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One Tree Hill Episode: "You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight"

Season 6, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Peyton gets unexpected news about her pregnancy, and Dan and Deb babysit Jamie as Nathan and Haley celebrate their anniversary. Elsewhere, Brooke and Julian reach a turning point while Mouth and Millie try to repair the damage done to their relationship.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2009

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Season 6, Episode 17
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Aired: 3/16/2009
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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight" Season 6, Episode 17

One Tree Hill took one long hiatus, but it's finally back with an episode full of little vignettes. Some are shocking, some are saddening and, fortunately, some are sweet.  

"The Surprise"

As Lucas is about to show Peyton a little surprise he has in store for her, she falls to the ground in pain. A trip to the doctor reveals that something is seriously wrong, but what exactly, we haven't learned. Peyton insists she see what Lucas was about to show her, and, of course, it's a nursery that couldn't be more perfect. She starts to cry and tells him that she's going to have the baby no matter what, even if it means risking her own life. The two argue as Peyton refuses to accept the option of terminating the pregnancy and starts describing a life with Lucas and the baby, without her in it. "Maybe fate has led us up to this moment," she says. Lucas responds, saying that he can't accept that their story may not have a happy ending.

"The Long Goodbye"

Millicent has returned to pick up the rest of her belongings and a set-up by Skillz leaves her face-to-face with her former love. She tells Mouth that she's leaving Tree Hill forever, but Mouth realizes that he doesn't want to lose her. He apologizes for driving her away and tries to make Millie understand that she didn't screw everything up — he did. She agrees they should start over but while she wants to do this eventually with someone else, he wants them to start a new version of what they already have. He misses her and lists the reasons why, but in the end, she tells him that she can't forgive herself if she sees him everyday. So, she leaves.

"The Seven Year Itch"

Can you believe it's already Nathan and Haley's seven-year anniversary? During a candlelit dinner in a vacant house in Charleston, Haley admits that she hasn't been working due to her suspension at school. But it's gotten her thinking: What if she and Jamie were to join Nathan in Charleston? "I don't want to leave forever, but you never said we'd stay forever," she says to Nathan about Tree Hill. And while at first the idea seems crazy, it gets Nathan thinking that he doesn't want to hold Haley back and perhaps she should consider following her dreams as he's following his. He wants her to get back on the road with her music and take Jamie along with her.

"The Deleted Scene"

Julian does something so horrid in bed that Brooke can't even manage to look at him. So what crime of passion has he committed? None other than saying those three little words. Yep, Julian has said "I love you," and it freaks Brooke out beyond belief. He tries to find out why she's so afraid to say it back, and he learns that the last time she was in love, she was left with a broken heart thanks to Lucas Scott. Julian tells her that you choose whether or not you open your heart to love, and he gives her another chance to reciprocate her feelings. But she can't do it. While Brooke wonders if they can get over this, Julian admits it was a little too much too soon. So, he will make it a deleted scene, Brooke will get ready for dinner and they'll pretend it never happened.

"The Cold War"

Did we ever think we'd witness Deb and Dan harmoniously coexisting? Not so fast. Nanny Deb is playing babysitter to Jamie, who's invited his Grandpa Dan to join. When he puts him to bed, he tells Jamie a story about when Nathan was little. Jamie asks why Dan and Deb are no longer married and if his mom and dad will stay married. Dan tells him, "If there's on thing I know, it's that your mom and dad will make it all the way to the finish line." Deb looks through an old album and starts reminiscing with Dan. But it's not before long that the subject of Keith comes up, leading the two into a heated battle — the kind we're used to seeing them involved in. Dan tells Deb that in a single moment of hatred, he made the biggest mistake of his life but that he made it because he thought Keith had tried to kill him when in fact, it was Deb.  He also brings up how Deb cheated on him with his own brother. "I pulled the trigger but you loaded the gun," he tells her cold-heartedly. Deb yells back that she hates him for killing Keith and for the guilt that she feels. And as she tells him to get the hell out, Jamie comes in with the beeper buzzing. "Grandpa, it's time for you to get better," he says.  

The episode comes full circle and we learn that Haley and Jamie are going to move to Charleston, Millie is driving back to New York in tears, Mouth finds the glasses she's left behind, and Julian pretends he's on the phone so that he has an excuse to leave Brooke. He tells her he'll see her tomorrow but we know, just as Brooke knows, that tomorrow will never be the same. And then there's Lucas and Peyton. They're left huddling together, scared about the decision they're making to keep the baby while perhaps risking her life in the process.

So what did you think of One Tree Hill's return episode? Comment away.

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One Tree Hill took one long hiatus, but it's finally back with an episode full of little vignettes. Some are shocking, some are saddening and, fortunately, some are sweet.   read more

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