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Latest Episode: Charitable to a Fault

Aug 11, 2009 Season 1 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

As the school year comes to a close, seniors PC and Jessie give their parting goodbyes, but not without a good fight. Jessie confronts PC about his partying and not getting into any colleges. Looking to expand his horizons (and meet more girls) Sebastian holds a charity benefit, and asks a wary Kelli to sing. The prep school crowd is abuzz at Jessie?s must-attend charity benefit for Operation Smile. Jessie thinks she has sidelined Camille, but Camille has a few more tricks up her sleeve. PC expects Taylor to be more thankful for introducing her to the "it" crowd; instead she decides to step up and finally put PC in his place. With PC and Jessie fading away from the prep school scene, Camille and Kelli realize next year they will run New York City with Taylor at their side. There?s a new Queen Bee in town...

Ivy League of Their Own

Aug 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 7

Camille visits Harvard, her dream school, and brings Kelli along to try to get her serious about college. It'?s no secret that Camille thinks Kelli?s singing endeavors are ... trivial at best. PC officially adopts Taylor as his pet project and begins introducing her to the glamorous NYC prep school crowd. Things get complicated when Taylor is pressured into being friends with an ex. Jessie's concern for PC'?s constant partying becomes explosive, and PC fights back by having a hotel suite rager and not inviting Jessie. But when Taylor doesn'?t show up, PC is quickly disgusted by her ingratitude.
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Guest of Guests

Jul 28, 2009 Season 1 Episode 6

It'?s Fashion Week in New York City and the NYC Prep kids get full access backstage and primo seats in the front row. At the Pamella Roland show, PC gets into an argument with Jessie when he loses his killer seat. But PC uses other shows to impress his new pet project, Taylor. Playboy Sebastian puts the moves on Kelli at the Erin Featherston show, but she?s got other things on her mind. Kelli would rather rock out Fashion Week with her new celebrity stylist, but Camille wonders if that'?s something Kelli really needs. Jessie gets her big wish when she lands internships with top designers Charlotte Ronson and Carmen Marc Valvo. But when PC brings an entourage into Carmen Marc Valvo?s show, he puts Jessie?'s hard-fought internship in jeopardy.
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The Overachievers

Jul 21, 2009 Season 1 Episode 5

It's all about the future - everyone is thinking about college and what's next. Kelli jumpstarts her singing career and meets with a top voice coach in the city. Taylor is spreading herself thin, trying to balance her love life with her grades and numerous dance classes. Jessie sends out her resume to fashion designers and works on the benefit for Operation Smile. With hopes of getting into Harvard, Camille wants to get involved with Jessie's charity, but when she insults Jessie that dream quickly goes flying. While everyone else is busy with school and extracurriculars, PC is bored by his fabulous life. After going to therapy, PC decides that he needs to do something productive and lands a photography internship. What starts as a regular photo shoot turns into an outrageous adventure with PC in front of the camera and out of his shirt.
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The Virgin Talk

Jul 14, 2009 Season 1 Episode 4

Taylor makes a big decision in choosing between Cole and Sebastian, while Camille decides that it?s time to stop making excuses about being too busy and start dating. Camille hosts a dinner party that?s filled with drama from the moment the first guest arrives. Hardly the model dining companion, PC insults Kelli at the same time Cole and Sebastian get their first face-to-face encounter. Later on things reach a boiling point when PC insults Jessie. He may be quick witted and charming, but PC may have burned one too many bridges this time around.
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What Happens In Mexico...

Jul 07, 2009 Season 1 Episode 3

It'?s Winter Break in New York City! Jessie vacations in Florida, but can'?t stop thinking about PC. Meanwhile PC parties around the clock in Cancun, Mexico thinking of no one but himself. Kelli goes to the Hamptons to mourn a death, while Camille and Taylor remain in the City. Cole surprises Taylor after the holidays at her public school, and pressures her to make a decision.
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Flip of the Hair

Jun 30, 2009 Season 1 Episode 2

Anyone who?'s anyone knows about a good party. Jessie?'s best friend Zoe is turning 18 and her party is the talk of the town. But when Jessie asks for PC'?s help with the exclusive Operation Smile charity event, the sparks fly. PC decides to skip Zoe?'s bash and go on a blind date that ends up taking a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Camille takes in all the drama as a love triangle forms in front of her. Sebastian thinks he'?s the king of Zoe'?s party as he courts both Kelli and Taylor. But the tables are turned when Taylor?'s ex-boyfriend Cole shows up and cramps his style. Can a humbled Sebastian make Taylor his queen for the night?
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Top Half of 1%

Jun 23, 2009 Season 1 Episode 1

In the first episode of "NYC Prep," seniors Jessie and PC establish themselves as the King and Queen of the NYC prep school scene. Sharp and sassy, the pair cast a cruel eye on the rest of the city as they hit New York?s most exclusive spots. Since they used to be an item, Jessie gets tense every time PC looks for a new girl. Jessie isn?t quite sure if she wants to be with PC, but definitely doesn?t want anyone else to have him either! Camille is the prim and proper prep school junior, but is her obsession with Harvard killing her social life? Further uptown, prep school junior Kelli is living the dream with her own apartment in New York City, which means plenty of nights out. While dining with friends, Kelli runs into sophomore Sebastian who has a serious playboy reputation, and Kelli finds herself falling under his spell. Meanwhile, public school student Taylor enters the mix and sees Sebastian as her ticket into the tight knit prep school scene.
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