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Mar 01, 2005 Season 12 Episode 20 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime.

In The Wind

May 22, 2001 Season 8 Episode 20

Sorenson is missing, and a stripper is found murdered in his apartment. Medavoy and Jones investigate a killing, but the suspect identified by an eyewitness has a seemingly unshakable alibi.
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Under Covers

May 15, 2001 Season 8 Episode 19

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of a drug dealer, while Sorenson continues to see the stripper, Kristen, who draws him into a favor for the owners of the Tailfeathers club.
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Lost Time

May 08, 2001 Season 8 Episode 18

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of an exotic dancer; Sipowicz and Medavoy act as elderly decoys to catch some street thieves attacking old people outside a local bank.
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Dying To Testify

May 01, 2001 Season 8 Episode 17

Sipowicz and Sorenson try to get one scared witness to identify a murder suspect, while Russell and McDowell guard another witness who's due to testify in a murder trial.
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Everyone Into The Poole

Apr 24, 2001 Season 8 Episode 16

Jones and Medavoy investigate the murder of a Chinese restaurant owner. An IRS agent claims to have been kidnapped and released, but Sipowicz and Sorenson doubt his story.
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Love Hurts

Apr 17, 2001 Season 8 Episode 15

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a case involving an off-duty police officer who was shot in the company of a prostitute; Medavoy and Jones aid a hapless bodega owner by concocting a story to keep him out of jail.
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Nariz A Nariz

Apr 10, 2001 Season 8 Episode 14

Rodriguez mediates when Sipowicz and Sorenson clash with detectives from another squad anxious to solve a multiple murder case; Medavoy and Jones try their hand at making extra cash by cleaning up murder scenes.
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Flight Of Fancy

Apr 03, 2001 Season 8 Episode 13

As Dalto continues alienating the entire squad, Fancy looks for a resolution; the detectives attempt to solve the mystery behind the death of a fourteen-year-old girl whose body was discovered in a vacant lot.
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Thumb Enchanted Evening

Mar 27, 2001 Season 8 Episode 12

The detectives search for a perpetrator who cut off a man's penis; Fancy is promoted to captain, prompting Sipowicz to worry about his replacement; a wise guy names a college student as a murderer.
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Peeping Tommy

Mar 20, 2001 Season 8 Episode 11

Sipowicz finds his career on the line after he shoots three African-American suspects; Jones, Medavoy and McDowell investigate a rape at a bar.
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In The Still Of The Night

Mar 13, 2001 Season 8 Episode 10

Complications develop when Officer Szymanski's cousin is killed in a car accident; the detectives search for a perpetrator who stabbed Captain Bass's wife during a robbery.
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Oh Golly Goth

Mar 06, 2001 Season 8 Episode 9

Sipowicz searches for a crucifix that could hold the key to a murderer's confession; the detectives investigate a stabbing at a hotel involving members of the Goth music scene.
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Feb 27, 2001 Season 8 Episode 8

Sipowicz and Russell close in on Denby; Sorenson's mishandling of a suspect during an interrogation lands him in hot water; the detectives investigate the slashing death of a Good Samaritan subway rider.
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In-laws, Outlaws

Feb 20, 2001 Season 8 Episode 7

Sorenson's emotions boil over when a homeless man he tried to protect is found murdered; Russell investigates two deaths linked to Denby and the courier service where he works.
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Writing Wrongs

Feb 13, 2001 Season 8 Episode 6

Sorenson believes he can persuade a reluctant homeless man to cooperate with a homicide investigation; Russell, Medavoy and Jones search for a man who murdered and raped a fifteen-year-old girl.
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Fools Russian

Feb 06, 2001 Season 8 Episode 5

The detectives investigate when a Russian murder victim stuffed inside a barrel is found floating in the East River; Medavoy and Jones attempt to reunite an Asian man with his sister after she was kidnapped by Chinese gangsters.
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Family Ties

Jan 30, 2001 Season 8 Episode 4

The detectives investigate two separate incidents--the rape of a mother and murder of a pimp--both of which transpired in a hotel filled with Mardi Gras revelers.
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Franco My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

Jan 23, 2001 Season 8 Episode 3

The detectives search for a man who shot a police officer; a suspect beaten by police attempts to cut a deal; Sorenson and Franco discuss the state of their relationship.
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Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Jan 16, 2001 Season 8 Episode 2

The detectives investigate a cab driver's death; a doctor gives Sipowicz and Katie the results of Theo's blood tests; Russell and Sorenson adjust to the change in their relationship; a prison convict reaches out to Russell.
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Daveless In New York

Jan 09, 2001 Season 8 Episode 1

The detectives investigate a multiple homicide at a fast food restaurant; an addict gives his baby daughter to a drug dealer as collateral on an overdue loan; Internal Affairs reopens the Kirkendall case.
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