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Emma Is Keeping a Secret
01:18 — Archie tells everyone that Emma has a secret.
If Emma Had Never Been the Savior
01:51 — Regina goes on a rogue rescue mission to save Emma.
Emma's Wish
02:07 — The Evil Queen grants Emma’s wish.
Ruth B Sings "In My Dreams"
02:02 — Henry & Violet share a dance to Ruth B's "In My Dreams."
Henry Saves Emma & Regina
02:18 — The Evil Queen fails to darken Henry's heart.
Snow & Charming Find Ways to Be Together
01:29 — Snow and David adjust to life without each other.
True Love's Kiss Isn't Enough for Snow & Charming
01:45 — The Evil Queen makes it impossible for Snow & Charming to be together.
Snow & Charming's Magical Sapling
02:09 — Snow & Charming find the magical sapling.
Snow Wakes Up
02:06 — The Evil Queen wants Snow & David to surrender their hearts.
Henry Saves Hook
01:38 — Hook & Henry decide to work together to help Emma.
Does Regina Have to Die?
01:22 — Regina tells Emma that she still has the capacity for evil.
Goodbye Jekyll & Hyde
02:28 — Hook rescues Belle and kills Jekyll & Hyde.
Rumplestiltskin and Belle Share a Kiss
02:38 — Any curse can be broken.
Prince Charming Proposes to Snow White
02:36 — Prince Charming finally finds Snow White -- but is it too late?
Charming Captures Snow the Thief
03:08 — Charming realizes the bandit is Snow.
Can Regina Bribe Mr. Hyde?
01:39 — Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde.
The Evil Queen Thanks Zelena
01:31 — The Evil Queen rewards Zelena for her loyalty.
How Did David's Father Really Die?
01:36 — David finds his father's coin.
Mystery Man
01:33 — A mysterious man form the Land of Untold Stories arrives in Storybrooke.
Which Sister Will Zelena Choose?
01:33 — The Evil Queen invites Zelena to teach Regina a lesson.
Belle Leaves Rumple Behind
02:24 — Belle is going back to Storybrooke...without Rumple.
Zelena Comes Home to the Evil Queen
00:53 — Zelena comes home to find the Evil Queen waiting for her.
Emma Learns Her Fate
01:32 — Emma learns that she will not get a happy ending.
Once Upon a Time Season 6
Storybrooke goes on a magic carpet ride.
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