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Mar 01, 2005 Season 12 Episode 20 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime.

Who's Your Daddy? [HD]

May 11, 2004 Season 11 Episode 22

Sipowicz investigates a murder involving the victim's current husband and ex-husband; a longtime informant gives Ronson information about an illegal gun shipment, but the suspect's father is being followed by the FBI; Jones gets into a fight with Craig after he's acquitted of murder charges; and Sipowicz is the proud father of a baby boy.
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What's Your Poison? [HD]

May 04, 2004 Season 11 Episode 21

As they continue investigating the Cindy Clifton case, Sipowicz and Clark focus on one of her former teachers; a tourist who reports his wife's expensive necklace as stolen is tied to an Internet scam; Michael testifies against his father in court; and Clark searches for Devlin after she flees a hospital.
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Traylor Trash [HD]

Apr 27, 2004 Season 11 Episode 20

Sipowicz and Clark continue tracking down leads as they attempt to solve a rape-homicide case that sent an innocent man to prison for eighteen years.
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Peeler? I Hardly Knew Her [HD]

Apr 20, 2004 Season 11 Episode 19

Sipowicz and Clark reopen an eighteen-year-old murder case after DNA evidence exonerates the man originally convicted of the crime; a man who survived being shot in the head develops complete amnesia, stymieing Medavoy and Jones' investigation.
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The Brothers Grim [HD]

Apr 13, 2004 Season 11 Episode 18

When an old murder case is reopened, Sipowicz comes to believe he helped convict an innocent man who served eighteen years in prison; Ortiz and the newest member of the squad, Kelly Ronson, investigate the disappearance of a little girl.
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In Goddess We Trussed [HD]

Apr 06, 2004 Season 11 Episode 17

After Hatcher's uncle transfers Sipowicz to the morgue, Sipowicz sets out to prove that Hatcher killed his wife by rigging her car with a bomb; and Clark, Medavoy, and Jones investigate the death of a dominatrix.
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On The Fence

Mar 30, 2004 Season 11 Episode 16

Sipowicz searches for the truth when Hatcher is shot by a man who mistook him for a burglar; and a former pharmacist dies in a flophouse when someone fires a bullet into his room.
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Old Yeller [HD]

Mar 23, 2004 Season 11 Episode 15

The detectives attempt to link a suicide note to a man who kidnapped women off the street and tortured them in his basement; and Medavoy is attracted to a free-spirited elderly woman whose ring was stolen.
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Colonel Knowledge [HD]

Mar 16, 2004 Season 11 Episode 14

A new detective, Stan Hatcher, joins the squad; the detectives investigate a shooting death that Hatcher believes is linked to a dispute between gang members; and a man insists that his young daughter has been kidnapped.
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Take My Wife, Please [HD]

Mar 09, 2004 Season 11 Episode 13

Sipowicz and Clark investigate the shooting death of a jogger who'd been having an affair with a police officer; and Medavoy and Jones search for answers when the body of a comedy club owner is found in the trunk of a stolen car.
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Chatty Chatty Bang Bang [HD]

Mar 02, 2004 Season 11 Episode 12

Sipowicz and Clark search for an African-American driver who fled the scene of a hit-and-run accident after unwittingly running over an Italian mobster's young daughter.
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Passing The Stone [HD]

Feb 17, 2004 Season 11 Episode 11

When a Jewish jewelry-store owner is murdered, the detectives focus their investigation on two suspects: a Caucasian man who converted to Islam, and a rap star whose expensive jewelry turned out to be fake.
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You Da Bomb

Feb 10, 2004 Season 11 Episode 10

A man armed with a bomb walks into the station house and handcuffs himself to McDowell; unless the detectives release a Russian mobster from jail in one hour, the bomb will detonate.
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Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax [HD]

Nov 25, 2003 Season 11 Episode 9

Sipowicz and Clark search for two burglars who terrorized a retired cop and his wife; Medavoy and Jones assist an author who wrote a book on how to avoid paying income taxes; and Jones deals with Michael's father.
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And The Wenner Is... [HD]

Nov 18, 2003 Season 11 Episode 8

When another woman is murdered by the serial killer, the detectives arrest a suspect... and discover the killer's identity; and expecting a baby, Sipowicz and McDowell decide to get married.
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It's To Die For

Nov 04, 2003 Season 11 Episode 7

A woman survives the serial killer's attack, and her account prompts the detectives to focus on Carlin, his partner, and a bodyguard; Medavoy and Jones investigate when an off-duty officer kills a man; and McDowell comforts Russell during a biopsy.
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Andy Appleseed [HD]

Oct 28, 2003 Season 11 Episode 6

Sipowicz, Russell, and Clark attempt to connect the murder of a young woman to two other killings; Medavoy and Jones investigate the shooting death of a mother whose children feared her.
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Keeping Abreast [HD]

Oct 21, 2003 Season 11 Episode 5

The detectives investigate a strangulation murder that may be tied to one of Diane Russell's cases; Russell consults a doctor when she discovers a lump in her breast; Medavoy and Jones investigate an arson linked to two boys.
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Porn Free

Oct 14, 2003 Season 11 Episode 4

The detectives investigate the strangulation death of a former porn star; a thirteen-year-old boy holds the key in implicating his father in his mother's murder; and the jury reaches a verdict in the Captain Fraker trial.
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Shear Stupidity [HD]

Oct 07, 2003 Season 11 Episode 3

The detectives search for clues when a group of perpetrators torture a man for no apparent reason; a woman reports her husband as missing, but Sipowicz and Clark suspect she's not being completely forthcoming; and Fraker testifies in court.
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Your Bus, Ted [HD]

Sep 30, 2003 Season 11 Episode 2

Sipowicz and Clark investigate the death of a transvestite whom a friend insists was having a relationship with a married man; a surgeon's hand is badly cut during a robbery; and Rodriguez testifies in the Fraker trial.
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Frickin' Fraker [HD]

Sep 23, 2003 Season 11 Episode 1

The detectives investigate the shooting death of a man whose brother is a registered sex offender; and when Captain Fraker's trial gets underway, Sipowicz worries that his own testimony may have harmed the prosecution's case.
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