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Aug 19, 2013 Season 45 Episode 27 watch on Hulu (Free)

Season Finale Special! Exclusive behind the scenes with Jerry ver Dorn (Clint) and Barbara Garrick (Allison), Robin Strasser (Dorian) goes a little bit country, Laura Harrier (Destiny) sees double, plus One Life to Live's Hottest Moments ever!

In Memory of Briana Marland

Jun 27, 2013 Season 45 Episode 24

Bo investigates Briana's death during her memorial service at Shelter. Jack gets the surprise of his life during the first day at summer school.
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Call off the Dogs

Jun 25, 2013 Season 45 Episode 23

Todd is shaken by what he finds at Willow Lake. Jack's world is rocked after a chance meeting in the coffee shop. Matthew finally meets his online girlfriend.
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The Truth About Michelle

Jun 20, 2013 Season 45 Episode 22

Viki struggles to cope with recent financial and personal developments. Jeffrey takes the "Michelle" situation into his own hands and is shocked to find out the truth.
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Jun 18, 2013 Season 45 Episode 21

Matthew is shocked when he finds out more about Michelle. Natalie confronts Clint over John.
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The Nightbird

Jun 13, 2013 Season 45 Episode 20

Todd reels from the aftermath of what occurred outside Shelter. Matthew decides to take the next step in his online relationship.
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Shots Fired

Jun 11, 2013 Season 45 Episode 19

Natalie is served a subpoena, but from whom? An attempt on someone's life is made, but is it successful?
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Snoop Lion is in Da House

Jun 06, 2013 Season 45 Episode 18

What kind of advice could Snoop Lion possibly have for Matthew? Dorian comes up with an idea for David's reality show. Guest starring Snoop Lion.
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Nail Salon

Jun 04, 2013 Season 45 Episode 17

Jeffrey breaks another huge story for The Banner while Todd clashes with Dorian during a day out with Dani. Guest starring Snoop Lion.
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No Regrets

May 30, 2013 Season 45 Episode 16

Trouble arises at Buchanan Family poker night. Cutter scrambles when disaster strikes Shelter again, but is it really an accident this time?
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Snoop Don’t Lie

May 28, 2013 Season 45 Episode 15

Natalie seeks advice from her parents on how to deal with the phone call. Bo and Nora get a surprise visit from an old friend. Guest starring Snoop Lion.
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Finish What You Started

May 21, 2013 Season 45 Episode 13

Tea looks to Bo to find out the truth while Jeffrey questions Matthew's motives.
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Who’s Watching?

May 16, 2013 Season 45 Episode 12

Tea comes to a startling realization and Dani becomes troubled by Matthew's new friend.
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Bag that Decanter

May 15, 2013 Season 45 Episode 11

Bo and Natalie search for clues to find out the truth while Matthew is found in a compromising situation.
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Cain & Abel

May 14, 2013 Season 45 Episode 10

A fight breaks out with serious consequences. Guest starring Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Jessie Malakouti.
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Leaving Llanview

May 13, 2013 Season 45 Episode 9

A character must say their goodbyes.
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Poison & Pelligrino

May 09, 2013 Season 45 Episode 8

Dorian sets her plan into motion while Viki decides to make a bold move. Does someone in Llanview die?
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Good Intentions?

May 08, 2013 Season 45 Episode 7

Todd decides to do something unexpected. Dorian considers revenge.
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I Got You Babe

May 07, 2013 Season 45 Episode 6

Matthew tries to protect Dani and Todd encounters danger in his own room. Guest starring NERVO and RiFF RAFF.
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The Real Husbands of Llanview

May 06, 2013 Season 45 Episode 5

Tea tries to keep things together while Todd tries to get through to Blair.
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The Giraffe

May 02, 2013 Season 45 Episode 4

Someone pulls a fast one on Dorian. Todd tries to make amends.
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Who Are You?

May 01, 2013 Season 45 Episode 3

Todd tries to understand Dani's motives while Dorian takes action to protect herself.
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Back from the Dead

Apr 30, 2013 Season 45 Episode 2

How will the Llanview residents cope after the surprising turn of events at Shelter's premiere?
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Brand New Start

Apr 29, 2013 Season 45 Episode 1

One Life to Live is back! Find out what fan favorites Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora, and all the OLTL residents have been up to since we last took a visit to Llanview.
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