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I have never written on ...

Susannah Thompson and Aidan Quinn, The Book of Daniel

Question: I have never written on behalf of anything on television before, but tonight I felt compelled. I'll apologize ahead of time because this isn't so much a question as a hope — a plea, if you will — and, well, a venting of sorts. Please tell me that there are some really wonderful reviews coming in on The Book of Daniel and that all the hoopla from the few "loud ones" are not getting all the attention. Please tell me that this series has a chance! I know you know this, but Aidan Quinn is a remarkable actor, and the rest of the show is brilliantly cast. The writing is witty, intense, tasteful, serious and, yes, even funny and entertaining at times. It is, of course, called entertainment, for goodness' sake, and it's fiction! Please tell me that NBC will not bow down to the vocal, narrow-minded population trying to make decisions for the rest of us about what we should and should not watch. Personally, I don't care for all the crime- and sex-related shows on television, but guess ... read more

Book of Daniel Mixes Dope and Faith

The Book of Daniel's Garrett Dillahunt and Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn's Daniel Webster sees and talks to Jesus in NBC's new (and controversialThe Book of Daniel (premiering Jan. 6 at 9 pm/ET, before settling into its Fridays-at-10 time slot). Then again, maybe the good reverend is simply stoned on all the Vicodin he's taking on the sly. Or stressed out about having a gay son or a pot-dealing daughter. Yes, it's that kind of "religious" series.

But as opposed to the most obvious comparison, CBS' God-seeing Joan of Arcadia, Daniel's sit-downs with J.C. (played by Deadwood's Garret Dillahunt) aren't presented as "the grand gimmick." "If someone wants to make it the hook, they could, but I think it's very much just a by-product," Quinn tells TVGuide.com. "The read more

News or Snooze?
New Nightline not worth giving up sleep

In the good old days — say, a month ago — Nightline (weekdays at 11:35 pm/ET, ABC) spending a week in war-torn Iraq would have been something truly special. But Ted Koppel is gone, and with him goes a tradition allowing for context and perspective. Instead, in the first week of a jumbled Nightline makeover, three correspondents/anchors jousted for airtime most nights. In the process, Terry Moran’s first-person stories — highlighted by a ride-along on a dangerous night patrol with U.S. and Iraqi troops — were just part of a very mixed bag. The new Nightline isn’t terrible, but it no longer seems as essential because it feels so much less distinctive. In look and tone, especially when ill-chosen coanchor Martin Bashir revs up his strident tabloid engine, this Nightline lite resembles an uneasy cross of (yawn) the evening news and (yuck) a 20/20-style newsmagazine. Given its multitop read more

Now that the dust has settled...

Now that the dust has settled a bit on all the 2006 mid-season changes that will be kicking in as soon as the holidays are over, here's my night-by-night scorecard of the imminent battles we'll be covering a month or so from now. Monday The big news is the return of 24 on Fox, with a four-hour blast January 15-16, followed by all-new episodes through the rest of the season. For the first two months, Skating with Celebrities (a rip-off of Dancing with the Stars) will be 24's lead-in. But come mid-March, Prison Break will return. What a one-two punch that promises to be! CBS will coast along by capping off its popular comedies with read more

Will Ever Carradine Bed Chief's Hubby?

Ever Carradine on Commander in Chief

C.J., you know we love ya, but there's a shiny new spin doctor in the White House, and she's being played by Ever Carradine on ABC's Commander in Chief (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). As Kelly Ludlow, she puts the best possible face on Mackenzie Allen's scrutinized presidency, all the while fielding furtive glances from the first son and lending her ear to the first gentleman. Carradine, whose previous long-term series gig was as the girl-toy of Sela Ward's ex-husband on Once and Again, chatted with TVGuide.com about life in TV's "other" West Wing. TVGuide.com: I totally remember you as Once and Again's Tiffany. She was such a sad little… what's the wo read more

So after going to the live Will...

So after going to the live Will & Grace taping and getting a bite to eat at the after-party, where I told the cast how fabu they were, I was really in the mood to go home to watch my favorite Chicago-based medical drama. Actually, I wasn't — I had it TiVo'd, so I would have preferred to watch it at a later time, but an assignment is an assignment, right? Luckily, I got all my laughs out of my system at the taping, since this was an especially intense and depressing ER. You can't get much sadder than an injured surrogate mother who gives birth to a baby with toxic brain defects, causing the new parents not to want it anymore. Nice to see Amy Aquino back guesting on the show, but this was the second episode in a row without Kerry Weaver. At least Laura Innes directed it. Interesting how Sam and Luka chose to spend time away from each other, thus giving Goran Visnjic more screen time with Maura Tierney, which hasn't happened in ages. read more

Has The Inside been canceled? ...

Question: Has The Inside been canceled? If it has, then I give up. What is the point of anyone investing their time in a new TV series if it's only going to get canceled after a few weeks? This seems to be a growing trend, and a trend that is causing me to rethink the concept of watching any new shows. The Inside had a legitimate shot at becoming a hit if it were given time. What is the hurry in canceling any show? It is not like they're going to replace it with anything other than reruns of long-in-the-tooth shows such as Malcolm in the Middle. After all, Fox has given that Ron Howard show (Arrested Development) so much opportunity to succeed, and yeah, it's critically acclaimed, but that show couldn't draw flies if it were shown at a garbage dump. Isn't this going to be the third year for Arrested Development? Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld weren't hits when they started, but over time they developed a huge audience. Shows are being canceled too quickly. Answer: Except, ... read more

Please help! This may sound a ...

Question: Please help! This may sound a bit strange or funny, in 1998 I was pregnant with my daughter and in the course of choosing a name for her, I stumbled upon an article in TV Guide. I honestly couldn't tell you much about it, but it featured an actress named Ever whose last name might have begun with the letter "C." Anyhow, I lost the article and can't remember the exact name of the actress and I need your help. This has a bit of importance to me because when my daughter grows up and asks for whom or what I named her after, I would like to have an answer. By the way, my daughter's name is Skye Ever. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.Answer: Little Skye is named for actress Ever Carradine, daughter of actor Robert (Revenge of the Nerds, The Long Riders) niece of Keith (Na read more

The show that you said you ...

Question: The show that you said you liked, The Book of Daniel, is saved! What is it about exactly and when do you think it will debut? Answer: The Book of Daniel will premiere on NBC sometime midseason, but the real questions will be on what night and at what time. The show will need to be protected, which may be tough for NBC if the network continues to slip this fall, which is entirely possible. For instance, it would be disastrous if it were scheduled Fridays at 10 pm/ET, replacing the unbearable new drama Inconceivable. This show needs to air where people might actually find it. Daniel is a darkly comic drama starring Aidan Quinn as an Episcopal minister juggling domestic and professional problems, with scandals erupting at every turn and a skeptical bishop (Ellen Burstyn) watching his every move. The cast in the pilot includes Once and Again's terrific Susanna Thompson as his wife, Christian Campbell as his gay son, and as Jesus — who appears to Daniel frequently — Garret Dillahunt ... read more

Sela Ward's Shocking Slap

After wrapping her stint as a modern mom on ABC's Once and Again, Sela Ward traveled back in time to the 1950s in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. She plays lead girl Ramolo Garai's mother, who's a frustrated former ballroom dancer. While filming in Puerto Rico, Ward was thrilled to strap on sexy heels and show off her moves on the dance floor, albeit very briefly. "Damn it, I practiced for two solid weeks and there was only 30 seconds [on screen]," Ward laments to TV Guide Online. "I was so proud of all that dancing. That's the hardest work I've ever done, physically." Is she kidding? This 47-year-old's killer body must require serious work! "I'm [usually] doing boring things like the treadmill, the weights and resistance training," she explains. "[While dancing,] I had sweat pouring off of me in rehearsal. It was g read more

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Premise: A touching, superbly written and performed series about two divorced parents who start a new life together, despite complications at home and flak from their ex-spouses. Created by the producers of `thirtysomething', the drama included `confessionals' (in black-and-white sequences) that probed the feelings and anxieties of its richly textured characters as they tried to balance ambitions (and setbacks) with their willingness to make compromises and adjustments in a new blended family.



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