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One Tree Hill Episode: "We Change, We Wait"

Season 6, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Lucas and Julian have problems selecting a director for their film. Elsewhere, Peyton is unsure of how she feels about a present Lucas gave her, and Brooke faces romantic troubles.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2009
Guest Cast James Van Der Beek: Dixon
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Season 6, Episode 15
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Length: 43:00
Aired: 1/19/2009
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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "We Change, We Wait" Season 6, Episode 15

In this week's One Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian grew closer, Mia and Chase couldn't keep their hands off of each other, Nathan learned to wait for his time to come and Lucas finally gave Peyton a ring — just not the one she wanted.

Nathan's new team, the Charleston Chiefs, is on quite the losing streak. He's been benched, playing second fiddle to showboat Nevon Fox. The team is down by only one point with 10 seconds to go, but in a failed play, Fox shoots an air ball and they lose the game. But instead of being upset about it, Fox is still rubbing his other stats in Nate's face. "You do realize we lost," Nathan says. "No you lost, I had 32 points." To Nevon, as long as he had a high scoring game, he was good as gold to be recruited into the NBA. Nathan, on the other hand, explained to his bummed out son Jamie that you win as a team and you lose as a team, so it doesn't matter how Nevon did or how little Nathan played in the game. But it still bothers him, so Nathan talks to his coach about his lack of playing time. He's told that he still needs to learn the position, and he'll have to wait his turn. Back at home Nate tells Haley to stop bringing Jamie to games for awhile, but she tells him that it's important that their son see him not give up. For a couple of twentysomethings, they sure are wise.

Lucas and Julian are still on the search for a director. They've met six, none of which are right for the task. And while Julian's work life may not be smooth sailing, at least his love life is. He and Brooke are making out on the couch when he suggests they take it to the bedroom, sans clothing. Brooke is hesitant, though, as she doesn't want to be a hypocrite to Sam. Too late for that. She walks in the door to find them doing their thing. Later, Brooke excitedly gives Julian his very own letterman jacket, but her enthusiasm soon wears off when Peyton stops by and immediately figures out that the two are hooking up. At first Brooke is hesitant to tell the truth, but Peyton gives her the go-ahead, just not without warning. Peyton tells Brooke about how he broke up with her and immediately slept with someone else. "The second this movie is over, he'll be off on another with some new conquest," Peyton so bluntly puts it.

Lucas finally gets a ring for Peyton, except it's not the one she had hoped for. He buys an extravagant diamond (a rock to be exact), and proposes in a pretty romantic way. He takes Peyton for a drive and pulls over at "their spot," the place they first met when her car broke down. They reenact her harshly telling him, "You don't know me," and then he tells her, "I did, I always knew you." Lucas always has the perfect thing to say. She cries as he gives her the ring. So where did he go wrong? Peyton had always hoped for Keith's ring, but Lucas was scared to give her the one that he gave Lindsay. Finally, she tells him how she feels, and he pulls out the old ring and places it on her finger. It's a happy ending for the meantime.

Meanwhile, Julian's dad is in town to force him and Lucas to pick their director. But that's not all the talking he does. Paul also informs Peyton that letting her get away easily tops the list of mistakes Julian has made. He also admits to planting the Sundance/"sleeping with an actress" story. Suddenly Peyton realizes that he may not be the bad guy after all. She immediately tells Brooke, who has already given him the cold shoulder and pretty much ended their "having fun" relationship.

Speaking of relationships, the one forming between Chase and Mia is nothing short of adorable. The two are clearly smitten, and it's nice to see both recurring guest stars appear more often.

Lucas and Scott are still director-less when Dixon (James van der Beek) shows up in Tree Hill. And he makes quite the entrance. "Lucas Scott, you son of a bitch." He knows that he has a bad rep, but explains to them, "I didn't fly all the way out here just so I could nail some flight attendant on the plane. Even though I did that." The guy certainly has a way with words. The best one? "Bottom line, the three of us are gonna get more ass than a toilet seat in Yankee Stadium." Lucas, reeling off of a pep talk from Brooke, tells him that he wants a director who can recreate the feeling he gets every time he steps on the court, understands how one song can instantly change Peyton's mood, or how there are two sides to Brooke, both of which are amazing. "I want a director who can make the little things the big things," Lucas says, "and you are just not the guy to do that." Ouch. Too bad Dixon can't take no for an answer because he uses those same lines on Paul later on to score himself the gig.

Nathan eventually gets his vindication on the court. He tried to give Nevon tips for the opposing team, but the man didn't listen. In another close game, the coach tells his team to make a play with someone other than Nevon making the final shot. He snaps back that either he gets the ball or takes a seat. Not expecting the latter to be the choice, the coach tells Nathan to replace him in the game. Of course having memorized the play, Nathan makes the perfect assist and his team wins the game. Afterwards, Dan, who seems to have really turned over a new leaf as he waits for a new heart, tells Nathan that even though he had no points and no rebounds, he had the best stat of the night. "I knew you'd make it, and I know I don't get to be a part of it but I am so proud of you, son." Who is this new and improved Dan Scott?

At the end of the episode, Julian shows up to Brooke's place to give her back the jacket, but as a way of symbolizing that they'd now be going steady. Julian says to her, "When I first got here, everyone thought I came for a girl, the girl in the book. But I came to make a movie. Turns out everyone was right, I am here for the girl in the book. The other girl." Aww. I know he could be trouble, but this time around, Julian seemed sincere. 

What do you think of our new couples, "Brulian" and "Chia?" And when will Lucas's movie finally start shooting? Comment away!

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In this week's One Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian grew closer, Mia and Chase couldn't keep their hands off of each other, Nathan learned to wait for his time to come and Lucas finally gave Peyton a ring — just not the one she wanted. read more

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