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"When Worlds Collide" Season 4, Episode 18

A season finale a swan song for Diane Farrs Megan Reeves and not quite a cliffhanger when in comes to Charlies future involvement with the FBIEven given this is a show about an FBI unit and the CalTech-style academics who work with them this series only infrequently runs head-on into political matters but producers and episode-writers Cheryl Heuton and Nicholas Falacci have something to say about the National Security State and its sometimes blind disruption of scientists work and sometimes of innocent peoples lives And so this scenarioa DC-based FBI counterterrorism expert is called out to the LA offices when two Pakistani-immigrant professionals are kidnapped by unknown assailants The two are part of a Pakistani charity agency which is under scrutiny by the FBI as a potential money-launderer for terrorist activity The two kidnap victims are found tortured before they were murdered but not before one of faculty at the CalTech analog another Pakistani immigrant read more

"Pay to Play" Season 4, Episode 17

This was a very solid episode of Numb3rs for all that it does take for granted a number of things that one might question such as the gangster-wannabe nature of many rappers going as far as to spray bullets into a rivals house or the quantifiability of pop-music success either theoretically or via payolaAt a rap-labels promotion party its two most successful artists are highlighted when a self-recordingpromoting rapper who resents the label-owner at least crashes and demands to be heard Hes rushed offstage but the most popular artist on the label seems less than thrilled with how things are happening around himhe steps out gets in his car and is cut down by gunfire in front of a number of witnesses Since the FBI was already working a case against the record label for drug distribution Liz Warner is on-scene and invites Dons unit in to poke around as well albeit they seem to have left the corpse in his car an improbably long time at that point The disgru read more

"Atomic No. 33" Season 4, Episode 16

An episode that was more of a straightforward mystery than usual with multiple suspects in the murders of various members of a Christian-offshoot sect that could very easily be called a cult and indeed is classified that way by state and Federal authorities Also an episode which gave a little space for Don and Robin to be playful with each other and for Larry to begin to articulate the discontent which is starting to color his life The title refers to the place in the chemists Periodic Table of arsenicIn the compound of the sect which like Christian Science and some other faiths prefers to avoid standard allopathic medicine a social event is disrupted by what turns out to be poisoned coffee laced with enough arsenic to sicken the assembledand just a little too much more It turns out that the recently installed minister and his son have ulterior motives in their involvement with the church--they are con men playing as Megan notes a life con to exploit the congrega read more

"End Game" Season 4, Episode 15

A good episode with a lot of reunions in it and only one heavily telegraphed goof on the part of our agents Aya Sumika returns as Liz Warner Bil Nye as Bill Waldie Sharif Atkins as fugitive Clay Porter and the continuing presence of Michelle Nolden as Robin Brooksand Don is even showing that he mightve finally learned something about balancing work and love lives with a partner We also get to see the still slightly shaggy more irascible than usual paterfamilias Alan Eppes attempting to force some environmentally-friendly but irritating upgrades on the house only to have Charlie return the favor by counterproposing upgrades that would incovenience Alan instead I suspect that this thread of restless and slightly snappish and unshaven Alan is likely to make itself more important by seasons endOne could also see the groundwork being laid for Larrys eventual departurehe has a slightly underexplicated crisis of faith in his project seeking the Higgs boson and a read more

"Checkmate" Season 4, Episode 14

This was Alimi Ballards Sinclairs episode and a mostly if not subtly comic episode for Charlie David Krumholtz in rougly equal measures and falls to the middle range for the series despite some nice setpieces in Sinclairs attempts to encourage a bright young man to reconsider becoming a bright young thug And this episode marks the temporary return of Robin Brooks Michelle Nolden Dons short-term flame in the US Attorneys officeThe episode begins with three attempts at murder of witnesses two essentially successful albeit one victim survives long enough to give a dying declaration to Robin whos prosceuting the case in question against a resourceful gang lord In the third the would-be hit man is killed instead In the one immediately successful case the hitwoman makes a point of explaining that shes pulling on gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints in a car that shes already handled without gloves avoiding gunpowder residues on her hands would make m read more

"Black Swan" Season 4, Episode 13

An excellent return from hiatus Black Swan did most of what Numb3rs does bestThe opening montage contrasting the FBI agents taking down a meth lab probably not but possibly a slight nod to the most Numb3rs-like of the new series to begin since the strike Breaking Bad with the introductory lecture by the academics to a new class of teaching assistants was typically clever and mutually reinforcing even down the usual color-coding blues for the FBI sepias for academe When Don sees a possibly innocent bystander to the meth-lab bust as just a little to conveniently nearby and has the agents take him into custody as well the agents discover that hes part of a neo-Nazi group responsible for at least one IRS-building bombing But of course being a determined enemy of the state the would-be domestic terrorist isnt going to open up and tell whats being planned nor who or where his confederates are Happily for our team searching his van turns up a cheap navigation devi read more

"Power" Season 4, Episode 12

A very well-done episode dealing with several sensitive issues including some backstory on Diane Farrs character Megan Reeves as well as balancing the criminal investigation and the personal drama and the math and this time a bit of physics better than perhaps any other episode this season And it just might be the last episode of the seasonit seems to be the last completed episode Co-executive producer Julie Hbert gets lots of points for writing and directing this one so wellA woman Andrea Anders in a fine performance somewhat inebriated is pulled over just after she leaves a nightclub parking lot by an unmarked car with a portable blue dashboard beacon oddly enough coming from the same lot The policeman orders her out of the car we cut away at this point to Charlie and Amita discussing the possibility of teaching a class together and Amitas tentative request that she might crash at Charlies house while her apartment house is being tented for termites read more

"Breaking Point" Season 4, Episode 11

This was one of those Numb3rs episodes that felt as if it had been cut down from perhaps a seventy-minute running time or wouldve been more comfortable if it couldve run a bit longer than 48 minutes or so Everything was just a bit too compressed giving most of the more intense moments a slightly over-the-top feeling and even the more laid-back sequences couldve used more room to breatheSynopsis It begins with intercutting between Don Eppes running down with his FBI team the known specifics of an apparent kidnapping of a television news reporter and a television news interview with Charlie Eppes wherein he allows that he tries to help his brothers FBI unit solve crimes and lets slip a few more facts about the case than Dons bosses are comfortable with Don chews Charlie out Charlie perhaps excessively miffed showily takes off to his university office to do the academic work he isnt doing when consulting on FBI cases As Charlie drives to the CalTech analog where read more

"Chinese Box" Season 4, Episode 10

The last new episode scheduled for 2007 reminded me of a couple of early 1970s films the brilliant The Conversation and the more obscure and not as good if still interesting Report to the Commissioner which was based on a novelas well as seeming to mark the end of Aya Sumikas role on the series though we can hope otherwiseIt begins with a fairly unexceptional mornings business at the FBI offices as Agents Reeves Diane Farr and Sinclair Alimi Ballard prepare to go pick up a suspect less routinely Liz Warner Sumika informs her boss and ex Don Eppes Rob Morrow that shes taking the opportunity to be temporarily reassigned to another unit in the Los Angeles office Eppes is surprised and conflicted but has little time to deal with that since in the lobby of the FBI building a man has charged in brandishing a gun and shooting an agent before charging into an elevator and taking a civilian hostage Sinclair exchanges himself for the hostage over Reevess ob read more

"Graphic" Season 4, Episode 9

A pleasant if slight episode a tribute to comics geekery and a reminder of the shabby way that far too many artists outside comics as well as within that community are treated even as their work remains a cash cow for others perhaps not a coincidence that this theme should arise in a show presumably put together as the WGA strike loomedAt a comics convention in Los Angeles but one looking considerably smaller if as diversely attended as Comi-Con an arrogant artist-turned-mogul Miles Sklar Wil Wheaton displays with much ceremony his newly purchased ashcan issue of a fictional important superhero comic from the early 1960s An ashcan issue is one produced solely for trademark andor copyright reasons never meant for public distribution and this one is believed to be the only copy extant A prominent alternative comics creator Seth Marlowe Ben Feldman looks on in disgust until thugs rush in and force Sklar at gunpoint to turn over the comic In the cours read more

Tabu Season 4, Episode 8

An ultra-rich heiress is abducted by an extremist group that wants to punish her industrialist father. Don and his team search for the captors, but their investigation is halted when they learn the group's real motivation for the kidnapping. read more

Primacy Season 4, Episode 7

A man plunges to his death while participating in an alternate-reality game, and Amita's life is placed in jeopardy when her formerly hidden gaming skills become the key to catching the killer. read more

In Security Season 4, Episode 6

A woman in the Witness Protection Program is gunned down in her home, and Don feels responsible for her death. read more

Robin Hood Season 4, Episode 5

A seemingly modern-day Robin Hood loots the contents of wealthy people's safety-deposit boxes and donates the liquidated assets to charities. Don and Charlie investigate to determine the real motivation behind the thefts. read more

Thirteen Season 4, Episode 4

Don and his team track a serial killer who is obsessed with recreating the deaths of biblical characters. Meanwhile, Charlie analyzes numerological patterns in Bible verses the killer leaves behind. read more

Velocity Season 4, Episode 3

An out-of-control car crashes into a coffee shop, killing one person and injuring many others. But what looks to be an accident is revealed to be much more after Charlie analyzes the scene. read more

Hollywood Homicide Season 4, Episode 2

A woman is murdered in a hot new actor's Hollywood Hills mansion, and the actor becomes the prime suspect in the case when it's learned his past involves dirty secrets and blackmail. read more

Trust Metric Season 4, Episode 1

Colby escapes from prison after being put there for being a mole within the FBI. Don and his team attempt to track him down and uncover the truth behind his alleged betrayal. Val Kilmer guest stars. read more

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Premise: An FBI special agent in Los Angeles teams with his mathematical genius brother to solve crimes. Don, a veteran investigator, relies on hard facts and evidence to catch crooks, while his younger brother Charlie, a brilliant university professor, analyzes mathematical equations and statistics to provide case clues. Sibling film directors Ridley and Tony Scott serve as executive producers.



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