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Latest Episode: Episode 8

Aug 14, 2014 Season 2 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Top lung surgeon Dr. Nasser Altorki struggles to preserve the life of Robert Campagna, an architect and family man, in the face of a brutal diagnosis--mesothelioma. ER nurse Katie Duke and resident Dr. Amy Caggiula return, treating patients who land in the ER under very unusual circumstances. As head of Newark's University Hospital trauma unit, Dr. David Livingston is a commanding presence who often mixes encouragement with sarcasm while educating his staffers. New York Presbyterian's surgery intern Dr. Raisa Durrani is training to become a doctor but knows as a first year, she is at the "bottom of the ladder."

Episode 7

Aug 07, 2014 Season 2 Episode 7

At New York Presbyterian, Sabrina Mahil, an oral maxillofacial surgery resident, treats a deaf college student with a severely fractured jaw, whose mother is understandably protective. ER nurse Diana Costine cares for fellow nurse Marina Dedivanovic after her car accident. Dr. Oz brings his daughter to work to watch him operate on a young mother whose heart defect puts her life in danger. Neurosurgeon Guy McKhann is faced with performing a delicate and complex operation on his 28 year old patient who shows up with a baseball-size tumor. At Newark's University Hospital, trauma surgeon and mother, Anne Mosenthal, empathizes with another mother who is sitting vigil for her critically injured teen.
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Episode 6

Jul 31, 2014 Season 2 Episode 6

Amy Caggiula is an ER resident who deploys her sharp tongue and medical instincts to handle any situation--from a woman whose heart arrests, to a man tasered by police. Neuroradiologist Alejandro Berenstein helps the two year old daughter of a coast guard officer who could suffer a catastrophic cerebral event if Berenstein can't alter the blood flow in her brain. His partner in this effort is pediatric neurosurgeon Saadi Ghatan, who is ice to Berenstein's fire. Craig Forleiter is a young surgical resident who talks a mile-a-minute and can turn the most skeptical patient into a believer. In Newark, Dr. Fox returns to treat patients grievously injured by gunfire--some with good outcomes, and some not.
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Episode 5

Jul 24, 2014 Season 2 Episode 5

Brought to the hospital with a tearing aorta, Penny Goldsmith--who has finally met the "love of her life"--worries that fate has played a cruel trick on them both and their future together won't happen. But cardiac surgeon Allan Stewart makes her a promise he feels bound to keep--if he can. Her grown children are not ready to let go of Rita Respass-Brown, but with her kidneys failing and 100,000 people on the transplant waitlist, her chances are not good. Doctors Joseph Del Pizzo and Sandip Kapur will also do everything they can to help. ER doctor Debbie Yi relates to her patient after facing similar heartbreaking disappointment.
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Episode 4

Jul 17, 2014 Season 2 Episode 4

A young couple with big wedding plans has their future together thrown into doubt when cardiac surgeon Leonard Girardi delivers the news that the groom could drop dead at any time without a complex operation. Popular ER nurse Diana Costine has been coming to work with contusions on her face and head. How she got these injuries turns out to have nothing to do with her personal life. Trauma surgeon Ziad Sifri thought he had seen it all growing up in war-torn Beirut. But in Newark he learns that violence doesn't have to be political. Neurosurgery resident Brad Zacharia must operate on Alexander Harrington, a homeless man, who could end up completely paralyzed if damaged vertebrae in his neck aren't repaired.
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Episode 3

Jul 10, 2014 Season 2 Episode 3

"Fast-thinking trauma surgeon Ziad Sifri can't believe his eyes when a 19-year-old plane crash survivor arrives in the ER.As a third year urology resident, Ashley Winter is hopeful that chemotherapy will work wonders on her patient's cancer-filled bladder, but quickly learns he will need a life-altering surgery. A cardiac surgeon at the top of his game, Leonard Girardi meets a mother of three who was sent home to die when a top hospital decided the tumor on her heart was inoperable. Dr. Girardi attempts the surgery that others say is impossible. Surgeon Dr. Oz is back in the operating room to deal with a perplexing case of a motorcycle cop who suffers a mysterious stroke while on vacation with his family.
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Episode 2 [HD]

Jul 03, 2014 Season 2 Episode 2

Young marine needs a heart. ER doctor is assaulted by disgruntled patient.
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Episode 1

Jun 26, 2014 Season 2 Episode 1

In the first episode, Oz suddenly finds himself in a desperate fight to save a young actor's life after a chance encounter in the ER morphs into a full-blown medical crisis.
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