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One Tree Hill Episode: "You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)"

Season 6, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Lucas travels to Hollywood to meet the director of his film, and Julian asks Brooke to do some costume designing for his movie. Elsewhere, Nathan has a pro-basketball tryout; Peyton pushes Mia to work on her second album; and Jamie is hesitant about going to his school talent show.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2008
Guest Cast James Van Der Beek: Dixon
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Season 6, Episode 12
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Length: 42:29
Aired: 11/24/2008
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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)" Season 6, Episode 12

This week was the episode we've all been waiting for. Much more was revealed than expected and with the show going on a break until January 5th we were left with many a cliff hanger in true Tree Hill fashion.

What started out as an innocent new friendship turned frightening by the end. When Sam was a no-show at the breakfast table, Brooke went looking for her and shockingly found her sneaking a boy out of her window. Sam tries to make a joke of it by saying, "Well I thought it was about time a guy stayed here" but then admits that nothing happened. "Dude, I'm like 15." Brooke then admits to Sam that she was attacked which is why she's been frigid, especially with men. She's angry and trying to let it all go. "I like talking to you," Sam tells her.

Nathan has decided to give his basketball dream one last shot. Before he leaves for try-outs Jamie tells him, "Daddy, all you can do is your best okay?" But when Nathan shows up to the combine he's told that it's invitation only and will have to leave. Luckily at the last minute the coach comes out and says, "He's with us" and Nathan finally has his chance to prove everyone wrong. Turns out he does. Despite being taunted in the locker room for having a shoe contract yet trying out for the B leagues, he dominates all of the physical fitness tests. He even takes the biggest risk of all by trying out as a point guard and not a shooting guard. At 6'2" Nathan is too small to be the "2" guard but in a flashback we learn that Quentin pushed him to switch positions in order to give him his best shot at making it in the pro's. Don't you love how they've managed to keep bringing Q back?

After seeing Mouth and Gigi hug in the parking lot, Millicent is furious. She explains to Brooke what she saw but B tried to tell her that it doesn't mean anything and Mouth wouldn't fall for that. But would he? Gigi is still tempting him, this time saying, "You ever think about having sex on the news desk?" She then invites him to her going away party and instead of declining the invitation he tells her that he'll just have 1 drink. Well several drinks later Mouth finally leaves but soon after he receives a naughty picture text from his admirer. And of course he doesn't erase it and Millicent finds it.

Julian is still giving Lucas a hard time yet wants his movie to go well. He sends him out to LA to meet with a director who turns out to be a crazy, coke-snorting James Van der Beek. He loves the script but comes up with some alternate ideas for Lucas to think about. What if Haley died? What if Lucas and Haley get married? When Lucas opposes to this idea, the director (did anyone catch a name?) tells asks him, "Who's going to see this movie? The same little bitches who went to see Titanic." This may have been a director played by James Van der Beek but he was no Dawson Leery.

So something is up with Peyton and it's not looking good. At first I thought for sure she was pregnant but it seems it much more serious than that. Without coming out and saying it, we learned that Peyton, like her mother, has cancer.

The most shocking revelations of the night involved Sam. While hanging out with her friend he questions why she's even living with Brooke when she trashed her after being caught shoplifting. He then says to her, "You called her a rich bitch and said someone should make her pay for it." It all becomes clear and Sam realizes that he was the one who attacked her. She immediately goes home and tells Brooke that she said terrible things after she got caught shoplifting. Brooke doesn't understand what's going on until Sam gives back her designs that were taken. "The attack, it was my fault," Sam cries. She then runs away and by the time Brooke thinks to run after her it's too late. Brooke turns to Owen for her help who doesn't seem to know what to say. "She's a teenager, she's not even your teenager." This pisses Brooke off. Julian is also there and of no help when he tells her it's not his problem. But turns out it's all an act and maybe he is a good guy after all. When Brooke shows up to the diner looking for Sam and sees Julian, he brushes her off saying he's not that guy. But the waitress fills her in on the fact that he did go there just to ask if Sam had been there.

The one funny scene of the night was during Jamie's talent show. After getting ready he tells his mom, "I look like a tool." When it's time for him to get on stage and play the piano the adorable Jamie turns into a comedian. "This is awkward," he tells the audience after messing up. Then he continues to tell jokes. After a botched finale he says, "What do you want from me, I'm 5? Thank you and goodnight." So cute.

Meanwhile, Millicent confronts Mouth about the photo of Gigi on his phone. He tells her that there's nothing going on and she doesn't mean anything. "You're wrong Marvin, it means everything," Millicent answers back. She ends up at Tric drinking in the company of Owen. He too is bummed after what happened with Brooke so he tells Millie that he hasn't had a drink in 8 years and tonight that's going to change. "I haven't had sex in 22 years and tonight that's gonna change," she replies. But does she mean with Mouth or will she and Owen hook up? Either way Millicent won't be innocent anymore.

Sam has run away and ends up in the car of her friend aka Brooke's attacker. She's hysterical and knows she shouldn't be with him but has nowhere to turn. The friend then introduces her to his brother and in a flash we see him standing behind Quentin, holding him up at gunpoint. He's Q's killer. With that, the episode ends.

Will Sam be okay? Is Peyton really sick? Let me know your thoughts on the episode below!

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This week was the episode we've all been waiting for. Much more was revealed than expected and with the show going on a break until January 5th we were left with many a cliff hanger in true Tree Hill fashion. read more

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