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Latest Episode: (Sub) The Treacherous Vice Admiral! Demon Bamboo Vergo!

Saturday, December 27, 2014 Season 16 Episode 28 watch on

Luffy races toward Caesar in the hopes of delivering a beating, Sanji saves a damsel in distress, and Chopper tries to prevent the children from eating the drugged candy!

(Dub) Caught Log! The King of Salvagers, Masira!

Feb 08, 2003 Season 2 Episode 144

The Straw Hats are nearly crushed by the falling wreckage of a ship that's over 200 years old. Could rumors of a floating island in the sky be true? Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji go scuba diving to find out!
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(Sub) And So, the Legend Begins! To the Other Side of the Ra...

Feb 01, 2003 Season 2 Episode 143

The showdown with Mayor Wetton builds towards an explosive finale as the Straw Hats scramble to escape the Rainbow Mist - or be trapped inside forever.
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(Sub) Thoughts of Home! The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape!

Jan 18, 2003 Season 2 Episode 141

Luffy and his crew search for a way out of Ape's Concert, but the Rainbow Mist is an inescapable maze of madness. Back on shore, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji face a lifetime of hard labor for failing to pay their taxes!
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(Sub) The Fabled Pirate Hunter! Zoro, the Wandering Swordsma...

Nov 29, 2002 Season 2 Episode 135

Money troubles force Zoro to tangle with Dick the Bandit and his treacherous gang of thugs. These gun-toting outlaws are terrorizing a peaceful village, and the Straw Hat swordsman aims to stop their reign of terror!
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(Sub) I Will Make It Bloom! Usopp, the Man and the Eight-Foo...

Nov 23, 2002 Season 2 Episode 134

A break in the rain provides the perfect opportunity for Usopp to help a young girl fulfill her dream of launching the world's largest firework.
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(Sub) A Recipe Handed Down! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry!

Nov 16, 2002 Season 2 Episode 133

Heavy fog leads to a close encounter of the culinary kind when Nico fishes a marine out of the drink. The aspiring chef is concerned about the quality of his curry, and Sanji is just the guy to refine his recipe!
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(Sub) Uprising of the Navigator! for the Unyielding Dream!

Nov 09, 2002 Season 2 Episode 132

When a mail-order salesman gets lost at sea, Nami finds the paper she needs to start making maps. If the Straw Hat crew can somehow manage to survive a deadly cyclone, she might actually get some use out of it!
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(Sub) The Pirates' Banquet and Operation Escape from Alabast...

Oct 05, 2002 Season 2 Episode 128

Now that the rebellion is over, Vivi must make an important decision about her future. The Straw Hats are ready to hoist the anchor, but an ambiguous villain has stolen the Going Merry!
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(Sub) I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Alabasta!

Sep 14, 2002 Season 2 Episode 126

Pell's sacrifice spares his beloved city, but only an act of god can stop the rebellion. With Crocodile's poison coursing through his body, Luffy musters a final attack against Alabasta's oppressor.
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(Sub) That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to the Royal Tomb!

Aug 24, 2002 Season 2 Episode 123

While his mates search for a bomb, Luffy narrowly survives his second scrape with Crocodile. Across town, Nico Robin strong-arms Cobra into revealing his country's greatest secret.
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(Sub) Sand Croc and Water Luffy! the Second Round of the Due...

Aug 17, 2002 Season 2 Episode 122

Luffy finally discovers the secret to knocking out a sandman, but it won't matter unless Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hats can locate the Baroque Works bomber.
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(Sub) Where Vivi's Voice Gets Heard! the Hero Descends!

Aug 10, 2002 Season 2 Episode 121

When Koza is mysteriously shot, the rebellion is reborn, but Vivi's cries for a cease fire fall on deaf ears until a long-overdue hero swoops to the rescue!
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(Sub) The Battle Is Over! Koza Raises the White Flag!

Aug 03, 2002 Season 2 Episode 120

Koza - the leader of the rebel army - finally discovers the evil mastermind behind Alabasta's drought, but is he too late to prevent further bloodshed?
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(Sub) Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! the Ancient We...

Jul 13, 2002 Season 2 Episode 118

Crocodile reveals his sinister motives for attacking Alabasta, and Nami tries to end her duel with Miss Doublefinger by unleashing the Clima Tact's ultimate weapon: a devastatingly lethal tornado!
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(Sub) Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima Takt Burst!

Jun 29, 2002 Season 2 Episode 117

Things don't look good for the prettiest Straw Hat. Nami's about to tangle with a thorny adversary, and the weapon Usopp built her is only good for party tricks!
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(Sub) Alubarna Grieves! the Fierce Captain Karoo!

Jun 01, 2002 Season 2 Episode 113

Sanji buys Vivi some time by mixing it up with a foe of many faces. Outside Alubarna's walls, Chopper and Usopp tangle with Miss Merry Christmas and her slugging sidekick.
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(Sub) Dash for a Miracle! Alabasta Animal Land!

May 11, 2002 Season 2 Episode 111

Crocodile puts Luffy down for a never-ending dirt nap, and the Straw Hats get a lift from a crabby ally in their race to stop the looming rebellion.
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(Sub) Merciless Mortal Combat! Luffy Vs. Crocodile!

May 04, 2002 Season 2 Episode 110

Crocodile snatches Vivi off the back of a giant crab, but Luffy's not having it. The rubber-man goes toe-to-toe with the sandman in a battle that will end in bloodshed.
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(Sub) The Key to a Great Comeback Escape! the Wax-Wax Ball!

Apr 27, 2002 Season 2 Episode 109

Sanji shows up in the nick of time to make the crocs cough up the key to Luffy's freedom, but the ravenous reptiles spit up something else instead.
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(Sub) Operation Utopia Commences! the Swell of Rebellion Sti...

Apr 13, 2002 Season 2 Episode 107

While the Straw Hats are stuck in the clink, King Cobra addresses the starving people of Nanohana. Will his unbelievable revelation drive his subjects past the brink of rebellion?
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(Sub) The Trap of Certain Defeat! Storming Raindinners!

Mar 23, 2002 Season 2 Episode 106

Luffy leads a daring - but foolish - raid on Crocodile's casino. His poor planning lands him behind bars with Captain Smoker - and more importantly, leaves Vivi unprotected.
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(Dub) Luffy Vs. Vivi! the Tearful Vow to Put Friends On the ...

Mar 09, 2002 Season 2 Episode 104

Crocodile reveals himself to the Baroque Works assassins and discloses his dastardly plan for Alabasta. After departing Yuba, Luffy takes a stand that forces Vivi to rethink her mission.
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(Sub) Spider's Cafe at 8 O'Clock! the Enemy Leaders Gather!

Mar 02, 2002 Season 2 Episode 103

The assassins of Baroque Works gather at Spider's Cafe, and the Straw Hats arrive at Yuba only to find it buried in sand.
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(Sub) Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Her Friends and the Country...

Feb 23, 2002 Season 2 Episode 102

Chopper, Zoro, and Luffy get separate from the others. When the heat makes Luffy act even stranger than usual, his friends wonder if they joined the right pirate gang.
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(Sub) Showdown in a Heat Haze! Ace Vs. the Gallant Scorpion!

Feb 16, 2002 Season 2 Episode 101

Fire Fist Ace is hired by two young boys to hunt down and capture a lethal bounty hunter known only as the Scorpion.
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(Sub) False Fortitude! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart!

Feb 02, 2002 Season 2 Episode 99

Princess Vivi devises a plan to test the hearts of a gang of so-called rebels. They talk a good game, but will their bite measure up to their bark?
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(Sub) The Heroes' Reunion! His Name Is Fire First Ace!

Dec 22, 2001 Season 2 Episode 94

Captain Smoker has Luffy in his grasp until a fiery stranger creates a diversion, giving the Straw Hats a chance to make a break for it.
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(Sub) Alabasta's Hero and a Ballerina On the Ship!

Dec 08, 2001 Season 2 Episode 92

The Straw Hats rescue a man of many faces as they approach Alabasta. Sure, he's good for a laugh, but they may regret pulling him out of the drink.
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(Sub) Goodbye Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea!

Dec 08, 2001 Season 2 Episode 91

Chopper sets sail for Alabasta with his new friends, and Dalton thinks back to his first meeting with Princess Vivi.
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(Sub) When the Kingdom's Rule Ends! the Flag of Faith Flies ...

Nov 24, 2001 Season 2 Episode 89

Wapol attacks Nami in her weakened condition, but Monkey D. Luffy is quick to step in and even the odds.
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(Sub) Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms and the Will That Gets Carri...

Nov 03, 2001 Season 2 Episode 86

Chopper's first friend was a quack doctor who couldn't cure a cold, but the old man still managed to teach the little reindeer how to care for people.
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(Sub) An Outcast's Dream! Hiriluk the Quack!

Oct 27, 2001 Season 2 Episode 85

Luffy recruits Tony Tony Chopper to join the Straw Hat crew as the ship's doctor.
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(Sub) Dalton's Resolve! Wapol's Corps Land On the Island!

Oct 06, 2001 Season 2 Episode 82

Nami hovers near death while Luffy and Sanji fend off the abominable rabbits. Back at the village, Dalton leads a revolt against the dastardly Wapol.
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(Sub) An Island Without Doctors? Adventure in a Nameless Lan...

Sep 08, 2001 Season 2 Episode 80

Luffy and Sanji make a bold trek up a snow-covered mountain in search of a witch who might hold the key to curing Nami.
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(Sub) Time to Fight Back! Usopp's Quick Thinking and Fire St...

Aug 18, 2001 Season 2 Episode 76

With his friends about to be permanently entombed in wax, Usopp is provided with the perfect opportunity to be brave and make his father proud.
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(Sub) The Devilish Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Ange...

Jul 14, 2001 Season 2 Episode 74

While Luffy struggles to free himself, his friends fall into the hands of Baroque Works. Though the odds are against them, the Straw Hats will never give up!
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(Sub) Luffy Gets Angry! a Dirty Trick Violates the Sacred Du...

Jun 16, 2001 Season 2 Episode 72

Usopp and Luffy are fascinated by the endless battle waged between Dorry and Broggy; however, fascination turns to outrage when Monkey catches a whiff of treachery.
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(Sub) An Ancient Island! the Shadow Hiding in Little Garden!

May 26, 2001 Season 2 Episode 70

Luffy's gang is running low on supplies, so they stop at Little Garden to find something to eat. Unfortunately for them, it might end up the other way around.
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(Sub) Try Hard, Coby! Coby and Helmeppo's Struggles in the M...

May 12, 2001 Season 2 Episode 68

While the crew heads for Little Garden with the princess, Luffy and Zorro's old nemesis, Axe-Hand Morgan, escapes from a Marine prison ship.
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(Sub) All-out Battle! Luffy Vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel!

Apr 21, 2001 Season 2 Episode 66

There's a mysterious princess that needs protection from a nose-picking assassin, but Luffy and Zoro are too busy duking it out to worry about explosive boogers.
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(Sub) A Town That Welcomes Pirates? Setting Foot On Whisky P...

Apr 14, 2001 Season 2 Episode 64

A violent snow storm batters the crew of the Going Merry, but once the Straw Hats arrive at Whisky Peak, the locals invite them to a raucous celebration.
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(Sub) The First Line of Defense? the Giant Whale Laboon Appe...

Mar 20, 2001 Season 2 Episode 62

The Straw Hat crew takes a wild ride up and down a mountain only to end up in the belly of a giant whale that's on the lookout for pirates!
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(Sub) Through the Sky They Soar! the 1000 Year Legend Lives ...

Feb 27, 2001 Season 2 Episode 60

With their rescue mission taking on water, the Straw Hats get some surprising help from the great blue yonder.
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(Sub) A Solitary Island in the Distant Sea! the Legendary Lo...

Feb 06, 2001 Season 2 Episode 57

Even for Nami, finding the dragon's lost island proves to be tougher than looking for a needle in a haystack - or at the bottom of the ocean.
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(Sub) Eric Attacks! Great Escape from Warship Island!

Jan 30, 2001 Season 2 Episode 56

The Straw Hats want to return Apis's dragon to his nest, but the Marines have them surrounded. Looks like it's time for another daring escape!
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