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Nip/Tuck Episode: "Rachel Ben Natan"

Season 5, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Dawn Budge (Rosie O'Donnell), now a "Hearts 'n' Scalpels" producer, objects when the show is invited to participate in a gay-pride parade. Meanwhile, Christian falls back into old habits; Sean, on the outs with Christian over Julia, hires Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig) as a receptionist to get back at him; and Rachel Ben Natan (Maggie Siff), Matt's disfigured rehabilitation counselor, sees Sean when she experiences pain in her face, but her case proves to be more complicated than that.
Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2008
Guest Cast Maggie Siff: Rachel Ben Natan Martin Charles Warner: Mr. Seidel Brooke Dillman: Jan Tooney Diana Terranova: Bettina Dylan Ramsey: Suicide Bomnber
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Season 5, Episode 9
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Aired: 1/15/2008
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"Rachel Ben Natan" Season 5, Episode 9

After a four-week break, it was nice to revisit the adventures of our favorite fantastically plastic duo. Too bad we still don't know what Eden put in that dang fruitcake four weeks ago. All we know is that it gives Julia spontaneous nosebleeds, which just makes Christian pout about being deprived of sex with his best friend's ex. Speaking of Eden, how lovely to have a completely Eden-free episode! Sure, the skank returns next week, but it was pleasant to get through an entire hour without her. Four characters returned that I enjoy: Dawn Budge ( Rosie O'Donnell), Freddie ( Oliver Platt), Aidan ( Bradley Cooper) and, after a long time away, Gina ( Jessalyn Gilsig). I'll get to Gina's return later. Ever since we first met Freddie, it was beyond apparent that he was gay. Then when Freddie and Dawn started dating, besides thinking "Huh?," I was immediately reminded of Dana Carvey's character on SNL: " Lyle, The Effeminate Heterosexual." So leave it to Dawn to budge it out of him after seeing how happy he was acting on top of the "Hearts 'N Scalpels" float in the West Hollywood gay pride parade. They really like giving Rosie/Dawn funny ways of getting injured. First, the hilarious eagle attack, then this week, she was ran over by one of the "Dykes on Bikes." I was glad they gave Rosie (with tire tracks on her face) some serious scenes to play, too. How many of us went to school with gals like Dawn? You know the ones: pleasantly plump, always making people laugh, but always getting crushes on the gay guys. Dawn has "been falling in love with gay boys since high school. They were the only ones who seemed to get me." How very Nip/Tuck to follow that poignant scene with one that made me TiVo back three times because I was laughing so hard: After Freddie showed her sympathy that reminded her of an ex-boyfriend, Dawn slapped Freddie so hard, he fell off the bed. I was also happy that the fabulous Roma Maffia got to do scenes with both Oliver and Rosie. You just knew Liz was going to try to get Freddie to admit his gayness to her and it was a great reminder that Dawn was the one who gave up one of her kidneys for Liz last season. I first thought the motorcycle Dawn purchased was for Liz, just as Liz thought: "Not all lesbians ride motorcycles." But not only was it for Jan ( Brooke Dillman), the woman who mistakenly ran her over and then came to visit her and gave her flowers, but Dawn gave Jan $30,000 for a year's tuition at Yale for Jan's kid. Somehow it wasn't a surprise that Aidan (channeling Donald Trump) wouldn't get along with Dawn: "Who let this beast on the lot? They don't let animals in here." Aidan wasn't having Dawn's earlier anti-gay comments, especially since he's "loved by the homosexual community," but Dawn felt she could say whatever she wanted since she was one of the "Hearts 'N Scalpels" producers now. Money can buy almost everything, including a producer credit if you pay for all the overages for your boyfriend's show. Dawn wanted Aidan to be more classy "like Clooney" or like Sean. Meanwhile, Sean was busy being bitter about Christian and Julia's courtship. Payback is a bitch and her name is Gina. But before Sean hired Gina to be the new receptionist at McNamara/Troy just to piss off Christian, Sean hired the boob-a-licious blond Bettina ( Diana Terranova). Anything to get Christian's mind off Julia. It didn't take Christian too long to bed Bettina...and then fire her. But bitter Sean hired Bettina back to avoid a sexual harassment suit. Just when you thought Sean was forgiving Christian, he paid off Bettina and hired Gina. Perfect opening line of Gina's to Christian: "Hey, a--hole." Seems Gina just got her real estate license so she figures she'll get lots of new clients in the lobby of McNamara/Troy. Although I was pleased that Matt's rehabilitation nurse Rachel ( Maggie Siff) was coming to Sean for surgical assistance for the pain she was having in her face, I could've done without all the Sean-hallucination scenes. Every now and then, there was suicide bomber Saaed (Dylan Ramsey) appearing in front of Sean. Sean even imagined a bomb being attached to his own body when he told Christian and Julia he wanted to move out of the house. I kept thinking: "Why is Sean having these visions? Shouldn't it be Rachel having the visions or even Matt, the meth addict, the one who spent significant time with Rachel?" But then I figured it was the writer ( Jennifer Salt) comparing Rachel struggling to forgive Saaed for destroying her face and parts of her body with the bomb by giving his remains to his family to Sean struggling to forgive Christian for romancing Julia. Speaking of the remains, I found it fascinating that after Rachel realized that tiny parts of Saaed's blown-up body (like his teeth) were living inside her own skin, she freaked out even more and could only feel better once they were removed. Wouldn't you? Further explaining why Sean related to Rachel was the moment that convinced Sean to make up with Christian after their knock-down-drag-out fight. Sean to Rachel: "The pain of being betrayed by someone you love can be worse than physical pain." Rachel: "The trick is forgiving the unforgivable." Cut to Sean confronting Christian: "You're a betraying son-of-a-bitch, but you're still my brother." Good thing Matt convinced his two dads to give Rachel the multiple corrective surgeries pro bono. Since I especially enjoyed the humorous parts of this episode, I'd like to end with some of the other funny lines and scenes (at least the ones I can include without being censored): - Aidan referring to Dawn as "your twin" when talking to Freddie. - Dawn to Freddie: "No man of mine is riding in a fruit float, Freddie." - Dawn: "I know a lot of gay people: my hairdresser, my about Father Fabrizzi at St. Simons?" - "Hetero" Freddie talking to someone on the phone bragging about the Cher impersonator he'd just seen. Turned out the person he was talking to was his mother. - Freddie to Dawn (after he realized he was gay): "All of a sudden, my People's Choice Award just wasn't the most important thing in my life anymore. And that's when the light bulb went on." Dawn: "The gay light bulb?" Let me know what you thought of the episode below. And you can check out Nip/Tuck-related videos in our Online Video Guide. show less
After a four-week break it was nice to revisit the adventures of our favorite fantastically plastic duo Too bad we still dont know what Eden put in that dang fruitcake four weeks ago All we know is that it gives Julia spontaneous nosebleeds which just makes Christian pout about being deprived of sex with his best friends ex Speaking of Eden how lovely to have a completely Eden-free episode Sure the skank returns next week but it was pleasant to get through an entire hour without her Four characters returned that I enjoy Dawn Budge Rosie ODonnell Freddie Oliver Platt Aidan Bradley Cooper and after a long time away Gina Jessalyn Gilsig Ill get to Ginas return laterEver since we first met Freddie it was beyond apparent that he was gay Then when Freddie and Dawn started dating besides thinking Huh I was immediately reminded of Dana Carveys character on SNL Lyle The Effeminate Heterosexual So leave it to Dawn to budge it out of him after seeing read more

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