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Nov 19, 2014 Season 42 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

Just before 11 a.m. on March 22, 2014, an ominous rumble startled the residents of the community of Oso, Washington. It was the terrifying sound of what would become the United States' deadliest landslide in decades. The equivalent of one million dump truck loads of earth came plummeting down the valley. In a little over two minutes, a pile of debris up to 75 feet deep slammed into the neighborhood of close to 50 homes. While a massive search and rescue effort continues at the site, geologists are tracing the geological history of Oso to explain why the site was so unstable. But all around the world, scientists have reason to fear that the worst is yet to come. Globally, landslides and other ground failures take a tremendous human and economic toll, and with climate change bringing a sharp rise in precipitation, the threat of bigger, more frequent landslides is growing. As NOVA surveys landslide danger zones, discover how and why landslides happen, and how radar monitoring technologies could help issue life-saving warnings.

The Great Robot Race

Mar 31, 1974 Season 1 Episode 5

Driverless vehicles compete in a 130-mile race across the desert. NOVA follows engineering teams competing in the DARPA Grand Challenge as they deal with the glitches, system crashes, and tight deadlines that threaten to derail them at every turn.
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Welcome to Mars

Mar 24, 1974 Season 1 Episode 4

Two rovers roaming the surface of Mars find proof that it was once awash in water.
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Hunt for the Supertwister

Mar 17, 1974 Season 1 Episode 3

Tornado-chasing scientists with an eye to better forecasting risk their lives to plumb the secrets of nature's most terrifying killer.
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MARS Dead or Alive

Mar 10, 1974 Season 1 Episode 2

NASA gambles on two rovers sent to determine if the red planet ever had conditions suitable for life.
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Battle for the X-Planes

Mar 03, 1974 Season 1 Episode 1

Two aviation giants, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, compete to build the next-generation fighter jet, the Joint Strike Fighter, and win one of the largest contracts in military history.
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