launching with massive technical issues lately, so we’re taking a look back at some of gaming’s most broken games. Visit al (more…)
4 Gaming Easter Eggs Better Than Battlefield’s Giant Shark - The Gist
04:39 — We show you some of the greatest gaming Easter eggs from the past and present! Because it’s Easter! Did your favorite make the cut? Features & Revi (more…)
Real Tesla vs. Fictional Tesla in The Order: 1886 - Reality Check
04:42 — Cam goes back in time to investigate Nikola Tesla and how the real man's inventions compare to those of his fictional namesake in The Order: 1886. Vi (more…)
The 6 Toughest Gaming Goodbyes In 2 Minutes
04:28 — While saying goodbye to Seb and Cam, Lucy recalls some of the most heart-wrenching gaming goodbyes. Caution, spoilers! Visit all of our channels: Fea (more…)
The Point: Will Fallout 4 be at E3?
07:15 — With the rumor mill spinning into overdrive, Danny looks at the evidence pointing towards a Fallout 4 announcement at E3 this year. Also he eats some (more…)
Everything You Need To Know About The Order: 1886 - In 2 Minutes
04:30 — Lucy and Seb celebrate the finest facial hair in gaming, while getting you up to speed on Ready At Dawn's The Order: 1886 in two minutes.
Decapitating Christmas Part 2 - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week
33:31 — Cam and Seb continue their Christmas adventure with Kevin VanGrinch, as he hops back on Rudolph to cover Skyrim in deep snow. But will Kevin's childre (more…)
Give Me Money For No Reason - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week
31:48 — Kevin VanNord meets Beth the wealthy beggar in his shiny new armor! Meanwhile Cam and Seb divulge some news that will shake the fabric of Top 5 Skyrim (more…)
4 Things You Need To Know About Mario Kart 8 - The Gist
03:54 — From speed-boost collisions to brand new items, Jess covers you off on all the good stuff you need to know about if you're thinking about picking up M (more…)
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