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2008, TV Show

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Jan 22, 2014 Season 12 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

A run-of-the-mill repo takes a disastrous legal turn for Sonia, and the owner of an expensive hovercraft gets snooty with Matt and Froy.

The Final Shot

Sep 14, 2011 Season 8 Episode 26

On this no-holds-barred season finale, Matt and Lou have their final confrontation and the team loses a member.
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The Rift

Aug 31, 2011 Season 8 Episode 25

A new rift between Matt and the rest of the crew puts the fate of the team in question.
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Getting the Axe

Aug 24, 2011 Season 8 Episode 24

Tensions between Lou and Matt continue to boil when Matt enlists his daughter's aid on another job.
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Burning Up

Aug 17, 2011 Season 8 Episode 23

Lou's new business relationship with Matt starts to unravel when a botched job puts a serious strain on the company.
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A Blow to the Head

Aug 10, 2011 Season 8 Episode 22

When Froy is seriously injured on a routine repo, the building confrontation between Lou and Matt continues to escalate.
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New Truck Day

Aug 03, 2011 Season 8 Episode 21

The repo team's new truck finally arrives, and with it, a new chapter in the building feud between Team Lou and Team Matt.
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15 Minutes of Fame

Jul 27, 2011 Season 8 Episode 20

The confusion over Lou's new business relationship with Matt continues to mount.
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Hard Turns Ahead

Jul 20, 2011 Season 8 Episode 19

Armed with the belief that he is now co-owner of the business, Matt starts making some big business calls - is this the beginning of a new chapter for the team, or the beginning of its undoing?
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The Junior Partner

Jul 20, 2011 Season 8 Episode 18

Now that Lou has accepted Matt's offer to buy into the company, the team is back in action, but there are still some unanswered questions.
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The Dismantlers

Jul 13, 2011 Season 8 Episode 17

The destruction of the repo team's truck has left the future of the company in the balance, but Matt's got a trick up his sleeve that might keep them afloat.
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The Crush

Jun 22, 2011 Season 8 Episode 16

On this special episode of Operation Repo, Lou faces the toughest loss of his career.
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Family Matter

Jun 15, 2011 Season 8 Episode 15

After recovering their stolen truck, the reunited repo team is on pins and needles to hold their shaky alliance together.
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All Tied Up

Jun 08, 2011 Season 8 Episode 14

The repo team is back! On the premiere episode of the summer season of Operation Repo, Lou, Matt, Sonia, Froy, and Lyndah are back together and better than ever...although a secret meeting suggests trouble in paradise.
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The Final Showdown

Apr 27, 2011 Season 8 Episode 13

After Froy bails him out from a Tijuana prison, Matt is on the warpath, and somebody needs to pay. Is this just the end of their business, or is it also the end of their friendship?
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El Prisionero

Apr 20, 2011 Season 8 Episode 12

Lou has some trouble on a job with his cousin Rob when a debtor makes some shocking claims to the police about the newest member of the Pizarro clan.
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Lyndah's Revenge

Apr 13, 2011 Season 8 Episode 11

First, Matt and Froy continue their risky run in Tijuana, confronting a strip club owner who keeps a tight grip on his vehicle... and his employees.
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Tijuana Surprise

Apr 06, 2011 Season 8 Episode 10

First, Matt and Froy's business hits another snag when a gang of bat-wielding partiers keeps them away from a car... and a paycheck.
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Episode 809

Mar 30, 2011 Season 8 Episode 9

First, Matt and Froy's company hits another snag when what should be a normal repo puts them right in the middle of a shady trafficking operation.
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Episode 808

Mar 23, 2011 Season 8 Episode 8

First, Lou and Sonia head to the warehouse district to repossess a really nice car from a really not-nice heiress.
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Episode 807

Mar 09, 2011 Season 8 Episode 7

First, Lou and Sonia confront a debtor with a crippling aversion to germs, and a way with a baseball bat. Then, Matt and Froy head off on their first job as self-employed repossessors to reclaim a high end sedan from a pair of uptight socialites.
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Episode 806

Mar 02, 2011 Season 8 Episode 6

In this very special episode of Operation Repo, it's the 36 hours that change everything. When Matt, Froy, and Lyndah go on a routine repo gone violently wrong, the bonds that connect the Pizarro family may be torn apart forever.
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Episode 805

Feb 23, 2011 Season 8 Episode 5

First, Matt and Froy get the worst service ever from a street-side coffee vendor who won't give up his truck. Then, Froy and Lyndah confront a failed actor who has abandoned his dream and his responsibility for his car payments.
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Episode 804

Feb 16, 2011 Season 8 Episode 4

First, Sonia and Matt have an unpleasant confrontation with a group of skateboarding ruffians who don't want to give up their car. Then, Froy and Sonia try to take a vehicle from the world's most volatile couple.
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Episode 803

Feb 09, 2011 Season 8 Episode 3

First, it's time for revenge when Lou, Matt, and Froy comeback for the baseball bus that got away - and this time, they've got a foolproof plan. Then, Lou, Matt, and Froy head to a late-night construction site to repossess an enormous crane.
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Episode 802

Feb 02, 2011 Season 8 Episode 2

First, Froy and Sonia try to repossess a high-end Corvette from a high-strung librarian. Then, it's some serious sibling rivalry when Matt and Froy come to take a van away from a pair of housepainter brothers.
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Episode 801

Jan 26, 2011 Season 8 Episode 1

First, Lou and Sonia get back on the job and jump into the deep end with an enraged Scot who won't give up his Mini Cooper.
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