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Mar 01, 2005 Season 12 Episode 20 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime.

Bale To The Chief [HD]

Feb 22, 2005 Season 12 Episode 19

Bale offers to recommend Sipowicz for the squad commander position; Ortiz and Murphy investigate the death of an Arab woman; and detectives search for the man who shot Bale.
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Lenny Scissorhands [HD]

Feb 15, 2005 Season 12 Episode 18

A squad member is shot while storming an apartment; Clark and Jones investigate the bludgeoning death of a woman whose wealthy husband was going to finance a friend's salon business.
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Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band

Feb 08, 2005 Season 12 Episode 17

Clark and a member of the Army Criminal Investigation Department try to determine who shot a recruiter; a homeless man's body is discovered inside a dumpster; and Medavoy decides to retire.
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Old Man Quiver [HD]

Feb 01, 2005 Season 12 Episode 16

The detectives investigate the smothering death of an elderly man married to a voluptuous woman in her 20s; and a state judge pressures Medavoy and Jones to find out who poisoned her mother.
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La Bomba [HD]

Jan 25, 2005 Season 12 Episode 15

The detectives search for a suspect who killed a businessman by blowing up his car; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate the beating death of a student.
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Stratis Fear [HD]

Jan 18, 2005 Season 12 Episode 14

Sipowicz and Clark investigate the stabbing death of a coffee-shop owner who was attracted to young girls; Ortiz tries to keep her cousin out of trouble; and Medavoy and Jones link a murder to a paralyzed police officer and his family.
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Stoli With A Twist

Jan 11, 2005 Season 12 Episode 13

The detectives continue their search for a serial killer who targets alcoholics trying to get sober; and Clark and Jones investigate a homicide linked to a woman with whom Clark had a one-night stand.
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I Loved My Wives, But Oh You Kid [HD]

Dec 21, 2004 Season 12 Episode 12

A call-girl's death is linked to other murders involving women who'd gone through rehab; Ortiz and Murphy investigate the death of an artist who'd been carrying on an affair with a wealthy man married to two other women.
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Bale Out

Dec 14, 2004 Season 12 Episode 11

While investigating a murder, Sipowicz discovers a secret about Bale; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate a shooting tied to a talented up-and-coming basketball player.
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The Dead Donald [HD]

Dec 07, 2004 Season 12 Episode 10

A man who cared for his brain-damaged brother is found dead; Medavoy falls for a wealthy woman while investigating an apartment rental scam; Bale tries to nail a man who offered the detectives a bribe.
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The 3-h Club

Nov 30, 2004 Season 12 Episode 9

Jones becomes a murder suspect after Michael's father is shot to death; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate a molestation case that might involve a priest; Medavoy gets his hearing in trial court.
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I Like Ike

Nov 23, 2004 Season 12 Episode 8

A gunman tries to kill a witness after a mistrial is declared in the Simon Kerensky arson case; and Jones goes to extremes to stop Craig from adopting Michael.
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My Dinner With Andy [HD]

Nov 16, 2004 Season 12 Episode 7

The detectives protect a scared witness testifying in a felony murder trial; Michael's father wants to regain custody; Bale finds out about Medavoy's job at the bar.
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The Vision Thing [HD]

Nov 09, 2004 Season 12 Episode 6

While investigating a random stabbing, Sipowicz becomes obsessed with his own mortality after he's nearly gunned down by a murder suspect; Medavoy takes a job as a bouncer.
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You're Buggin' Me

Oct 26, 2004 Season 12 Episode 5

After being shot outside a bar, Sipowicz discovers the identity of the person who's been harassing him.
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Divorce, Detective Style

Oct 19, 2004 Season 12 Episode 4

The detectives investigate the death of a phone-sex operator and the kidnapping of a wealthy man's son; and Clark's tryst with a murder suspect is used to derail the prosecutor's case.
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Great Balls Of Ire [HD]

Oct 12, 2004 Season 12 Episode 3

When a convicted rapist is found shot to death, his victims become suspects in the murder investigation; and Sipowicz searches for answers when a stranger targets Theo as he walks home from school.
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Fish Out Of Water [HD]

Sep 28, 2004 Season 12 Episode 2

The detectives tie the death of a pregnant woman to an adoption scam; Medavoy and Jones interview a woman who claims a masked assailant stole her valuable ring; and someone poisons Sipowicz's beloved fish.
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Dress For Success [HD]

Sep 21, 2004 Season 12 Episode 1

Sipowicz and Clark investigate the murder of a sexologist whose death is linked to one of his former patients; Ortiz and her new partner question a wealthy woman about her participation in a homeless outreach program and the death of a transient.
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