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Latest Episode: D-Days's Sunken Secrets

May 28, 2014 Season 41 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

From PBS - On June 6, 1944, the Allies launched the biggest armada in history to invade the Normandy beaches and liberate Europe from the Nazis. In less than 24 hours, more than 5,000 ships crossed the English Channel, along with thousands of tanks and landing craft and nearly 200,000 men. Hundreds of ships sank while running the gauntlet of mines and bunkers, creating one of the world’s largest underwater archeological sites. Now, NOVA has exclusive access to a unique collaboration between military historians, archeologists, and specialist divers to carry out the first complete survey of the seabed bordering the legendary beachheads. Dive teams, submersibles, and underwater robots will discover and identify key examples of the Allied craft that fell victim to German shellfire, mines, and torpedoes. D-Day’s Sunken Secrets unfolds a vivid blow-by-blow account of the tumultuous events of D-Day and reveals how the Allies’ intricate planning and advanced technology was vital to assure the success of the most ambitious and risky military operation ever launched.

Secrets of Lost Empires II: China Bridge

Feb 29, 2000 Season 27 Episode 18

The center of a famed twelfth-century Song Dynasty scroll painting features woven wooden beams in the graceful arc of a rainbow—the Rainbow Bridge—an archaeological form as well-known in China as the Eiffel Tower is in the West. Ingeniously designed bridges typify China’s inventive past—a society that created paper money, gunpowder and the compass. While not a single Song Dynasty Rainbow bridge remains, the mystery of their construction endures. Now, leading experts help NOVA reveal the intricate mysteries behind the revolutionary strength and elegance of the Rainbow Bridge.
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Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath

Feb 22, 2000 Season 27 Episode 17

The walls finally talk! While some Roman baths were palatial and luxurious, the bathhouses weren’t the exclusive haven of the privileged. Surrounded by sophisticated vaulted ceilings and revolutionary heating systems, men and women from all classes and backgrounds bathed, drank, shouted and sang in a daily ritual that defined what it meant to be Roman. But after the fall of the Roman Empire, this state-of-the-art community center became a mystery. Join NOVA and unlock the secrets of the social, cultural and technological center of one of history’s most impressive civilizations.
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Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath

Feb 22, 2000 Season 27 Episode 16

Tour the crumbling public baths of Rome to learn intimate details of what life was really like for ancient Roman citizens, and in the process, discover the engineering feats that made these baths such an impressive achievement.
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Secrets of Lost Empires II: Easter Island

Feb 15, 2000 Season 27 Episode 15

The mute sentinels of Easter Island are mysteries locked in stone. Nearly 1000 haunting human sculptures are the only remaining citizens of a vanished culture that existed a millennium ago, 1500 miles from the nearest inhabited island. Weighing up to 80 tons each, the moai say nothing; but, with some investigation, they speak volumes. Take a look behind the stone faces and discover how such a remote society achieved monolithic greatness—and then disappeared. Discover how Easter Island’s massive monuments created peace, harmony—and ecological disaster.
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Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk

Feb 08, 2000 Season 27 Episode 13

Brawn or brains? How did the ancient Egyptians raise the massive spires created to glorify and honor the ancient Egyptian gods? Rising up to 100 feet and weighing up to 500 tons, these solid granite monuments reach heavenward, adorned with messages of praise, love and devotion. 3000 years later, return to the land of the Pharaohs and discover how the ancient Egyptians’ nautical experience, ingenuity and unwavering faith enabled them to raise these incredibly heavy monoliths with little more than sand, rope, wood, brawn and brainpower.
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Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk

Feb 08, 2000 Season 27 Episode 12

Discover how ancient Egyptians used nautical experience, ingenuity, and unwavering faith to raise massive 500-ton granite monoliths that have stood for thousands of years in tribute to their unparalleled early civilization.
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