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Julia Is Violently Kidnapped
01:08 — The TV producer was abducted from her motel room while she was sleeping.
Julia and Louise's Dangerous Interview
00:53 — Their situation turns ominous as they fly into Mexico.
What's the Plan?
01:13 — Louise interrupts Julia with what could be the interview of a lifetime.
Julia Gets Ambushed On "LHL"
03:24 — Darin and Louise go behind Julia's back and air Dana's sex tape.
Broken Deal
02:10 — Jake confronts Julia after the deal she made with his client was broken.
Max Shows Off His Romantic Side
01:16 — Is Julia falling for the DA?
Sneak Peek Episode 8: Video Tape Scandal
02:15 — Julia plays hardball with a disgraced former TV news host.
Jake Uncovers Sarah’s Shocking Secret
01:59 — Sarah’s child is alive and Jake finds out who the father is.
The DA Busts Sarah's Real Murderer
01:39 — Alan is arrested for the murder of his sister Sarah.
Hot Date
01:59 — Julia is getting ready for her date with Max when Jake arrives at her door.
Jake Is Arrested On Live TV
02:48 — Jake is blindsided during his appearance on "Louise Herrick Live."
Oscar Rehires Jake
01:21 — Jake explains why he's Oscar's best shot out of jail.
Max Drops a Bombshell On Jake
01:20 — The DA shares a shocking detail from Sarah's final autopsy report.
Julia Has an Unnerving Encounter
01:42 — Julia becomes frightened when confronting a missing girl's boyfriend.
Julia Turns Jake Down
01:22 — Jake has a video of Levi that Julia refuses to air.
Episode 5: Jake Has an Offer for Julia
01:22 — Jake asks Julia to hear him out.
Episode 5: Ryan & Ella
00:50 — The sexy new couple get a rude awakening in bed.
Julia's Vist to Levi Ends in Tragedy
02:59 — "Please put down the gun."
Ella & Ryan Get Together
01:48 — Ella opens up to Ryan and takes their relationship to the next level.
To Letting Go
01:22 — Louise helps Julia say goodbye to Eric for good.
That's a Yes
01:17 — Jake asks Julia for a favor that involves her ex-boyfriend, Eric.
Below the Line
01:09 — Louise give Julia some sound advice.
Oscar's Been Catfished by Levi
01:08 — Oscar finds out he hasn't been texting with Sweet Vicki.
Julia Blindsides Louise
01:51 — Louise asked Julia not to run this disturbing story.
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