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October Road Season 1 episodes

April 26, 2007: “Oh Goody. Now the Fun Begins.” Season 1, Episode 6

Huh. I didn’t think we’d ever get to meet the “fictional” Gavin Goddard so imagine my surprise when he emerges from Hannah’s house. Although I was starting to warm up to Aubrey I’m happy with Nick’s choice. And what did Hannah mean when she said, “It’s not what you think.” Just exactly what does Hannah think Nick’s thinking? If that’s really Gavin and he’s really Sam’s father I think we’re all thinking the same thing: What the heck is going on? It can’t be that simple and if it is, I won’t be pleased. Oh wait, I know a simple way to answer this question. As so many of you have suggested, Nick should take a paternity test. That said, I think we’ll have to wait until next season to find out exactly what she means. No, I don’t know anything about the show being picked up, but as I mentioned a few days ago things are looking very good.In other huge news, Phil stepped foot outside his house. Th... read more

April 19, 2007: "Prepare for the Ouch." Season 1, Episode 5

I know a lot of you don’t watch the previews at the end of the show, and I think you’re very smart to do that. I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. Because I watched the previews for tonight’s episode two weeks ago, I thought Hannah would finally admit to Nick that he was Sam’s father. Wrong! Some clever editing made it seem that way in the previews, but if anything, Hannah seemed to confirm that Nick isn’t Sam’s father. Sigh.Sam has been in a few different hospitals this week. On Tuesday’s House, Slade Pearce was an 8-year-old hopped up on testosterone. Tonight he was largely unseen until the end of the episode. And I was fine with that. A lot of drama played out while we were waiting to see if he’d pull through his surgery. I do have one random question though: do 10-year-old boys still associate with stuffed animals? I’m not a parent so I have no idea, but I would have thought Sam had grown out of that stage by now.There was some g... read more

April 5, 2007: They All Have Their Roles to Play Season 1, Episode 4

And don’t we all. Let’s start with the females, since there are fewer of them. Janet and Hannah are having some man troubles. Hannah wants Ray to stop coming around and picking up various things he seems to have accidentally left behind. Janet can’t seem to stop looking for ways out of her “maybe” relationship with Eddie. I think both women need to decide what they want and just go after it. Hannah doesn’t want Ray, but I’m not sure she wants Nick, either. She seems happy for her life to be about her and Sam right now, which I think is great. Janet needs to decide whether or not she can handle dating a guy like Eddie. He seems to have made that decision for her for now, but I don’t think things are over between these two yet. More on Alison in a bit.Now for the boys. The most interesting relationship for me tonight was the one between the commander and his mystery lady. When both Ronnie and Nick are freaked out about their dad being happy, the... read more

March 29, 2007: A Laugh, a Giggle, and a Blush Season 1, Episode 3

Everyone is having trouble with his or her love life this week. Sam gets his heart broken, Hannah breaks up with Ray after he asks her to move in with him, Janet can’t decide whether or not Eddie is romantically interested in her, Phil struggles with asking Pizza Girl “in” for a date, and Nick has an embarrassment of riches in Aubrey and Hannah.Sam asks Nick for help getting the attention of Amanda, the girl he has a crush on. This causes all sorts of trouble at home. Hannah can’t believe her baby is growing up and not coming to her for advice on girls and Ray can’t believe Hannah is letting Nick of all people give Sam advice. Nick’s three-phase approach includes the following:Phase One: You’ve gotta do something interesting. As Nick says, “If you want to make the time, you’ve got to commit the crime.” Sam takes this quite literally by liberating the fruit flies the second graders are experimenting on. Amanda seems impressed but the ... read more

March 22, 2007: Blowback's a B*tch Season 1, Episode 2

I’m about to get really, really girly here so if you want to bypass the female ranting please feel free to skip to the next paragraph. What’s up with Eddie? Why does he have to be that guy? He sees that his ex-best friend Nick is interested in Aubrey and decides to go after her out of spite? Really? I won’t say he’s immature, but I will say 30 is the new 18 in Knights Ridge. I love that Aubrey figures things out before the payback goes too far. See ya “Casa-no-good.” And his semi-recovery at the bar later that night when he asks Janet out and looks after his drunk friend Ikey? Damage done. Not buying it. Sorry.Now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk about what I liked. I loved that Nick tried to get a job at “the Duf” after he told Hannah he was already employed there. I’m glad he’s decided to stick around and try to mend all those broken bridges. Lying about the job probably wasn’t his best move, but he does seem... read more

March 15, 2007: The Return Home Season 1, Episode 1

I remember hearing about this show a while ago. I’m one of those extremely nerdy people who pays attention to all the pilots that are greenlit by the networks as well as those that get picked up to be series. Did I mention I’m a nerd? I was excited about this show in particular for three reasons: Bryan Greenberg, Laura Prepon and Tom Berenger. These three names alone made me want to watch it. I never got into One Tree Hill, but I loved Bryan Greenberg on HBO’s Unscripted. I was so disappointed when it didn’t get renewed for a second season. And Laura Prepon is our beloved Donna or “Big Red” from That '70s Show. And Tom Berenger. I think he’s just a great actor who doesn’t seem to be getting much work. And I have to say that the talents of all three of these actors are underutilized here.But I’m not saying the show doesn’t have potential. I think this is a great concept. I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get out of my ... read more

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