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A weekly public-affairs newsmagazine, produced in collaboration with National Public Radio, that includes reports, essays and interviews. The series was spun off (and cut back to a half hour from an hour) when Bill Moyers left in December 2004.

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Obama's Border Fence
11:54 — NOW travels to Texas to meet border families who fear losing their property, their safety, and their way of life. Many question if the U.S.-Mexico bor (more…)
Animation: Well-Being in the New Economy
03:16 — Do we need to rethink how we measure economic well-being? The leading indicator GDP looks at the value of goods and services but does not consider man (more…)
Help for the Homeowners?
25:32 — American cities are in crisis -- property taxes are way down, and abandoned homes are bringing down property values, inviting crime, and draining gove (more…)
Ocean Tipping Point?
13:40 — NOW looks at a growing body of evidence that suggests climate change is affecting the chemistry of the seas, which could have potentially catastrophic (more…)
After Guantanamo
25:32 — NOW on PBS investigates the controversial tactic of 'preventative detention,' a government plan that may detain suspects indefinitely without trial or (more…)
The Marines Are Landing
25:08 — Why are we sending thousands of military personnel to Guam?
Climate Crisis
21:38 — The Maldives, a nation of roughly 1200 low-lying islands in the Indian Ocean, could be underwater by the end of this century if climate change causes (more…)
Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion
25:40 — Now that the Democratic Party has the legislative upper hand, are they willing to negotiate away reproductive rights for other political gains? NOW go (more…)
Maximum Capacity
24:22 — With its innovative plan to keep released inmates from coming back, the Sheridan Correctional Center is trying to redefine 'tough on crime' by being t (more…)
Race, Class, and Katrina
22:47 — In the aftermath of Katrina, NOW on PBS Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa reported from the devastated Mississippi coast, where tens of thousands we (more…)
Can the U.N. Keep the Peace?
26:46 — A record 115,000 U.N. peacekeepers are now deployed in 20 countries, and their mission is more vital than ever. But critics and insiders alike are ope (more…)
Life Panel? Death Panel?
25:37 — How did private discussions between seniors and their doctors about end-of-life choices for the very ill or dying become a flash point in the national (more…)
Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank?
25:23 — Once one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the West Bank, Jenin was the scene of frequent battles between the Israeli military and Palestini (more…)
A Radical Fix for Schools?
26:46 — How is Secretary of Education Arne Duncan going to spend $100 billion in stimulus money -- almost twice the education budget -- to fix our nation's sc (more…)
Learning to Run a Co-op
04:32 — Host David Brancaccio visits Yo Mama's Catering, a cooperative of women in Austin, Texas, who are part of a national movement to build and train coope (more…)
Saving Haiti's Mothers
25:33 — Haiti's catastrophic earthquake exacerbated a common and lethal emergency in Haiti: Dying during childbirth. NOW meets with members of the Haitian Hea (more…)
Green Jobs: Hope or Hype?
24:10 — NOW on PBS talks with environmental activist Van Jones, founder of 'Green For All,' a group dedicated to bringing green jobs to disadvantaged American (more…)
Soap Opera for Social Change
25:33 — There are places in the world where the success of a soap opera is measured not just in TV ratings, but in human lives. NOW travels to Kenya, where am (more…)
Inside Israel's Army
25:36 — NOW travels to Israel to see how a lifetime of war shapes the psyche of a nation where almost every able-bodied man and woman must serve in the milita (more…)
Water World
25:35 — Is climate change turning coastal countries into water worlds? NOW travels to Bangladesh to examine some innovative solutions being implemented in a c (more…)
Industrial-sized Co-ops?
06:31 — In Cleveland, Ohio Host David Brancaccio meets Mendrick Addison of Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, a worker-owned co-op committed to environmentally-fr (more…)
Good Jobs, Locally Grown
06:30 — Host David Brancaccio travels to Bellingham, Washington and finds a thriving community where people have pulled together to grow local jobs, using loc (more…)
Economist Editor: Think Long-Term
05:26 — US Editor of The Economist, Matthew Bishop sees major problems in America's 'obsession' with the ups and downs of the stock market. Bishop tells David (more…)
Caring About Congo
25:05 — NOW talks with filmmaker Eric Metzgar about 'Reporter,' his documentary about the international reporting trips of New York Times columnist Nicholas K (more…)
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  • Premiered: January 7, 2005
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  • Premise: A weekly public-affairs newsmagazine, produced in collaboration with National Public Radio, that includes reports, essays and interviews. The series was spun off (and cut back to a half hour from an hour) when Bill Moyers left in December 2004. (more)

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