The Octonauts Episodes

2010, TV Show

The Octonauts Season 1 episodes

The Giant Spider Crab Season 1, Episode 50

Kwazii helps a spider crab. read more

The Lost Lemon Shark Season 1, Episode 48

A lemon shark injures his nose and can't find his way home. read more

The Crafty Cuttlefish Season 1, Episode 47

A shape-shifting cuttlefish steals Barnacles' compass. read more

The Electric Torpedo Rays Season 1, Episode 46

The Octonauts jump-start the Octopod with the help of some electric torpedo rays. read more

The Pirate Parrotfish Season 1, Episode 45

The Octonauts go on a pirate treasure hunt and meet a parrotfish. read more

The Dwarf Lanternshark Season 1, Episode 44

The Octonauts help an injured dwarf lanternshark. read more

The Marine Iguanas Season 1, Episode 43

Marine iguanas steal seaweed from the Octonauts. read more

The Eel Ordeal Season 1, Episode 42

The Octonauts travel up a treacherous river to help a young migrating eel on her difficult journey. read more

The Scary Spookfish Season 1, Episode 36

The Octonauts get help from a spookfish to rescue Peso from an oceanic trench. read more

The Baby Dolphin Season 1, Episode 35

A young dolphin follows Kwazii home. read more

The Combtooth Blenny Season 1, Episode 33

Kwazii and Peso get shipwrecked on a desert island and encounter a combtooth blenny that walks on land. read more

The Oarfish Season 1, Episode 32

Dashi takes a picture of what appears to be a sea serpent, but is actually an oarfish. read more

The Seahorse Tale Season 1, Episode 29

The Octonauts reunite a seahorse with its missing mate that is about to give birth to baby seahorses. read more

The Vampire Squid Season 1, Episode 28

Peso travels to the bottom of the ocean and encounters a vampire squid. read more

The Decorator Crab Season 1, Episode 25

A decorator crab swipes items from the Octonauts' ship. read more

The Narwhal Season 1, Episode 17

The Octopod gets stuck in the ice in the Arctic. read more

The Enemy Anemones Season 1, Episode 16

The Octonauts and some helpless crabs get caught between two territorial groups of aggregating anemones. read more

The Giant Kelp Forest Season 1, Episode 15

Kwazii's favorite sub goes missing in a mysterious kelp forest. read more

The Albino Humpback Whale Season 1, Episode 14

The Octonauts spot an albino humpback whale. read more

The Monster Map Season 1, Episode 12

The Octonauts encounter a fun octopus while looking for guarded treasure. read more

The Blobfish Brothers Season 1, Episode 11

An underwater volcano is about to erupt, but one slow creature has trouble evacuating. read more

The Speedy Sailfish Season 1, Episode 10

Barnacles and Kwazii use some speedy sailfish to help round up some guppies. read more

The Remipedes Season 1, Episode 9

Blind remipedes help Shellington when he gets lost in a dark underwater cave. read more

The Great Algae Escape Season 1, Episode 8

Barnacles and his crew chase a hijacked Octopod after it is commandeered by a group of crustaceans trying to escape algae-infested waters. read more

The Orcas Season 1, Episode 7

A stranded orca is helped back into the ocean. read more

The Giant Squid Season 1, Episode 6

The Octonauts pursue a giant squid. read more

The Flying Fish Season 1, Episode 5

The Octonauts try to retrieve Prof. Inkling's rare book. read more

The Walrus Chief Season 1, Episode 4

Peso's medical kit is stolen by a walrus, and Barnacles and Kwazii try to get it back. read more

The Crab and Urchin Season 1, Episode 3

A crab and an urchin aren't getting along as neighbors. read more

The Undersea Storm Season 1, Episode 2

Reef lobsters rescue Kwazii during a storm. read more

The Whale Shark Season 1, Episode 1

Dashi gets swallowed by a whale shark and needs to be saved. read more

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Premise: A band of explorers roams the oceans in this animated adventure series.


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