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Mar 01, 2005 Season 12 Episode 20 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime.

The Last Round-up

May 23, 2000 Season 7 Episode 22

Fancy tells Russell that internal affairs is targeting Kirkendall; Sipowicz anxiously awaits theo's bone marrow tests.
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Bats Off To Larry

May 23, 2000 Season 7 Episode 21

Sipowicz begins to fall apart when theo's health deteriorates; Russell fears that Kirkendall may be aware that don is still alive; a father and brother claim they acted in self-defense when they beat a rapist to death using baseball bats.
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This Old Spouse

May 16, 2000 Season 7 Episode 20

Russell fears the worst when Kirkendall's ex-husband, who was thought dead, is seen fraternizing with a member of the police force; Sipowicz and Sorenson attempt to link a series of armed robberies to an ex-con.
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Tea & Sympathy

May 09, 2000 Season 7 Episode 19

The detectives welcome the assistance of a pair of British detectives in the stakeout of a sadistic rapist-murderer; and Detective Jones gets up close and personal with the grateful reporter he helped on a previous homicide.
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Lucky Luciano

May 02, 2000 Season 7 Episode 18

Sipowicz and Sorenson grapple with a particularly perplexing case involving a dead italian woman, her husband and the husband's cousin. Russell and Kirkendall attempt to solve the murder of a woman's twin sister.
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Roll Out The Barrel

Apr 25, 2000 Season 7 Episode 17

A mobster becomes the prime suspect when a pregnant woman's body is discovered inside a barrel; Jones befriends a reporter while investigating the case.
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Good-bye Charlie

Apr 18, 2000 Season 7 Episode 16

A white teenager involves his African-American girlfriend in his parents' murder; Medavoy's old friend, a hotel manager, fears that one of his guests is spending a wiseguy's money.
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Stressed For Success

Apr 11, 2000 Season 7 Episode 15

Sorenson is saddened by an informant's death; a goodhearted vintage clothing store owner returns some stolen dresses to their rightful owner.
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Sleep Over

Apr 04, 2000 Season 7 Episode 14

A former cop attempts to help Sipowicz and Sorenson solve a murder; a woman claims her housekeeper's infant died under mysterious circumstances.
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The Irvin Files

Mar 28, 2000 Season 7 Episode 13

Sipowicz and Sorenson nearly lose their sense of humor as they investigate the theft of very expensive art and are forced to match wits with the snotty, eccentric and well-to-do owner of the missing works.
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Welcome To New York

Mar 21, 2000 Season 7 Episode 12

The ever-perceptive administrative aide, John Irvin, uses intuition to lead Sipowicz and Sorenson in the right direction as they investigate a possible love triangle homicide.
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Little Abner

Mar 14, 2000 Season 7 Episode 11

The detectives suspect that a jailed mobster may have arranged the murder of a nightclub owner who was having an affair with the mobster's former girlfriend; a suspected rapist claims he can prove his innocence; Fancy fears Abner might take his own life.
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Who Murders Sleep

Mar 07, 2000 Season 7 Episode 10

Sorenson and Sipowicz ask a retired detective for assistance when the skeleton of a young girl is discovered behind a wall; a bullet lodged in a dog's snout becomes the detectives' best hope of solving a murder.
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Feb 29, 2000 Season 7 Episode 9

Fancy clashes with Jones' former boss during a murder investigation; Sipowicz goes out on a date for the first time since his wife's death.
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Everybody Plays The Mule

Feb 23, 2000 Season 7 Episode 8

Medavoy and his new partner, Detective Baldwin Jones, join Sipowicz and Sorenson as they investigate the peculiar disappearance of two young boys on a trail that leads them to a racist, deranged Russian man.
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Along Came Jones

Feb 22, 2000 Season 7 Episode 7

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of a cop whose extramarital affair with his partner may have led to his seemingly random murder.
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Brothers Under Arms

Feb 15, 2000 Season 7 Episode 6

Sipowicz and Sorenson trace the path of a young man's gun which was used in a homicide and now threatens to destroy his own family, and Andy once again tries very hard to show he's no longer racist in the face of disapproval from the suspect's mom.
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These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

Feb 08, 2000 Season 7 Episode 5

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a shooting; Kirkendall is pressured to provide evidence against her ex-husband; Martinez passes the sergeant's exam and wins a promotion.
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The Naked Are The Dead

Feb 01, 2000 Season 7 Episode 4

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a mass execution; Medavoy and Martinez link a dead man with a broken neck to a break-in at a clothing factory; Kirkendall's ex-husband is arrested.
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The Man With Two Right Shoes

Jan 25, 2000 Season 7 Episode 3

A man who solicits male prostitutes is found murdered in his hotel room; Russell and Kirkendall pursue a high school teacher who may have had an affair with one of her students.
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A Hole In Juan

Jan 18, 2000 Season 7 Episode 2

After a parolee gives Sipowicz and Sorenson the names of two of his felon-buddies, one of the men turns up dead; Russell and Kirkendall search for answers when an infant's body is found in a dumpster.
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Loogie Nights

Jan 11, 2000 Season 7 Episode 1

Sipowicz and Sorenson are disgusted by two cops who may have beaten a man to death and expect investigators to cover for them when their stories don't pan out.
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